My Omnibotch Rhinoplasty. Norwich, GB

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I had a large hook nose and at times I felt...

I had a large hook nose and at times I felt embarrassed about it, I'm a little female and I didn't feel it suited the rest of me. I was also teased and had cruel comments from people including friends and family. I was scared of surgery to my face, I was very sceptical of how it could be possible to turn my big honk into a cute button. I took pics of my profile and scrutinised them and edited them..easy to do with photoshop but it looked impossible to do in reality with flesh and bone. I kept on reading on the web and looking at before and after pics and I found a few that I felt had the same nose as me and had got a beautiful result. I didn't really trust plastic surgeons much having come across horror stories on the web. I thought I would be safer with a private health care insurance hospital local to me. Bupa (now Spire). The surgeons there also do work for the local NHS hospital so I believed that I would be safe in their hands, if anything went wrong they would help me I assured myself. . I consulted with Mr Logan first it was a very short consultation not much detail given. He said he would straighten and shorten my profile.I asked if he would be making my nostrils smaller and he said no it wont be necessary. It didn't make sense to me how would I have a small pretty nose with huge nostrils. I didn't feel happy that he would give me what I wanted maybe just a big straighter nose but that wasn't worth the pain and effort to me, I wanted a small cute perfect nose or I would just leave it alone. I decided to make another consultation with another surgeon at the same practice, this time i printed out the googled before and afters i thought were similar to mine and asked Mr Clibbon was it possible for ME to get a result like that. He was enthusiastic and very confident that he could achieve a similar result for me. I was thrilled and excited and booked surgery for the next month. I couldn't wait to have my new pretty nose! My nose was very sore after the op very black eyes and swollen face. I immediately saw my nose was very piggy even under the cast. I remember worrying that the cast itself attached with tape across my cheeks and forehead didn't even look straight. At home my nose kept weeping at one end of the stitches a tiny raw area on my columella, first watery pink then after a couple of days thicker yellowish and it was stinging. I rang the hospital and I was told nobody was there to help and my surgeon had left on holiday. They told me to go to my A+E hospital, I felt so scared and embarrassed waiting there. It was becoming infected where a stitch had been missed I was given antibiotics and the weeping began to stop in another 2 days. When I went back for my cast off appt I was disappointed to see my surgeon still wasn't there. Two nurses removed the cast which was almost falling off by now day 10..the glue from the tape had irritated my skin it had been itching like crazy it was red and rashy. My nose was just a swollen piggy mess barely looked like a nose more squashed tomato. My heart sank but I told myself it would be ok, the nurses began removing the stitches they remarked that Mr Clibbon had missed one and that's why that area had kept weeping like it did. At the other end of my columnella the last stitch had its knot stuck on the inside and despite some painfull tugging she was unable to remove it instead she just tugged and cut the protruding part as close as she could to the skin. She made a note to the surgeon to inform him and ask if he knew of a stitch being left in. A few days later the thick blue whisker stitch was back poking through my columnella I finally got to see My surgeon around week 3 post op. He tugged at the stitch and it was still stuck so again cut it short. He looked embarrassed by my nose he agreed it wasn't right and said I would need a revision, the earliest I could do that was 6 months later. So I told myself despite the fact I looked like I had a serious RTA , I would cope just stay indoors keep my head down this miserable time would fly by, Id get a revision and it would be fixed. My nose was overshortened hence its piggy appearance, I have inverted V deformity, polly beak, hanging columella, prominent alar feet bulges, colapse/dent to the left side, Uneven nostrils, 1 cm thick columella with bad scaring.. I went back to see him at approx 4 months post op to get the blue whisker snipped yet again and to tell him that I was struggling to breathe through my nose and