19 Year Old 5'7 145lbs No Kids Silicone Moderate Plus Profile. Spokane, WA

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As everyone I have been reading many reviews on...

As everyone I have been reading many reviews on this site, I go on here daily . Ever since I hit puberty I was waiting for the day I would get boobs . Ive had the same size basically since the first day I had my period. Ive always been wishing I had larger breast for YEARS and kept waiting thinking I was a "late bloomer" an I had hear that breast done fully develop til 18 years or older. Well here I am 19 years old still tiny as ever. I had my first consult in Feb of this year I was shy and didnt ask many questions but didnt feel quite confident with him, good thing I listened to my gut the DR ended up not even being board certified I had read some reviews online about his wack job and now how she's left with it. I then finally scheduled an appointment july 9th with female doctor since the first time I stepped in there I felt welcome and comfortable I knew once I met the doctor she was the right surgeon . I am about a 32 A if that Ive never been measured because of how small I am I didnt think it mattered. I would like some opinions from women who have had a BA and are around the same profile as me on size. I would like to be quite larger than I am now and have quite a bit of cleavage and projection from the side but dont want to go with high profile. Also looking for that "natural" breast slope as I have seen some women's BA are apparent and are quite flat above the breast and then very round at the breast making it look "off". Please help I would appreciate feed back on sizing as I dont want to go to big and of course regretting not going big enough. want to go to big and of course regretting not going big enough. When I tried on sizers 395 seemed to be pretty big but looking at other women it doesn't seem be enough for what I want .

wish boobs

Here's some pics of the look I would like to achieve .

moderate plus vs high profile???

So I've been emailing my suregons personal care Coordinator and also my suregon sending wish pics of medical before and afters and at first we agreed on moderate plus but I never even tried on high profile sizers. Today in an email she said with all the pictures I've been sending her she thinks I would be happy with the high profile if my body can accommodate that much volume . I'm just scared highprofile might be to fake looking for me. I'm pretty petite besides my curves on my bottom half I want nice cleavage but also want to have nice projection but not look super fake or round I like the "natural" breast slope. Any one have the same debate of mod plus or high profile? Please help


Currently I am a 32 A really wishing to be about a D . Can anyone give any advice on how many cc's would get me my desired look? I tried on mod plus profile at my consult and I've heard that they look smaller after surgery than the sizers look trying on, I tried on 425 mod plus an they seemed big so it seemed like a good size since I will be going under the muscle but since I'm so small my suregon thinks 395 might be the biggest I can go in the profile. However I've Sen her wish pics and she thinks the HP implant will give me my desired look since I like the more projection this is only if my body can accommodate the HP profile . Anyone have HP implants please comment so I can view your profile and see your results . Thanks in advance . My surgery is in December .

421 cc mod plus sizer

I've been looking at pictures on here for quite some time . And wasn't sure on size so I went in to try on sizers I though 397 would be good based on others but with 421 with my shirt on over they don't seem as big as it sounds ? Can anyone give me any advice? The assistant said the 421 would be about a D /DD on me and it just doesn't look that big atleast to me . Thinking more likely will go 450 or 475

post op 11/19

I had my post op on 11 /19 , 9 days ago already, I felt very comfortable as always with everyone at the doors office and honestly wasn't even that nervous there us a hotel not even a minute away that I will be staying at even though I live only 30 minutes away. But with it being winter and having to take the freeway to the clinic it can get quite busy and come to a complete stop I would rather stay at the hotel than have to endure the ride the day of surgery as well and the next morning for my post op day 1 appointment. I can't believe I only have 6 days til surgery !! 6 !! I never thought I would be able to afford this surgery to ever get it I've already bought tank tops and crop tops for next summer since they were on sale . Another reason why I booked a hotel is so I don't have to worry about the mess at home or our 3 dogs don't want to worry about them jumping on me ! So excited not so much nervous because I am completely comfortable with my suregon and her staff from all the communication between me and my suregon she thinks HP might be best only if my body can accommodate that so during surgery she will use a tester implant to see if my skin is able to stretch far enough safely and if not we will use the mod plus . The CC amount is still unsure since I am limited on what my body can handle . SO very excited to finally be getting this done , I got my medications last week as well as my pre op blood work drawn .


Had my surgery today, I got a call last night to see if they could move it up a half hour early . I got to the suregon office at 6:05 AM this morning and checked in by 6:15, I started getting nervous and scared as to what pain I would be in . The suregon and her staff were amazing and couldn't have asked for them to be any better. To my surprise the suregon to me when I woke up she was able to fit the bigger implant that I had been wanting instead of the smaller size I got 450 cc in my right breast and 475cc in my left be least high profile . When I woke up I didn't feel much pain at all more so discomfort and pressure . I got back to my hotel at 11 and slept until 1 waking up periodically for water and to go pee. I was very scared about going under anesthesia but all I remember was the aneseiologist putting the mask on my face asking me to breathe in oxygen and that was it I don't remember anything else . Pictures will be coming soon as well as a day by day how I feel . I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 8 am . The suregon said everything went really well it just took me a while to fully wake up and feel up to getting dressed. They look oddly shaped as everyone's usually do but the size looks proportionate t9 my lower body . I know they are swollen and high but over time they will drop and fluff :) so happy with new boobs.

first day

First day I wasn't really in any pain at all I was able to eat to cups of apple sauce right after I was almost fully awake from surgery, and again I had 2 more when I got back to my hotel room , I also decided to have a small piece of pizza cause I didn't feel nauseous at all , as well as a fruit cup, these were all spread out over time not all at once. I have been drinking water like crazy. I have been taking 2 oxys every 4 hours as recommended . To my surprise I thought I would be in pain after surgery. Every time I go pee I peek at them because I only have a very silky cami on that my suregon wanted me to wear . Alot of women on here say they needed help going to the rest room afterwards I've only needed help to get my pants down because they are super loose around my waist area other than that I was able to brush my teeth and went on a very small walk around the hotel. They look so huge ! Slightly wondering if I Maybe went slightly to big? I know they are very swollen and oddly shaped but so far I'm pleased . The discomfort is about a 1 or 2 even after I take my pain meds because I still feel the pressure . Hoping to upload pics tomorrow.

boobs a couple days after surgery

Very tight and sore. Swollen and definitely still very high, can't wait to see their progress over time . Quite swollen between the breasts, when I push on the skin lightly I can hear and feel what seems like air but have heard many women explain the same thing with their BA.

2nd post op

D my second post op appointment dr. Said they are looking great and I am right on track either healing . I haven't been taking any pain meds only some Tylenol once a day if needed, I didn't like they way the high pain killer made me feel and I didn't really need it after day 3

1 month post op

I love my boobs! Unfortunately I am getting little stretch marks around my nipped etc.I had a feeling I would since I had nothing to begin with. But I love how they are looking so far.
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