29 Yrs. Old Natrelle Smooth Round Moderate 360cc Unders!

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I'm a 29 year old mom with 2 kiddos. I've always...

I'm a 29 year old mom with 2 kiddos. I've always been petite in size and very small in the chest! I've never really had an issue with them until I had my first born (who made me a cow), and breastfed very briefly. My boobs were the biggest they had every been, they seriously grossed me out! Lol Now having lost all the baby weight, my boobs look like a numerous sight of unpleasant things in my mind, elfs shoes, empty socks, etc., (I'm probably being over dramatic here, but they really do look like elf shoes). Now that my husband and I have watched the baby-making boat sail away, it's moms turn to revamp! I had my consult on April 20th with Dr. wheeler at Plastic Surgery Northwest. He was very informative and listened to what I wanted and what my husband wanted (I made him go because we couldn't agree on size and shape). The staff there were absolutely amazing, they made me feel super comfortable throughout the whole process and Dr. Wheeler is a pretty cool cat if you ask me! My consult was about 2.5 hours, by the end of it I was ready to sign in blood. I scheduled my surgery for May 27th! I don't have a check-in time yet, but I will get that info at my pre-op appointment on May 4th. We chose 325cc Natrelle on each side on top of the muscle. I am bursting with joy and I cannot wait until THE day! Oh, and come to find out I thought I was a 34A, turns out I'm actually a 32A! I will post before/after pictures soon! Stay tuned.........

25 Days!

I keep looking at my countdown and I swear every time I think it's going to magically say 1 day. It feels like time is going so slow! Lol I'm so excited for this and I'm SO grateful for being able to do this so young, Bring on my 30's! I can't help but be quite nervous though. I'm a "go-getter" and always doing something. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was nervous about my surgery too. Yes, I did give birth.... Twice. BUT, for those of you that know, an epidural is a magical thing, I seriously didn't feel a thing even though my first did a number to my....... Well, You catch my drift. Lol My surgery is on a Friday, so I'll hopefully have my husband to help for three days. But I'm curious, How were your first two days after surgery? What should I be expecting? I know everyone is different!

Pre-op Appontment!

I had my pre-op appointment this morning! It's starting to get more and more real and I'm getting more and more excited! T-Minus 23 days, seems so long! Lol Dr. Wheeler and I discussed what we decided at my consult appointment and he definitely put my mind at ease about some questions I had about my surgery. Prescriptions are already filled and ready to be picked up, and holy crap, there's a lot. Lol Here are my current stats and info on my surgery! Height: 5'5" Weight: 110 Current bra size: 34a but measuring 32a I'm going with sub glandular with medium projection, round Natrelle silicone 350cc - we are going for a somewhat "natural" look.

BA surgery date changed!

Eeek! I'm SO excited! I got a phone call yesterday and there was a cancellation for the 20th of May for surgery! My original date was the 27th, if I was excited before, I'm ecstatic now knowing my date is that much closer! Woohoo! Only 10 days to go!

7 day Countdown

Hey everyone! My surgery is 7 days from today! I was able to get some pre-op pics today of what my current breasts look like, sorry no nudes! Lol I will try and get some of those the next couple days. What are some essentials (besides my prescriptions from my doctor) you ladies would recommend having on hand?

Before Pictures

Current size 32A

Down to the nitty gritty!

5 more days until the day of glory! I'm actually looking forward to being a bump on a log for a couple days after surgery. Today has been my "get shit done" day (laundry, cleaning, etc.), it isn't going very smoothly I might add but I have tomorrow too before I get back to work for three days..... Then surgery! I think I'm pretty good on essentials for recovery, but then again I'm probably forgetting something! Lol I purchased a couple sports bras today and that was a little difficult trying to figure out what size I'll need post surgery, I'm so used to buying smalls and xs, so we'll see! I can't wait for the day I throw out all of my old bras! Haha! Good luck to all my fellow BA buddies! Can't wait to follow up and see how you all are doing!

2 days left!

Today marks 2 days until surgery. The wait is seriously KILLING me! I even had a dream about my surgery last night. I don't remember much of it but I do remember them giving me my "iv cocktail" and feeling quite loopy! My emotions are running wild now and work has been such a drag! It's safe to say the anticipation of surgery is absolutely consuming me at this point! I'm thinking about fitting in a massage somewhere before surgery, maybe that will help me relax a little bit. I've never had a surgery like this before so I'm quite nervous of the recovery, and not knowing what to expect. My husband thinks I'll be just fine , and I'll be up and around after a day or two. He's probably right because I can't stay in bed for long! Haha! We will see!

Recovery essentials!