tell him that I had a really bad smell in my nose. He prescribed a nasal spray for inflammation and allergy but when I asked about the smell he shrugged and said he had no idea what would cause that. I had my revision in feb 08 I got my hopes up again thinking this time all would be great but there was no improvement or change to my nose. Despite massive bruising to my eyes and face again it looked exactly the same just horribly swollen. Still breathing problems , still a smell in my nose.. The disappointment, the embarrassment,the despair..I dont even have words for how I felt and it almost pushed me to suicide many times I feel like such a total freak, a loser, an idiot for letting no paying somebody to do this to me. My marriage broke up for good, I lost my job, my car I felt so depressed I couldn't face going out of the house because I felt that people were staring and laughing. I shut myself away and didn't want to do anything or talk to anyone. I had and still have PTSD and severe anxiety from my botched ops. I had bi polar disorder to begin with (which my surgeon knew about!), this whole saga has been so bad for my mental health that its taken a real toll on my physical health too,my anxiety causes high blood pressure which damages my kidneys. I constantly get sick chest infections and painful sinus infections that Im sure is all to do with my nose. For a couple of years I just kept breathing (through my mouth mostly) for my kids sake and just couldn't see a way to put this right with no money. I approached my surgeon again I was polite as ever but emailed him pics of my nose and explained how sad I was. He agreed to see me, he said he was unable to fix my nose but would ask Mr Logan his senior partner to assist him in a 3rd OP.. I then had a consultation with them both Mr Logan was shocked by my nose he inspected my columella and almost gasped he said "what have you done here!" and gave my surgeon mr Clibbon a concerned look. He recognised me from my consultation with him and asked why i didn't come to him it was an awkward moment for surgeon coughed well thats all history now and quickly changed the subject. They said that they would fix the collapse/dent side with a rib graft and see if they could improve my columella. I was unsure and worried that my nose would then just appear very big again and look worse Mr Logan chuckled and told me not to be silly, they wouldn't build the hook back and it definitely wouldn't look worse. I felt reassured again by Mr Logan's concern and kindness despite my fears I agreed to a 2nd revision. Bupa had now changed name to Spire hospital but op 3 took place there again. When I woke this time I didn't have a cast just some white tape across my nose. When I looked in the mirror I saw that they had changed my profile it looked to be very high at the bridge and straight, the dent in the left side was still evident though even with the swelling and there was no change to my columella area. I was so frustrated I wanted to scream, I just wanted to go home and be out of that hospital. I didnt see Mr Logan after or ever again sadly so he wasnt that concerned by his own work. I saw Mr Clibbon a week later and he agreed the areas were still not addressed and he mentioned possible fillers to correct the caved in side. I knew then that was it- this was as good as he could do for me..A million thoughts went through my head does he realise he ruined my life? wtf did he do this for if he wasnt capable? how can this even be legal? how would he feel if i was his nose or his wife :( ? but no words came out I was just speechless and numb and so I just went home and fell apart. That 3rd botch was in July 2011 The huge rib graft warped and moved after just a month or two making it even worse and moreso over time. Its a big hump again but way lower down and bent it looks totally unnatural and so ugly. My nose looks different each side you view it its twisted like an S shape. Everything about it is gross. The huge graft is almost through the skin on the tip of my nose but not even in the centre. Ive lost 7 years of my life because of rhinoplasty so far. My family and children suffer too. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I don't even look in mirrors these days if I catch sight of myself in a window while washing up etc I get a sick feeling in my stomach and a pain in my heart. I would like to tell people that it gets easier to cope with in time but it doesn't. These days I'm a shadow of the woman I was if it wasn't for my children I would already have given up living..I'm not even living..I exist that is all.

