Anatomical implant capsular contracture

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Had my twin girls 2.5 years ago and carried them...

Had my twin girls 2.5 years ago and carried them full term. Breast fed them for 14 months... Needless to say, my body is completely stretched out and covered in stretch marks now. My 38 b breasts went from super firm and perky to small, saggy and flat. Hoping to get breast augmentation, tummy tuck and possible liposuction with Brazilian butt lift. Planning to see a few doctors for consultations ASAP. I'm a little confused about how we are going to find the recovery time and money, but I've decided this is what I really want and my husband is supportive.

Before photos

Thought I would post before photos. Still have not had a mommy makeover consultation but and reading up on doctors in the area.

Tt Ba surgery is July 8th with Dr. Beck!

Hi everyone! I will be getting a tummy tuck with no lipo and 350cc Natrelle 410 anatomical (aka gummy bear) implants on July 8th. I am so excited, but I am also super nervous! I went to 3 consultations in the last year or so and Dr. Beck just seems like the right fit. He has great reviews, before/afters, and seems like a good person. His office staff has also been very friendly and helpful. My pre-op is the 22nd of June. I'm eating very healthy and exercising every 1-2 days. My biggest concerns are some unexpected complication during/after surgery, and the recovery process. I have 4 year old twins, so I will need to have help for 2 weeks I think. I have an electric lift recliner, wheeled walker with a seat and basket, shower seat, grabber tool, button/zip up loose clothing for recovery, quick and easy food for the whole family and I'm still trying to figure out what else to get. Thankfully, my husband is totally awesome and supports me 100%. I just hope Im not too big of a baby from all the pain after surgery!

Getting nervous!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's about 3 weeks away. I have most of my supplies, most of my surgery paid for, hotel booked and i am going to clean, stock and organize my house so my helpers have it as easy as possible. My husband is so awesome, he keeps reassuring me he will help me through the pain. Honestly though, my biggest fear right now is dying! I know it sounds silly because the odds are in my favor and my surgeon is very experienced and cautious, but it still really freaks me out. I have a tendency to be a worry wart, so hopefully I can figure out ways to stay mellow right before and after surgery. I'm sure an anxiety attack after a mommy makeover would not be pleasant! Anyway, enough of that. I am excited too! I hope everything goes well and I recover quickly without putting too much of a strain on my wonderful family. My back is really hurting today and I think the tummy tuck will really help.

3 weeks to go

I am so bloated today! I get like this from time to time and I look totally pregnant. Thought I would post some pictures to show how big I get. Some of it is fat, but it's mostly the muscle diastsis and laxisity. Makes sense, I was huge right before I had my twins. Looking at these photos is SO depressing. I hope I get good results.

Close up of belly

Pre op yesterday, 2 weeks to go!

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing great. I had my pre op yesterday and it went really well. Everyone in Dr. Beck's office was friendly and helpful. Dr. Beck is personable, patient and informative. I had another round of vectra imaging and we started looking at larger implants. I'm going with "gummy bear" implants because I think they look more natural on a woman with no upper pole breast tissue like myself, and they have a lower rate of capsular contracture according to newer studies. They also don't ooze gel out if they rupture. I am pretty sure I want the Natrelle 410fx 450cc! It's the extra high projection full height anatomical "gummy bear" implant. I always read on here about how women are disappointed they didn't go larger and if you're on the fence to go bigger so I decided to go for it. It's 100cc larger than my original choice, but I'm tall so hopefully they won't look ridiculously big. I've been wearing the rice sizers I made in that size and they feel comfortable and look fantastic in most of my clothes and in bra and undies. I'm starting with a b cup, hoping this will take me to a d or dd. I received my packet of pre and post op instructions/information which was nice to read through. I asked Dr. Beck about some local anesthetic for my abdominal muscles to help get through the first few days (Exparel or a pain pump). I am waiting to hear back if that will be an option and how much extra it will be. I've heard it helps a lot and I can be somewhat of a baby when it comes to pain so I don't want to be driving everyone around me crazy! I still need to pick up my prescriptions and get my blood work done. I am SO excited! I feel very lucky because my husband, his parents, my best friend and my Mother will all be helping after surgery at different times. We have started explaining to our 4 year old twins that mommy will have boo boos for a while and that they will need to be very careful with me. They are so sweet, but I am worried about them jumping on me for hugs and kisses because they are very affectionate. I can't believe it is only 2 weeks away! I will update again as it gets closer.