I'm getting mentally prepared, I think, so I laid out all of my "recovery" items! Can't forget the junk reads and junk food! ???? I'm hoping the sports bras work out ok (they're mediums)! Thank you Target, Walmart and Ross! And thank you to all you wonderful ladies with your amazing advice! I'm so grateful for this site! It has helped me tremendously!

Before Pics & Stats

Here are some more before pictures and stats! ONE MORE SLEEP! I will post any changes after the BA has been done! 5'5" 110lbs Current bra size 34A (dr. Measured me at 32A) Going with Natrelle silicone round moderate profile breast implant Approximately 350cc's


In about an hour I will be headed into surgery! I'm feeling calm and collected and excitement is beyond measure! I got a good nights sleep, woke up wide awake at 4:30am lol. I tossed and turned until 6:30. Got the kids off to school and daycare and now hubby and I are waiting to head out. I'm giving him the evil eye because he gets to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee and I don't! Lol I'm a religious coffee drinker in the morning! It'll be SO worth skipping it today though! Haha! I'll give an update when I'm snug in bed and it's all over!

New girls!

The girls are here! Woke up quite groggy after surgery. The nurse gave me a couple pain pills and I got dressed and went home. My husband stopped and got me something to eat but by the time I got in my bed and layed down, food didn't seem appetizing at all and started to feel nauseous. My husband and I were both anxious to see what they looked like so he helped me take off my wrap and took a peeksie! They look beautiful and I'm in love with them already! They look quite big! Doctor said he went with 360cc on both sides. I can't wait to try on some clothes with the new girls when I'm feeling better. I feel pretty good overall, but my breasts are sore and tight, I'm tired and groggy and somewhat nauseous, probably because I haven't ate since yesterday. I'll try some crackers later, I think some food in my tummy will make me feel much better. I really want to ice the girls but the doctor/nurse said not to. I can't remember why. The nurses and staff were so wonderful today, I'm so glad I chose the place I did. I couldn't be happier!

Day 1

Good morning everyone! Yesterday went quite well. I felt a little icky, sore and weak yesterday for most of the day which is expected. My pain wasn't too bad, felt tight, sore and my girls are rock hard. I didn't have much of a appetite. I was able to eat something around 8:30-9 and that made me feel much better. I slept pretty good, Tylenol PM is a must ladies! I woke up at 5:30 to take my pain pill and Tylenol. I have me post op this morning at 8! I can't say enough how much I am already in love with my new set of boobs! I can't wait to play dress up and try on all my dresses and clothes to see how they look! I have permanent marker all over my chest but I managed to scrub it off last night. My husband can't stop ogling over the girls, it's quite funny! I hope you are all doing great! Have a wonderful weekend!

Before & After

I'm so glad I took before pictures! Before and after breast augmentation. Before: 34A (measured 32A) After: 360cc Natrelle smooth round moderate profile subglandular

Post Op finished!

Take it easy! Doctors orders! He informed me he ended up going under the muscle since I don't have a whole lot of fat on my chest to conceal the implants, which I'm perfectly fine with!! No strenuous activities until my 6 week mark, then it's game on! I don't want to risk hurting the girls in anyway before then!

Day 1

Oh man, I am in a lot of pain right now. I can barely move. My boobs are SO tight and sore! I've been trying to keep my pain down with my meds but they wear off quickly. I just took another dose, so hopefully it kicks in soon. They are rock solid and hot! I'm guessing I'm extra sore because my doctor ended up going under the muscle and I might be doing too much when I'm feeling good. It's painful mostly around the outer edges of the implants. Constant dull pain. I hope tomorrow is better! I really wanted to sneak in a nap today and I wasn't able to. Dang it! On the up side, I did get my coffee this morning. Haven't had much of an appetite either though.

Day 2 Post Op

Still feeling high and tight and sore. Slept in this morning with my hubby. We went out and about and ran a couple errands. I took a pain med before we left which was probably a bad idea getting into the car. Half way through our trip I started to feel extremely nauseous. I couldn't wait to get home and crawl back in my bed. I haven't had much of an appetite the last couple days. I did manage to stop at a nutrition store and grabbed some arnica topical gel and tablets! Made it home and I took a zofran for nausea and crawled back in bed for a little bit. I started to feel better and got up and ate a little bit. Now relaxing in bed watching Netflix! I have been living in my VS sleep shirt. It is SO comfy and buttons all the way down, I think it's a must have for after surgery! Also, Ive been noticing a couple twinges, tingling and bubbling on my breast, which I've read is normal but it freaks me out a little bit! Lol Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Day 3 Post Op

