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Time has finally come to say good bye to my big...

Time has finally come to say good bye to my big boobies. Surgery is April 15th. I've always had big boobs from being 12yr and have suffered all the usual problems that come with them, from the aches and pains to buying clothes that fit, and of course they just don't look nice anymore. And I hate it when men talk to your chest and not to you. So after menopause and being diagnosed with underactive thyroid they were getting even bigger, so decided now that I can afford to get them done myself, I would. I had breast fed 3 babies so they did their duty. Lol.
I have been hooked to this site reading everyones stories and I can compare myself to most of them. I must say there are some marvellous results. I have read some good advise that I will use it in my post op care.
Can't wait now..

I have my pre op check next week

The way they are now

Pre op assessment today

I was dead excited today even though it was just my pre surgery checks, but I ended up Sitting and waiting for an hour passed my time to be seen, it's seems even paying private doesn't get you to the front of the queue. Suppose we can't help folk calling in sick. But all is well, had an ECG, bloods, weight, blood pressure and temperature. All is ok. Pressure a bit high but put that down to the anxious long wait... After all I have a job to get too straight after and I knew I was late already. Had a Q&A session just simple stuff. I have been applying bio oil to my chest to prepare the new skin for the surgery and try and decrease some stretch marks to help it all look good, and the sticky pads wouldn't stick to my chest during the ECG, lol. So remember to keep dry when going for a pre op test. Lol..anyway on schedule . Tick tick tick.

D Day has arrived

I'm here now ready and gowned up, waiting for the surgeon to come and mark me up, surgery in the next hour. God I could murder a cup of tea.... But NIL by mouth.

All done & at home. 1 day post op

My surgeon marked me up and that alone took a good 20mins, the anaethatist was waiting next to explain what would happen and got me to sign the disclaimer. No turning back now. Then that was it I walked down the hall to the anaesthetic room. They put the ecg pads on me, put the canular in back of my hand, gas mask, drugs and that was it I was out. The clock on the wall read 12.30pm. It was exactly 3.30 when I woke. I felt really sick from the morphine, and immediately vomited. The nurse asked me do I suffer from travel sickness, YES. I do quite badly. She said most people that do suffer in morphine, so worth mentioning it guys. I'd never heard that before. I had anti sickness drug but it took a while before I could keep even water down. I was sore mostly in my left breast. They seem bigger than I wanted but I know they are very swollen and quite hard to touch. I woke up with these weird leg massagers round my calves to prevent blood clots, that went off every minute on alternate legs. And wasn't taken off until 9am next day. I had to get up twice in night for a pee. The first time hurt real bad to get up as I had no support bra on at this time, they didn't put it on till 11.30pm.. Just as I was sleeping finally! I was white as a sheet, needed oxygen all night and fluids on drip. So was awkward getting up with all the wires and the leg things. But it was a relief to get the bra on .. Really good support and easier to move the 2nd toilet break. I got discharged at 10am felt ok as had taken plenty meds. Before I left they removed the sticky dressings and replaced with water proof ones. I thought oh this is gone hurt but it didn't. The bra I'm wearing is 34C. Hoping swelling goes down soon. I can see how much they've swollen already since I got from theatre. I didn't sleep a wink what with the sound of the machines etc and I suffered back ach and still am from having to lie permenantly on my back. In all I'm ok and taking it slowly. Pain not too bad at all

2 day post

I'm keeping the meds up every 4hours just to keep the edge off things. Feeling pretty good in myself. I can see the swelling starting to go down on my left and is looking more even now. I was lucky didn't need drains. I do have a massive bruise right underneath my right breast and a smaller one on the left. I think they will both be a few Bonny colours before they settle. Drifting in and out of sleep. Nice not having to worry about work or shopping. My other half isn't keen to look at them yet without my bra on. But he is happy with the way they look under my PJs. Up to now. He said I look so different. Haha.
Anyway I have an appointment in 1 week when the sticky bands come off and I got a 2 week sick note off the hospital also so no need to go to my GP for 1. If you don't ask for a sick note they don't offer one. And it states reason for being off is "post op surgery" so no one needs to know at work what I have had done. I have not told anyone but my immediate manager as I work with a lot of men who I know would come in just for a look at my chest.
Oh and I still have to wear the compression stockings they put me in for 1 week. Dead sexy. Lol