Searching for revision

I took my surgeon to court and we agreed on an out of court settlement. I'm gratefull that he admitted his mistakes. It wont make up for the trauma Ive suffered and it wont give me back what Ive lost over the past 7 years..but I can at last think about putting things right.

For now I changed my mind about my shocking photos being for all to see :(

Sorry but to be honest I cant even handle looking at them myself yet. Once I get it fixed maybe it wont be so hard to deal with it. Possibly i will edit out my eyes or face or something.

My pics :(

What a mess, please Jesus help me get this fixed soon :(

rib graft

Just a pic to show how the tip of rib graft is almost through the skin. It's just the thinnest layer of skin covering it there. I worry one day I will wake up and it will be sticking right through.

Still I wait..

Solicitor has had my compensation 19 weeks now but they are still holding it while recovering the legal fees and costs from surgeon. When we agreed a settlement amount plus costs months ago I assumed it was over or would soon be sorted but still it drags on. Costs are settled seperately though in same way as comp was by arguing back and forth between our solicitor.
Legal case has been 4 and a half years so far even though my surgeon was fairly quick to want to settle the matter. Something needs to be done to sort out the process whys it take so bloody long? Solicitors fees are like 4 times my compensation it's ridiculous.
I feel so exhausted from it all and so fed up of looking like this for 7 years :'(

Looking back

I remember when I had this pic taken for my drivers license. At time I didn't like it now I look back and see how pretty I was.

Consultation booked!

Finally got some money through from my solicitors. HOORAY!
I've booked a consultation with Mr Ion earliest i could see him is Nov and there's a wait for the surgery so any op will be after Christmas now I guess. I just hope this rib graft doesn't break through my skin before then.
Thanks to all that comment on my review I appreciate your support. I've been trying to keep busy and avoided this site for a bit, it's just frustrating when there is nothing I can do but wait.
I'm working on getting healthy for an op. I look awful now so poorly and during this time I think I aged really quick because of stress. I think I might speak to the surgeon about a brow lift to correct all the wrinkles I have now. Even with a nice nose my looks won't ever be the same again..It's too late now..I've lost so much these past 7 years stress and illness have taken an unforgiving toll. Im 39 now and I know you can't stay young forever but I would just like to look pretty or just be happy with myself for a little while. To get married and feel good on my wedding day to go on holiday and feel young and pretty like I did before, to just feel comfortable with my appearance for a few years would be amazing before I accept my aging fate.
I did a story with the sun newspaper about my nose it didn't come across how I intended it to really, just made me look like a fool people have little sympathy for me. Many of the comments i read said stuff like It serves me right ..I knew the risks ..shouldn't do it to please others.
I was vain should accept what you had.
Well I trusted a doctor to perform an op to improve my appearance I wasn't ever warned my nose might be over shortened due to his lack of skill. I wasn't warned I'd need 3 ops and a painfull ribgraft and end up disfigured and unable to breath. I wasn't warned I'd have horrid smell and recurrent painful sinusitis. Why does it serve me right? Because I trusted a doctor to help me and he destroyed me?!..SMH if they went to the hairdresser and got a scarred bald head would it be their own fault. If they took their nice car to a garage and the mechanic ripped out the engine and smashed the phuck out of the car and said there you go best I could do would that be the customers fault?
Bullshit.. I was conned into thinking he could perform a difficult surgery to my face. He should of been honest about his experience and should of told me my nose was a difficult case and it highly unlikely he'd achieve a good result. He could of recommended me to a rhinoplasty expert. Instead he performed a terrible botch op and ruined my life just for a few thousand pounds. He stole my 30's from me. Years when women are usually at their most confident and happy. Well mine are gone now I can never get these years back and still I wait.
The newspaper wants to do another story IF my nose finally gets fixed - a happy ending a big make over me looking healthy and happy. Sounds like a lovely dream that's still so far away..
Best wishes to all x