Happy Monday everyone! Today has been nice and relaxing for the most part. I took my son to school, came home and decided it was a good time to shower and get out of my clothes I've been in since Friday! Man the shower felt so good and made me feel human again! I managed to do the dishes and run a couple small errands. Came home and my daughter and I layed in bed and watched a couple movies. I ended up falling asleep for a little over an hour! I was over due for a nap since I wasn't able to over the weekend. I've also been noticing since yesterday my pain meds are starting to make me nauseous. I'll be calling my doctors office in the morning and see if there's an alternative as well as possibly a muscle relaxer. I didn't get those prescribed to me, I'm guessing because we weren't planning on going under the muscle. Oh, and morning boob is NO JOKE! It is awful! But with all that being said, I am still in love with my new set of girls. Being restricted from some movements drives me crazy. I want to try on my whole closet again and see how my clothes look now with my new boobies! Lol I can still feel some tingly, bubbly, sometimes sharp sensations (zingers) on my left breast. I know this is normal but it still freaks me out! I can't wait for my breasts to soften up and not be so hard all the time. When is it ok to start massaging after surgery?

11 days Post Op

Hey all! Today I am 11 days post op! Things started getting REALLY busy since my last update! I'm feeling great, I went back to work a week after my surgery. I'm a hairstylist and I was really worried I wasn't going to be efficient, but the girls did good! I have a post op appointment tomorrow and I'm really hoping I get my steri-strips off! They are looking quite nasty. Lol I went to Victoria's Secret to return a sports bra I got pre-boobs and asked to get measured just for giggles. Right now I am measuring at a 32dd! Amazing! I know I am still a little swollen but I'm happy with that! I also got a super soft and comfortable bra to wear while I'm healing. I'm not sure what it is called because I'm wearing it currently, but I will soon! It's awesome! Healing is going well, I am able to do most activities I need to but limit my heavy lifting of course. My breast don't feel sore anymore, but I am uncomfortable on my outer armpits especially on the right side. My ribs are also sore right below my incisions, which I'm guessing is from the surgery. I stopped taking pain meds around 4 days post op! I am also numb from the nipple down. It's a very weird feeling! I am hoping I will get my feels back at some point. Make sure you take your stool softener a ladies! I didn't as much as I should have and paid dearly for it. I had really bad stomach cramping about 6 days post op and everytime I tried to go I couldn't. To get things moving, I took a laxative and didn't stop for about 24 hours. It was awful! I couldn't wait to try on all my clothes in my closet to see how they fit and how the girls look, etc. plus I need an excuse to get new clothes, right? Haha! I can't believe how much confidence I have now with the new set of boobs! I feel like a woman! I'd say this surgery was worth every single penny! I never knew what it was like to drop half of your dinner down your shirt and wonder if you should get it or not and if that was rude or socially acceptable! Lol I hope you all are doing well and enjoyed your Memorial Day weekends!

2nd post Op Appointment

I had my 2nd post op appointment with Dr. wheeler yesterday (Wednesday). He took my steri-strips off my incisions! Yay! He said I was settling quickly and nicely and cleared my to wear an underwire bra already! So on Victoria's Secret I went and scored a bra,.... Or two. Lol I mean three. Hey, they were on sale! And a cutsie bikini! I can't wait to try them on! One thing I didn't realize I would have to do is somewhat change my sense of style as far as clothing goes. I've had this thin tomboy shape for my whole life and now these amazing boobs gave me curves! I was able to wear pretty much anything before and probably wouldn't get looked at nearly as much as I would now wearing the same outfit. It's so crazy to me! I'll post some more pics when I get the new bras, can't wait!

Loving the cleavage!

Took this picture lounging on my bed doing a little work! I'm loving the cleavage!

2 Month Post Op Update

I can't believe it's been 2 months tomorrow since my surgery! Let me tell you..... Getting my breast augmentation was the best decision I have ever made! I love them, they are AMAZING! I am still measuring 32DD even though the swelling has went down completely. My breasts have softened up a lot and have dropped and fluffed! You can't see my incisions at all. Although, my nipples are still a little numb, more so the right then left but is slowly coming back. Woohoo! I'm enjoying wearing my clothes in a whole new way, cleavage is a wonderful thing and I am still learning whether it is socially acceptable to stick your hands down your shirt to grab lost crumbs, but I'll get there! Lol

Dr. Wheeler and his staff are absolutely amazing! I have ZERO complaints. Everyone made me feel comfortable and we're professional. I absolutely love the girls here, they are so sweet and down to earth. Everyone here has awesome personalities! Dr. Wheeler Is very knowledgeable about his work and knows what he's doing! Everything went so smoothly from my consult to my post ops, it's was almost too easy! Plastic Surgery Northwest changed my life and has been the best experience, hands down! I will be going here for any future cosmetic surgeries, and I will be spreading the word on how amazing this place is! Thank you Dr. Wheeler for my new set of girls!

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