Post op day 4

Still suffering with back ache through the night. I'm so dying to turn onto my side. I must have at least 7 pillows on the bed, shaped into a large armchair shape that I sink into. I've eased off the mess as I was feeling light headed and woozy. I was given paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine . And was ok to take all 3 together. But I've stopped the codeine and just take the anti inflammatory and paracetamol when I need it ,, Deffinately first thing in the morning though cos pain is worse then. Last night I was very itchy along the scar lines. Good sign of healing I've heard, and also having little tingly sensations all across my boobs. Bit like pins n needles. Is this the nerve endings trying to heal? Weird sensation..
I think I'm going to go back to the bra they put me in today, now it's washed n freshened up. And maybe use my softer one for the night time.
When the plaster strips come off in 5 days time I will update some more pics. Can't wait too see my nipples.. I know if I feel the slightest chill in the room or I'm cold my nipples react, and sting, so sensation still there. Can't believe how much I'm sleeping. But I am used to a 50hr week job and well due a rest.
Took 2 senekot last night to get things moving .. Ahhhhh bliss as I was feeling quite bloated.
I'm lucky my other half is here to help me but to be quiet honest I can easily make a sandwich and a cup of tea. If he could just remember to leave things where I can easily reach them without stretching or bending over. :)

Day 6 post op

Had another rotten night. And I think it was mostly because I over did it yesterday. We drove to the local garden centre just so I could walk round and get some air. Then I walked round the supermarket being careful not to push or stretch, just walked.. And then stopped at a little cafe for a coffee sitting outside in the sun. It was so hot today. I found I couldn't stand the heat on my chest. And was only one sitting with a coat on. Found all I could wear was a Kagool type jacket as it was light weight on my titties. Sat an potted some seedlings in the garden for an hour. But my back was aching so bad by then. Had to retreat and lay down. When I'm in pain I don't moan to other half I sit quiet and keep it all to myself. Don't want him saying "was it all worth it?" As I know it was, these babies are getting better every day. Can't believe how good they look in a T shirt.
Going to take it easy today. DVD day I reckon.

Getting there

Day 9 post op Friday

Went to have my dressings removed today and finally get to see what's underneath. There was some scary moments like I expected that stung like hell, as some of the long stitches were stuck to the tape. I had made sure I had taken extra pain killers just before I went. Good advice from a previous review. Thanks,
Nurse cleaned and redressed them and I was told to leave dressings on for another week. They looked the way they feel, sore, bruised and still swollen. They still have a way to go before they look normal she said. I could see that. Lol.
Thought my nipples look good, nice size and shape, but high, but she said once swelling goes down all will drop into place. Got another week off work yet, and cabin fever is setting in big time. It was nice to get out just to go to the treatment room. Haha,,

15 days Post op

Got my daughter to remove my tapes/band aids as she is a nurse herself rather than travel to the hospital and sitting about. (They said that was ok). The scar on the left (underside) doesn't look like its nipping as good as my left so she has put a small strip over it for the time being to give it a bit extra healing time.
I must admit I was a bit arse nipping as the tapes were pulled off. I can still feel it now,,, There is still a lot of bruising to my leftie. This has been giving me a lot of pain since day 1, and I feel the pain now mostly under my left arm pit to the side of my boob funny enough where it is not bruised. It feels more like an inside muscular pain. So I'm keeping my left arm down and not using it as much to see if it gets better with a rest just in case I've pulled something. I'm seeing my own GP in the morning for other problem, so she can have a look at the unveiled scars at the same time and tell me if all is ok.
To be honest I still think I would have liked them smaller still, I don't know if they are going to get any smaller with swelling reduction or not. And my nipples seem too high up to me. It's been 2 weeks ,,maybe I'm being paranoid and inpatient. But here's how they looked after the tapes removed today.

Before n after. Day 15

This is the best way to see the difference.


Are we supposed to massage them. ,? Has anyone been told to do this?

Day 16. Post op

Saw my own GP yesterday and she said all looks good .. Scars knitting nicely and to leave the tapes off now as rHe pulling of the tapes on & off is making me sore and could obviously open them up, but try my best to keep scars dry for a few more days yet. Sod that I was straight in the shower but had my back to the jet and then turned for 1 quick, soft squirt of medicated soapy water and got out and blow dried with the hair dryer. I put panty liners in my support bra over the scars just in case and I feel good. Still sore. But good. I'm driving myself about now. Have been for the past 3 days. No probs, but I'm glad I have one of those padded seat belt covers for your neck as I moved it to my cleavage area instead cos I could feel it pressing.

Day 21. Post op

Leftie Still bruised . First day back to work, and I'm felling it. Knackered.

Day 23 post op & back to hospital for check

Had such a bad night with a throbbing pulling ache all night long with my leftie that I made an appointment at the hospital to get this bruise looked at as it is just not getting better and I'm so wrecked with having no sleep.
Got asked by the doc if I was given antibiotics after my surgery - said not, apart from 1 dose that was given via the IV on the day of surgery. (So I was told) he seemed to think I should have taken Some home with me too. Mmmmm
Anyway I think it is just a precaution but I've been given a course of antibiotics to take for 5 days even tho I see no sign of infection the way you would expect, but my tit is hard and bruised and so painful & throbbing. Let's hope they help. I was worried I had an internal bleed myself. So my minds at rest.
I've started rubbing a little bio oil round my boobs too, the massaging may help also I'm told.
Tired. But getting there.