Vectra simulation

Here is the vectra simulation of the Natrelle 410fx 450cc implants. I'm a 34b before.

Getting everything ready!

Today I had my blood drawn and picked up all my meds from the pharmacy. They did a Cbc and a Chem 7 basic metabolic panel on me. Hopefully everything comes back showing I'm a good candidate for surgery. I can't believe how many pill bottles and supplies I have floating around. I need to do the final pack of my surgery center and hotel bag and have my husband pack his bag. We will be staying at a hotel right near the surgery center for two nights after surgery. A nurse anesthetist will be with us the first night. We will be bringing tons of water and healthy comfort food. I have been making healthy freezer meals for me (whole ingredients, low sodium and acid) and the family (also healthy, but with a little more flavor) while I'm recovering because I'm the main food person in the house and we like to eat healthy. I plan to bring small servings of applesauce, turkey stew, mashed potatoes, puréed butternut squash soup, chicken and veggie soup, protein shakes, dried cinnamon apple chips, frozen fruit and veggie juice bars, crackers and chicken broth. Our hotel is right next door to Jamba Juice (I LOVE smoothies and usually make my own), so I'll be getting one of their healthier smoothies both days most likely. I feel very prepared and honestly I just want to get it over with already! Lol! I'm pretty nervous and its been hard to think of anything else. Anyway, check out my recliner I got for $380.00 from way I plan to sell it in a month or two. It's an electric lift one so I won't have to ask for help getting up once we get home. Im planning to sleep in it if I can. I'm a stomach sleeper and I get bad insomnia so I'm not sure how it'll go. Either way, I'm doing this! Last things I need to do are clean and organize the house (can be difficult with adorable 4 year old twins constantly bringing all their toys out! ), make daily schedule and info lists for grandparents watching kids and grocery shop for the last supplies. Thanks for reading and good luck to you all! :-)

1 week to go!

Oh my goodness! I have no idea what came over me today. I was like the Tasmanian devil running around my house. I guess it's really settling in that I won't be able to do all the housework that I normally do for a long time after surgery next week. I have been CRAZY cleaning and organizing the whole house. Reminds me of nesting before I had my babies. Trying to make things perfect for my helpers and myself. My OCD side is definitely going crazy. I know I will have to let go during my recovery because I like things done a certain way. I have a tendency to get all bent out of shape over small things like old dishes and food pieces left on the table or toys all over the floor tripping us. It doesn't really matter in the long run if everything is clean while I'm recovering, so I'm going to try to just ignore any messes until I'm able to move around more and help clean up. I'm just thankful to have all the support! And who knows, maybe it'll stay clean? Either way, it'll be fine. All my bloodwork came back ok, and I ordered a pair of thigh high TED stockings just to be on the safe side . They were only $8 and they do help reduce the risk of developing DVT leading to PE which can be deadly. Worth the $8! My husband and I are going to go out shopping after surgery as soon as I'm feeling up to it and buy some new clothes. Not too many things, just something to raise my spirits and get me out of the house. Maybe a few bralettes and a dress. I am going to have to learn how to shop for a different body shape! I am so excited!

3.5 days to go and I'm so emotional!

Good grief, I never realized how emotional I would feel right before surgery. I'm trying my best to relax and stay positive, but I'm very nervous about it. I'm excited, but I'm such a worry wart that I'm having a hard time focusing on the positive. Trouble sleeping, super ocd cleaning, grouchy, crying spells... I was expecting this after, not before! Well, maybe I'm getting it over with now so I won't have to deal with feeling like this later. Anyway, just hanging in there trying to stay distracted. Take care everyone!

