33 Years Old 2 Kids and No Boobs - Manchester, GB

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So my story. I am 33 with 2 kids, height 5'11"...

So my story. I am 33 with 2 kids, height 5'11" weight around 9st (give or take a few pounds) current bra size is about 32aa ???? I live in Manchester England.
I have wanted this procedure since my teens. I have always been flat chested and it has caused many insecurities, everything from clothes shopping, swimming with my kids and sex is affected by my lack of self confidence, so now at 33 and after having 2 kids I have decided to go for it. I met with my surgeon Dr. James Murphy in April and instantly knew I would like him to perform my surgery, he made me feel so comfortable about my choice to go ahead with surgery and I felt like he really understands what I want to achieve (in fact I think he may know better than me what I want to achieve haha). So at my initial consultation we had a chat about my life how I feel and how I want to look, Mr Murphy then did a quick simulation using his 3D imaging equipment of what type of results 1 type of implant could give, it was amazing and I left his office on a real high but made no commitments.
The next day I had a consultation with a patient coordinator at MYA in Manchester. The PC was lovely but MYA just didn't feel right for me and I would have to travel (albeit not too far) out of Manchester for my surgery, I left the MYA consult and phoned DR. Murphy's secretary back and said book me in I'm doing it haha. My surgery is booked for June 23rd and my pre-op is May 31st, I haven't had to pay any sort of deposit just ensure the balance is paid 1 week before the op. I will be staying overnight as DR. Murphy likes to know you are resting and check you in the morning and he will also be providing me with 2 bras post op.
To say I am ridiculously excited would be an understatement. I can't wait to have my pre-op and look at more sizes and simulations. Xx

3 days post op

So I had my surgery on Thursday 23rd June. The whole experience has been amazing. I turned up at the hospital at 0645 and was shown to my room. My nurse came in to do some obsessed and measure me for my stockings just after 7. Mr murphy came to see me around 8ish and explained there was a very slight delay and I would likely be taken to theatre around 10 rather than half 9. I then had a massive drama when I realised I'd come to the hospital and brought the car keys with me leaving my husband stuck at home with no key....oops. Anyway shortly after Mr murphy had been and drawn on me the anaesthetist came to see me and went through some questions and explained what would happen when I got to theatre. Finally one of the catering staff came and tool my food orders for after surgery, tea and breakfast, it was more like a hotel than a hospital. I relaxed in my room and at 0930 my nurse said they were ready for me. We walked to theatre and chatted all the way I can't actually remember what about as I was so excited, I felt so comfortable and safe though that I had no nerves whatsoever. I got to theatre and was asleep before I knew it. Next thing I know now I am waking up in recovery feeling so good I wondered if the op had actually been done my only side effect from the anaesthetic was feeling cold and shivering but that was soon sorted with a plastic blankets that had warm air blowing through it. Soon enough I was back in my room and eating some amazing food. The nurses came and checked my observations every half hour or so and couldn't do enough to help me. My friend came to get the car keys off me for the husband so that drama was sorted haha. In the afternoon Mr murphy came to check how I was doing. I spent the rest of that day just relaxing and watching TV. I slept really well and had no discomfort. The next morning Mr murphy came to see how I was doing and so did the anaesthetist they both said I was doing really well. Mr murphys nurse jack came and arranged my 1 week post op appointment and gave me a spare bra. I was given my pain killers and discharged. I've now been home 3 days I've had no pain just a slight ache across my chest, nevertheless my husband has done everything for me, I almost feel like a fraud though because I really do feel fine haha, I've had no issues sleeping either. I am absolutely over the moon with my new boobs I really do think once they are settled they will look absolutely perfect on my frame and I know I made the perfect choice in booking my surgery with Mr murphy, him and everyone else who looked after me have been absolutely amazing and I really can't thank them enough.

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1 week post op

So today is officially 1 week post op and I am still completely over the moon. I've still had no pain or anything have had to drive today and it was no problem I really don't know if I have just been incredibly lucky with my recovery so far or if it's down to having such an amazing surgeon. Anyway tomorrow is my 1 week appointment with Mr murphys nurse jac so I'm looking forward to hearing how my incisions are looking. Day to day I haven't really noticed any changes so I took a new pic today and made a comparison from before, day of surgery and today and all I could say was wow!!!! I will attach the pic but to say I'm happy doesn't even come close haha. The bottom is obviously before, the middle is the day of the op and the top is today. Xx

Nearly 2 weeks post op.

So I had my 1 week post op appointment and everything was great. The dressings were removed from my incisions and replaced with tape which I am to change every 3rd day. Next appointment now is at my 4 week mark and that is back with Mr murphy. I am still over the moon and I can't get over how things my incisions are.

2 weeks post op

Today is officially 2 weeks post op and I am still feeling great. I'm not sure if it's just because of how I'm holding my camera but in pics my boobs look different like maybe my right is settling faster than my left, but if I look in a mirror they look the same. Anyway I am back to sleeping on my side normally and doing everything as normal. My incisions are also still looking really good and I think a lot of my swelling has now gone. I tried a top on without a bra the other day and was over the moon with it, I have never worn a top without a bra since I was about 10 haha. I have been so happy with the whole process of getting my BA and anyone reading this considering surgery all I can say is go for it, I have waited since I was 18 and my only regret is not doing it sooner.

5 weeks post op

I am now 5 weeks post op and could not be happier. I had my 4 week check with Mr. Murphy last week and as always it was a great experience, I was seen on time not sat in a waitibg area for hours on end and as always Mr. Murphy was friendly and jovial.

I was examined and Mr. Murphy checked my measurements and all was as it should be, my incisions are still healing very nicely and all in all Mr. Murphy seemed pleased. I was given the all clear to pretty much resume normal activity but advised to ease into it and just listen to my body.

I can't actually put into words how ecstatic I am with my results, I feel like a different person and clothes shoppibg is now enjoyable. My only regret is not finding Mr. Murphy and doing the surgery sooner.

I will be going bra shopping in the next few weeks and will upload some more photos then.

More recent pic

7 weeks

So i am now just over 7 weeks post op and i really couldn't be happier. There isn't really anything to say as i have had such an easy recovery, but i am now loving buying clothes and how much different things look on me. I have bought some bras that i thought fit well and they were a 32DD however it turns put i need a much smaller band and bigger cup more like a 28F/FF.

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