I had my consultation with the very lovely and professional Mr Ion. It went okay he took pics and made me some morphs up of what he aims to achieve it was a bit upsetting to even look at my nose so close up tbh and part of me struggles to believe such an improvement will be possible. Well the good news is he is willing to help me and gave me a quote im happy with..the bad news is the mess the INSIDE of my nose is in. It is very red and raw in areas where it shouldnt be it has never healed at all inside. Theres a lump of some kind too. Mr Ion was concerned about the inside my nose. He asked me not to be offended but do I take a lot of cocaine. I answered no not at all. He said that he has seen damage sometimes done that way but even those with very serious coke habits have not had this damage. He said he's not seen anything quite like this before. So before I have surgery he wants me to have it investigated and biopsys done to check for malignancy/ cancer :( He has written to my gp and now I'm waiting for an appt at my local hospital for that to be done. He said if they won't do it then he will at the time of my surgery anyway. I would rather he did to be honest as for one I'll be asleep at the time and also I trust he knows what he is doing and the right areas to test! I have already seen two ENT's previously about my nose through nhs. Neither mentioned even possibility of cancer or a resistant infection inside. They both pretty much ignored the fact I have unpleasant smell in there and that I have often painful sinusitus ache across my face/eyes. Never suggesting why or what can be done. To finally have someone care and really listen to me ..well its hard to explain how that alone felt. It was a relief as I knew something has been very wrong but frustration with the doctors and ents who haven't taken seriously how poorly I've become. Ive felt like a tiny ant so helpless and unimportant ignored no body caring. As far as I know I'm actually still on Mr woolfords waiting list for an op on nhs and it's been 2 years now.. For the last 6 months plus blood tests (for expected anaemia) have shown I actually have a high haemoglobin count which is odd as I've been losing more weight and been very weak and tired. I'm now down to just 40 kgs with bmi of 15. I'm pretty scared right now.. Still disgusted with my nose and now my whole body too my mood has sunk very low and I've had to see the mental health team as I'm struggling to cope with life. The legal case and getting some compensation kind of kept me fighting for justice and focused my mind. Now its over, settled out of court, his life and career continues. My misery and ill health continues.. I'm sorry if I'm sounding negative I'm feeling down dreading this biopsy and scared will it hurt and what is wrong I just wanted to book and look forward to an op date and now more stress and uncertainty :( Love and thanks to all who have commented and messaged me about my review it really helps sometimes it takes me a while to answer I'm not on here much its just so hard to talk about but reading your kind words and support hearing how you're coping in your own situations gives me strength. Thanks xx

Surgery Booked

My biopsy is being done 1st Feb at my local NHS hospital fingers crossed all will be fine and I get results back fast...because I couldnt wait and booked my surgery with Mr Ion for 4th March and my 2nd consultation the week beforehand.
Thought id just check in and show the morphs Mr Ion done for me on my last visit. I look at it almost everyday on a countdown I so hope things work out.
Ive been feeling ill still Ive been strugling to even get my kids to school and my partner now takes them I feel so weak physically on top of my anxiety. I have a cough that wont go away as well as sinus headache. I need to look after myself and pull myself out of this depression and constant anxiety its killing me but its just so hard not to worry :'(
Love you all
Mini X

Not long to go ..anxiety level 100

Hello realselfers
I went for my biopsy appt at NNUH (Norwich NHS hospital) and saw two ENTS there. A younger one first had a look up my nose I winced because he hurt my nose pushing on the tip where the rib graft is so he went to get senior Mr Prinsley for a second opinion. Mr Prinsley rummaged quickly through my enormous pile of notes asked who performed my surgery I told him Mr Clibbon he looked very interested at that oh Mr Clibbon yes I said he did this to me and Mr Logan too on the 3rd botch he built this huge rib graft and made things even worse. He asked about my case and I explained it had been settled out of court and I had finally got some money to fix it.
He had a look up my nose but said he was unsure what area Mr Ion wanted Biopsy and said it was likely still raw looking because of trauma from all my surgery ..... he had a bit of a sarcastic tone as he said" and youre going for MORE surgery arent you with an errrr whats his name Mr Ion Ive never heard of him".
" Hes very good" I said.
"How would you know" he asked
"From the internet there's revie.." I tried to say review sites of actual patients out there now and we talk to help each other.
but he cut me off dead and said "Ohhh yes theeee internet" threw his colleague a look and they chuckled Hmmm he said looking down his old arrogant nose at me.
"Well I cant leave it in this mess I keep getting sinusitus pain in my face and can barely breathe, my nose collapses inwards even more when i lay down and i still get a smell in my nose if i move it or rub it".
At that he consulted my notes again and asked had I ever had a scan done of it. No i havent . So he arranged that to be done.
He could see by my notes that some time ago I had been referred by the NHS for medical revision reasons and he asked why I hadnt gone ahead, I told him that Mr Bath another of NNUH'S ENT's had seen me and had planned to revise my problems by using an artificial medpor implant and that i knew from my own research it would probably be a total disaster for my nose. i explained how after research I had asked then to be put on Mr Woolfords list but after over a year and a half wait on his list and travelling 5 hours each way for 2 consultations he didnt seem confident or clear about what he do to fix the over shortening or in particular the columella area he actually said Im not sure what we can do here... I also spoke to a couple of dissatisfied patients of his and changed my mind I decided to cancel surgery with him and keep researching and wait until i could afford private revision.
Mr Prinsley now looked at me more sympathetically after that, he looked thoughtful for a moment maybe at what Ive been through and I felt like he now realised Im not a total idiot and that i might actually know what Im talking about...
He sighed deeply Yes he paused again and then he shook my hand and said Im sorry for what you have been through and I wish you luck with your surgery.