11 hours to go!

Wow! I can't believe my surgery is tomorrow. My awesome in laws picked up the kids to take them for the weekend. They are so excited because this will be their first time camping in their grandparents new travel trailer! So cute! My sweet husband brought me flowers and has been so supportive. I took my hibiclens shower and applied the anti-nausea patch. I'm very excited about how I will feel in a month or so and at this point I'm feeling ready to just get this surgery done so I can recover! I will post as soon as I'm able and hopefully have a few pictures to share. Take care all and wish me luck!

Out of surgery and at hotel room with my husband and nurse.

I'll try to snap some pics later. Not in much pain if I stay still. Thank goodness for exparel. If your dr doesn't offer it usually, still ask! My recovery so far has been amazing! San Mateo surgery center, anesthesiologist, post-op nurse and last but defenitely not least-dr Beck is such an amazing surgeon. Thank you guys SO much for making my surgery perfect! I ate crackers and turkey stew. Been drinking tons of water. I'll update soon. Take care!


More to come! Dr. bck and staff rocks!


Day 1post op and I'm feeling great!

I am uncomfortable but not in pain. My doctor did such a gentle technique I don't even see bruising. He pulled my tummy super tight so I will probably be standing bent for 2-3 weeks. I'm having an allergic reaction to pin pills (Vicodin hives)so I, switching to Tylenol while the Exparel still works. Hopefully it'll last 2 more days. I might need to take something stronger after it wears off. My anesthiologist was awesome! He had me out fast in the or, and I had no nausea after. We live an hour away and there's lots,of traffic in the sf Bay Area so we are planning to drive home tonight late tonight. I am so happy with my results this far. I have no drains and my incisions are so thin and perfect!
Tips:Exparel or pain pump, it's so with the extra money!
Pee funnel to stand up while peeling first few times. Then straddle the toilet facing backwards with hands on tank. Helped me to sit and pee for a while because i go a little,my then a little more like 4 times before I'm done
Rolling walker with seat. Can be used like wheel chair too.
Tank top under binder or its itchy
Drink tons of water,and eat as healthy low sodium much as you can.
Small meals throughout the day
Choose Dr Beck if you're in the area. I can't stress this enough. He's awesome!

Back home

I'm so happy to be back home! I slept in my lift recliner which is so much easier than having to ask my husband to get me out of bed. Using my walker to get around. Still no bowel movement. Took a shower because I have no drains. Just trying to relax. I'm still pretty nervous about blood clots that may have formed presenting, but I'm hopeful it's all ok. I do have some phlegm built up in my lungs. It's very painful and difficult to get it out. I LOVE my new body. I am so looking forward to standing straighter and trying on some clothes! :-)

Pictures after shower

Wow! My boobs look huge. I'm wondering if they will shrink a bit?

Super itchy! More pics. Hard to sleep.

Feeling a little better

I've been feeling a little better each day. I've pooped twice and it was not painful at all. I haven't had to take lots of narcotics thanks to the Exparel and I've had 2-3 stool softeners a day plus a couple doses of milk of magnesia over the last 4 days. I get tired very easily. I can finally get in and out of bed alone. My rolling walker has been very helpful. I'm super swollen! I wish it would just go away, but I know it's normal. My severe itching has gone away but I'm still itchy from time to time. I think it was the pain meds, Exparel or antibiotics. Not sure which one, but happy it's gone! My face was all red with a rash and I was extremely itchy everywhere for the first 3 days. I have my second post op tomorrow, hope dr. Beck says it all looks healthy. I'm trying to be patient but I'm so excited to be healed and get on with my life. I don't like being waited on and I'm usually such a busy body. Sleeping has been a little rough, but I'm getting through it. Just use lots of pillows. I loved sleeping on my stomach before, but I'm thinking I may try to sleep on my back or side only even after I've healed to protect my implants. They're so beautiful I don't want to mess anything up! Anyway, trying to find something on tv I can watch with my kids here that's fun and positive. Think I'll start with a survivor marathon! :-) I'm so happy I feel clear headed today, I was a little loopy the first few days.

