20 Years Old, 160lbs, 545cc Ultra High Profile Overs

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I am booked in for breast augmentation on the 20th...

I am booked in for breast augmentation on the 20th of jan 2016. I currently have very slight tuberous breasts that are empty from weight loss. I am apparently a 38b UK according to my surgeon although I tend to wear 36C bras that are extremely padded. I have faded stretch marks around my breasts, I am hoping to achieve a full round look and fit into at least DD's! I am extremely nervous for my op but also really excited. I will upload to before photos later. Has anybody else had similar to me with similar stats? Is there anything you can recommend I do pre op to achieve best results and help with the pain.

Before pics

Here are some before pictures to show my boobs as they are now. Can't believe my surgery is 8 days away!

Pre op

I have just had my pre op today, my surgery is in 6 days now. Extremely nervous! My mom is looking after me after surgury do you think she will be able to leave me alone in the first few days or am I going to need her help constantly?

24 Hours Till Breast Augmentation

Just phone up the hospital to find out my admission time for tomorrow I have to be in for 11 and I am having the procedure at 12. I am so so nervous now about going down in to theatre and waking up etc and also that I have made the right choice with implant size. Any Tips to prepare me for surgery tomorrow and my recovery??

All done now time to recover

Just woke up 45 mins ago from breast augmentation I had what I had chose and all went well. Not in any pain at all yet just sat up alone and feel as if I could walk around no problem hopefully the pain doesn't come later. I will post pictures as soon as I can xxxx

Can't believe how easy it has been

8 hours post op and I haven't had any pain at all, eaten drunk and been walking around on my own. Walk in the park woohooo

First sneak peak of my new boobies

I had 545 polytech meme over the muscle yesterday evening still really tight once my skin has stretched abit they will become more squidy and I'll have more of a cleavage. All went really well and had literally no pain at all!! Brilliant

More pics

Tight and swallon but no pain and love them only worried they aren't big enough. Opinions???

23 hours post op!

Ignor my bloated tummy some more pics to update you all

Latest pics 3 days post op

4 days post 545 sub glandular breast aug

I have had no pain at all since surgury on my breasts. I have only suffered with back pain. They feel amazing and I am so happy with my results they have been getting bigger by the day!!

Morning boobs sting

Incisions are a bit stingy and sore today. 6 days post op, bandages off tomorrow
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