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I had SmartLipo on my upper and lower abdomen...

I had SmartLipo on my upper and lower abdomen yesterday morning... As of this moment, it was completely worth it for me! I changed my dressings this morning and I look much thinner, even with swelling! My doctor did warn me of fluid swelling in the pubic area, which is definitely present (and gross! Haha).

I already have some mild bruising, but I've been taking the Arnica pill and using the cream at my doctor's suggestion. I also bruise very easily because I'm quite pale. :) As far as pain, I am a little tender... Mainly it just feels like I had a really hard day at the gym and I haven't taken any pain pills this morning (I went to work, despite my doctor's insistence that I shouldn't :-/). Yesterday I took three pain pills and was comfortable and sleepy. I've gone to this doctor before for a previous procedure (breast augmentation) and had a great result! Hence, the reason I went back!

Though she is quite conservative... All of the information I've read about SmartLipo says that local anesthesia is all that is needed, but my doctor suggested that I go under general anesthesia. I was happy at this suggestion because I have a fear of needles.

After my surgery I awoke and was coherent within 20 minutes and ready for the ride home. I had no problem going "all the way under" for the surgery and it was no more expensive than another provider in the area who offers SmartLipo under local anesthesia. I plan on posting some before and after pictures, but I'm going to wait a few days until the fluid swelling resolves!

  I had SmartLipo on my abdomen four days...


I had SmartLipo on my abdomen four days ago... I'm still quite sore and tender to the touch.  I haven't been taking any pain pills, just Tylenol and have been coping okay with that.  I have a "ridge" presently on my lower abdomen that I hope goes away soon!  It's right where my stomach creases when I sit down, so I'm not sure if that's the reason.  Anyway, I'm still happy thus far with my results and just have to be patient for the final result!

So, I'm 12 days post-op and very happy with my...

So, I'm 12 days post-op and very happy with my results... My pictures are from before, four days after, and 11 days after.  The incisions are barely visible!  I have two in my pubic area and one in my belly button.  As you can see, my doctor was able to leave my belly button piercing unharmed (which I was grateful for because I wanted to keep it!)... :) 

Anyway, I'm feeling almost completely healed.  I'm still wearing my garment 24 hours a day.  My doctor said I could begin decreasing the amount of time to 12 hours at two weeks post-op (and then I must continue wearing it for one month).

I haven't discovered how many cc's my doctor took out.  She uses a "pinch test."  For example, when I went for my consultation, she could pinch about 1" of fat on my belly (whilst standing).  Now, I can barely pinch anything!  She estimated about 1/4" of fat.

I should mention that I have some hard areas on my lower belly.  My doctor told me to massage those areas, but I still have a strange sensation and it feels weird to touch.  I have a bit of numbness still that has already greatly improved since my surgery!  Also, while I was healing I had a sensation that I can only describe as a "jiggly" feeling... Haha  For instance, for several days after my surgery, when I'd take my garment off to shower I'd feel the looseness of my skin.  It's very strange and can't be describe, only experienced.  I still have a bit of a "ridge" on my lower abdomen that is somewhat visible in the pictures... This is the area that is very hard and I'm hoping for improvement when I feel comfortable massaging those areas!

I'm a little over five weeks out now.  I now...

I'm a little over five weeks out now.  I now am completely healed!  I've lost about 1-1/2" on my waist... And it's finally flat!  :)

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