Day 31

Finished the course of antibiotics. Feel no different. I still believe that the hospital were just covering themselves in giving me them as I don't think I had any infection at all. I'm still bruised after 4.weeks 4 days... And very tender and hard to my leftie, there's hard lumps in there (heamatoma). Still can't lay on my side. Getting fed up. I know there still swollen but my nipples are just so high to me. They don't look right.

Week 5. Post op

Starting to feel a bit better this week moving about , and can finally lay on both sides with gentle manoeuvre using pillows. Lefties still bruised and hard in places so obviously swollen still. Don't see the PS until June 10th. I've got plenty of questions need answering. ,!
Wore a normal bra for the first time today, but I was glad to get home and get back into the comfy support bra I'm used to now as the lace and material of the normal bra was irritating my nipples terribly as they are that sensitive. Still using bio oil twice a day also. And still occasional daily zingers. Perseverance is a virtue

Almost 3 month post op

All bruising finally gone, but left tie still feels alike lumpy, PS has said now that I had a small bleed in my left but didn't seem too concerned. It healed itself. I'm to go back in November as I have requested a revision, due to nipple position, if I'm still not happy after this time has lapsed, and breasts have settled etc, he is going to do an under cut in the fold and cut a wedge out to make the nipple come down. Hence nipples point outwards not up. I won't settle until I'm happy with them. I want to get 100%. Happy not make do... After all it cost enough.. Scars have healed really well and smooth. Bio oil doing the trick. Twice a day. Clothes fitting really well too. Everything off the peg fits a lot bet than having the jugs. Lol.

Revision surgery going ahead finally

Well time has certianly passed, been 1yr 1month since my BR. But as you can see i need a revision as nipples too high. I think the PS thought if enough time passed i would forget about it and change my mind, but NO im ready to go through it all again. I want what i paid for. Got my pre op assessment 18may. and the op week after. My scars have healed so well. No pain at all. The PS is doing it free of charge. Its just under the breast that will be cut this time. To make my lollipop scar an anchor scar if you know what i mean. (Which is what he said i was having a year ago) !! This will pull the breast down and my nips point forward not up. Anyway i will update once done.

Post Revision Op ..Day 4

Hello guys, revision surgery went ahead 25th May, all as planned without any hiccups. I Was first down. 9am and it took 2.25hrs. I was told to expect 2hrs. Everything was like before as regards to being admitted, getting marked up by the PS and having a visit from the anaesthetist and signing the consent. It all happened very quickly, no time to worry about things, not that i was at all .. Much easier 2nd time around. I advised them how I reacted last time after having Morphine so they gave me something else instead. It began with 'F' cant remember name, but i came around with no sickness or wanting to vomit and much more awake and not drowsy. I was stinging and uncomfortable at first but not for long. I had a more wanted cuppa and some toast and was up having a pee an hour later. The pains are no way near as bad as the 1st Operation (lollipop scar) All i have here now is the underbreast crescent moon shaped incision. I was told that he had removed 221gms from left & 178gms from right. Dont understand why so different as they should have been even from the 1st Op !! Question for later i guess. The breasts have been pulled downwards and now my nipples sit in the right position, looking forward. this was confirmed when i stripped off in the cold bathroom and they stuck out through the bra. I was overjoyed. I think the incision must go a little way under my arm pit as im sore here too. I get the dressings off 4th June so I can see properly then. So im resting up at home and taking it easy, I have holidays booked in from work so no worries there. I know its early days still and they will probably swell or drop a bit. Ut so far much happier with result.

Post Op2. @ 4weeks

Well now ,,, 4 weeks on it has not been bad at all in regards to pain, comfort and recovery. I was back to work sitting at my desk 2.5 weeks after the Op. Still wearing my surgical bra of course as still swollen at the sides even now and PS said will change, soften and round off a bit yet. The after care in treatment room was fabulous, changed my dressing even week, i did have to take a course of antibiotics as she swabbed an area she thought looked moist and it came back as slight. But had no problem with it at all.
The weather has been so hot and trying to keep the area cool has been hard. But all incision is closed now and im using the Bio Oil as I did after my last surgery a year ago. Went shopping for a couple of bra's as going on holiday August and want better looking straps than this surgical bra. And i was thrilled to fit so comfortably in 36C. .. I chose Asda's none wired as so not to hurt underneath soft and comfy. Look great and preety cheap too. £6 each. So 1 white,1 black just to get me through. I dont have to go back to see my PS for 6 months so i will post again then. With update and any change. I have uploaded current pictures and a picture of my 3 sets of boobs i have had this journey. Nipples finally were they should be. Lol ... Happy healing everyone.
Doc O Ahmed

I will update my opinion when I am all finished with the Spire Washington....

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