I had my scan a week later, was a tad scary laying in that machine but it was over quickly. I stressed the next few days badly thinking what they might find. But I still haven't heard back at all its been like two weeks and nothing. So I can only assume its good news right? No news is good news..Ok I should probably ring my doctor and find out but Im so anxious and stressed even phone calls are hard to make that probably sounds stupid to some unless you suffer the same illness that I do :(

So my 2nd consultation with Mr Ion was 22nd feb
Bit of a wait 45 mins but it was good to sit down after rushing to get there. Organising to leave my children and dogs for the day and get to London is epic for me almost missed the train there.
So basically we went over what he said last time. It looks almost certain I will need a new rib graft and hes taking it from another site so a new scar. Im upset I have to have that my first rib scar is obvious and on my lowest left rib it was painful. I told him I like the morph he did last time but that I had always wanted it more scooped than that (my thinking to be honest was if i want it scooped he wont need the rib graft) but he said it wouldn't suit me something about if you have a small chin too it doesnt look right. I would of liked to have seen it morphed at least to see how it would look but oh well. He recommended all the usual aftercare and precautions and that was that really I was out again in 15 minutes.
Ive been really emotional about the whole thing just getting to london like i said is a big deal for me it wipes me out with anxiety literally two days before and two days to recover. So maybe thats partly it but I cried for the last two days so much my eyes my face and eyelids are thick and puffy. I really hate the idea of another ribgraft for 1 its painful last time it was taken from my lower rib and to this day in certain positions it moves/pops sometimes just breathing i can feel it. if anyone gos to touch me there I jump like a shock its very sensitive. 2. Another scar 3. and scar will be under my breast. I hate the thought of laying there naked having my boob messed with now as well as my nose. i dont know if anyone will understand this i feel humiliated degraded and vulnerable. Right now i weigh six and a half stone (40kgs) I hate my skinny bony little body as much as my nose. I hate the thought I have to be seen that way now too. Like its enough its my face now my body gotta be damaged further. Im so sad Im so scared I thought about ending it all again and thats the truth.
But my boys need me dont they. I knew that clear enough really when I got home and both my mum and sister let me know how much of an effort taking care of them is. Neither can cope with them alone so I ask both to sit together shes my younger step sister so not my mothers daughter. Anyway my mother seemed annoyed that not only do I have to stay in hospital overnight but I have to return for the cast off... I havent even said there will be further follow ups! She drinks wine and my step sister gets upset by stupid crap my mum comes out with about (our) dad. So now my sister is dreading having to do it again for the night. My mum plain told me there's no way shes going to have them for a week when I had planned to go on honeymoon either. She said she cant and neither can Michelle...
Im gutted about that too my boys are 10, 5 and 3 they are lovely boys the younger two are a handful but I have a huge garden and they even have their own playground to tire themselves out on its not like theres nothing to do for them. Ive never even had a night out in almost 5 years with my boyfriend the only time i get away from my kids or ask for any help is when I have hospital appointments and even thats too much to ask now it seems.
Its just made me worry even more about staying in hospital and having a hurt rib for weeks again I have very little help. My partner is ok but if hes tired forget it after getting back from london he was tired and grumpy and no support at all the next day just sulked all day in the bedroom.
I think if anything happened to me then my boys would all get split up and they would lose everything so I HAVE to keep going. I feel weak I feel scared but I'll keep on fighting.
Love Mini x x x