Fast and comfortable recovery

I am now 11 days post op and I've been watching my kids since yesterday alone while my husband works all day. They are 4 so it's a little tough but I don't have to lift them or do much really. They are such sweet girls, I'm so thankful I get to be their Mother. I swear, my husband is so good to me too. I love him so much. He does all the laundry, cleaning, cooking and dishes when he gets home after work, and he does it all with a smile on his face. Every day I'm so thankful I married him. He offered for us to hire somebody but I declined because I feel good enough to do the bare minimum home alone. Im looking forward to doing all the housework myself again, I miss it! I'm tired and in a little (very little) pain but mostly just a little sore and stiff. Not too swollen. My breasts do feel quite large and firm. I'm hoping they soften and relax a bit. I feel very lucky to be doing as well as I am at only 11 days. I really feel the Exparel and drainless tummy tuck have a lot to do with it. I'm sure Dr. Becks gentle technique and attention to detail has also been a factor. What a great surgeon! He is so friendly and we always end up laughing at our appointments with him. His nurse practitioner is like a comedian! I was laughing so hard at my first post op I had to stop because my tummy was hurting and I was exhausted. Great staff and classy office. My left arm is a little tingly, but Dr. Beck says its only temporary. My belly button is perfect. It still has the black stitches that you can see in the photo I attached, but those come out in 2 days. My incisions are so fine and well placed, I couldn't have asked for any better. I am having a hard time spending so much time on my butt. It's super sore and feels like my bones are cutting through my cheeks, lol. Has me considering a Brazilian butt lift or butt implants more! I was told I don't have enough fat for a transfer, but I'll look into it more in a few months if I decide to do anything more to my body. Anyway, life is good! Im so happy I did this surgery and I'm so thankful for all the people that were involved in the whole process because they were very kind and supportive. I'm hoping to add more pictures as soon as I'm standing fully straight. Take care all!

Couple more

Couple more pics showing incisions better.

Super sore and swollen today

I had a very busy day yesterday. We took the kids to the playground, drove an hour each way to my appointment at Dr. Becks, went to Costco, watered the garden... And more. I'm so incredibly wiped out! I thought I was up for all of it but today I'm so sore and my breasts especially are really swollen. I slept with my legs very elevated and only 1 pillow under my head for part of the night so maybe that contributed to my breasts swelling. Dr. Beck gave me the green light to sleep on my side propped with pillows yesterday so I did that too. I just couldn't stay like that very long because laying on my incision hurts. I will probably take some Tylenol and try to relax today before my in-laws come over for dinner and a game of thrones marathon tonight. On a more positive note, Dr. Beck said I'm doing so well healing I don't need to go back for 2 weeks. I'm now trying to figure out what I should do about my incisions because he took all the tape off and I have nothing covering them. They are mostly healed, so it's more of a comfort thing. Maybe paper tape? Scar therapy soon when I decide what I'm going to use.

New photos!

I feel really good. I'm so happy I did this. I still get a little bit of pain if I sneeze really hard and swell up a bit at times. My leg has been hurting from time to time so I went to the emergency room a few weeks ago and they checked me for DVT. It came back negative. Most likely is is sciatic nerve compression, but it does give me the creeps... Especially when my calf hurts really bad. I'm finally cooking healthy meals again and doing a little time on the elliptical. Taking my kids for walks and grocery shopping is no problem now. I'm feeling really great other than the leg pain.

Really praying for a miracle but doubtful it will help

Well, it's been a little over 6 months since my surgery. I got the shaped textured highly cohesive implants and I have been having a firm feeling and occasional pain in my right breast. Noticed it was a little uneven to begin with after surgery when I reviewed my photos on the site here (could just be my anatomy to begin with?) and now it's very obvious my breasts are uneven. The left one is perfect, but my right is moving up my chest, feels slightly firmer and has pain from time to time. I have moved away from my surgeon, dr. Beck in foster city California. When I did speak with dr. Beck he was very nice and recommended I contact a surgeon in my area and apply pressure periodically to try to loosen the capsule a bit and try to start singular soon. I contacted dr. Chad wheelers office and they have been helpful. I am going to start taking 1000 mg vitamin e daily and when I see him in a week and a half (wish it was sooner!) he might prescribe singulair if dr. Beck can't from out of state without an exam( I plan to ask him Monday). I know it's a long shot, but if it is in fact capsular contracture maybe it could help. I am so sad about this. I chose the gummy bear implants to try to avoid this problem! I planned so carefully for years picking my surgeon and took every recovery precaution. So early for capsular contracture, symptoms started at 4 months and have gotten quite worse in the last week. I am hoping dr. Beck will offer a discount on his fees or waive (not that I'm saying it's his fault at all) them for a revision as dr. Wheelers office informed me that is their policy to waive fees for such an early contracture and I see that a lot of other surgeons on this site do as well. If he does make that offer, I may go back to California for a revision if I need one. Cannot even express my disappointment. Have been crying just praying it goes away because the cost of another surgery so soon after paying well over $16,000 for all supplies and surgery Is a tough pill to swallow. I knew this was a possibility, just had no idea it would be so soon. Trying to stay positive and deciding if it is cc, do I want to replace new ones or just take these out and be done with it. Thanks for reading.

Starting singulair

Saw dr wheeler in Spokane and he has me taking 2,000 iu vitamin e and 10mg singulair daily. He says my implant was/is rotated possibly due to capsular contracture. It has improved since the pics I posted in my last post and I could actually live with them the way they are right now if they don't get worse again. I am concerned that maybe the right one isn't attached to the capsule and it could just continue to rotate. Also, the singulair makes me very tired! I will check back in with dr wheeler in 2 months to see if I might need to have another surgery. He mentioned that a lot of times going back to the original surgeon who did the surgery can be beneficial. Considering getting smooth round silicone if I do decide to have them replaced. Keeping my fingers crossed I won't need another surgery for years to come!

Does this look any better?

I thought they did until I looked at the pictures. The mirror didn't look as bad. ???? Started singulair 2 days ago and upped vitamin e. Using ace bandage to apply pressure to top of implant to try to stretch pocket down. Will any of this even work? Lol. Who knows! Was really looking forward to wearing a bikini this summer...


Dr. Beck called yesterday after receiving my email. I felt much better after our talk because he was super supportive and helpful. I'm so happy I picked him to be my surgeon. We discussed what's going on and will watch it for more change. At this point, I think I'll end up getting a revision in a few months. I've heard strattice or alloderm can help but they are expensive. If I get a new set, I may spring for that stuff because the cost of another revision after that would be even more expensive. I'm also considering just taking them out. It would be so hard to go back to my small breasts after being so happy with the size I have now. I'm extremely happy with my tummy tuck results though! I'll post some pics of that soon. So nice not having a pouch to adjust in jeans and looking like I'm 5 months pregnant half the time! ????
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

I am so thankful I chose Dr. Beck to be my surgeon. He is very skilled and just a joy to be around. I really appreciated his patience, kindness, sense of humor, honesty and hard work. My husband and I are beyond satisfied with the outcome of my surgery. I catch myself in the mirror and can't stop grinning because I feel like I finally have my dream body. I look better than I did before I had my twins! I could not have asked for a better result and my family was treated with respect the whole way through. Dr. Beck and his staff really know what they are doing. If I choose to do another surgery down the road I would defenitely choose Dr. beck and his staff again because my experience was perfect. Thanks Dr. Beck! You're an amazing surgeon.

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