Surgery over and recovering

Hi thanks for all the prayers well wishes messages and comments. I've been meaning to update I've just been too worn out.
Mr Ion is so lovely he told me my nose was very difficult but he thinks it went well. He showed me a profile shot he took on his phone of his finished work before they put the cast on, and it looked great just like the morph.
I have tubes in my nose to keep my nostrils open while it heals until Friday when I go back to have them removed with cast and stitches. The tubes make the nostrils look very flared and i have a lot of swelling so it looks weird but I can see that the columnella looks neat and the whole nostril zone looks even. After all my other surgeries I looked there and immediatly knew it was wrong and a mess. This time thanks to Mr Ions neat work my the first time I think it may have gone right. I can't wait to see the result but I'm still scared to get my hopes up too much I just can't believe he can possibly have fixed it yet. Like if the columnella is fixed then I'm expecting there to still be a big dent in the side until this cast is off and I see it I just can't believe it.
I'll update with more pics soon as my cast is off :)
I'm going to do a new full review for Mr Ions surgery too.

Day 5

My bruising is almost gone I'm mostly yellow now.The swelling in my face is going down and I'm regaining some motion in my fat top lip. My rib is feeling better just a little sore.
The cast and tape are driving me absolute nuts though so itchy and uncomfortable. My nose hurts still too I think because of the plastic stints or tubes that are stuck up there. At times I can breath through it then at other times its very blocked or just running with very thick snotty goo. There was streaks of blood in the goo still tonight and sometimes spitting small amount of blood is that normal I don't know.
So can't wait to get this off my face and see the results. I got an appointment reminder today but it says its with a nurse I was really hoping to get to see Mr Ion there.
How much are these tube things going to hurt coming out I'm a little worried :o

Cast Off :)

Hi thanks for the support guys I will reply to all the comments and messages thank you so much. I wrote a long update about cast off recovery and the last few days and lost it when I went to post pics with it. Sigh. Cast off was a bit of an anti climax lol I didnt get to see Mr Ion sadly it was a nurse I saw. I was very swelled and had a mark indent on the bridge where tape had been so tight there. It was painful too the splints out were fine the stitches at the bottom not too bad but then she decided to pick off some big black scabs just inside each of my nostrils with her tweezer things. Ouch! Im tough I dont moan at much but I cried it hurt so much. It stung really bad and even taking the tape off and cast off really hurt after that. She told me I should of cleaned in there with q tips thats why it was so crusted. She said after it was still not quite healed there and would need further antibiotics. I thought erm perhaps its now bleeding because you just ripped the scabs off that delicate area like that :( I began to tell her Mr Ion told me not to do that, to only clean around the outside with makeup pads and not put anything in there. I tried to explain this was my 4th operation and how that area is SO delicate, but she didnt seem very interested. She carried on telling me how to massage it, I scrolled my phone photos to find a photo of how it was before and she thought i wasnt listening to her. "are YOU taking this in" she said to my mum. I am listening I said Im trying to find a pic to show you how it was before. I showed her the pic.. OMG!! That was you? Mr Ion REALLY has done a good job. She was much kinder and sympathetic to my crying and being a wimpole after that she made us a cup of tea and took us to a room until i felt ready to go. Iv been scared to post Im happy till it settled a bit scared i'll wake up its bent and gone wrong again. But each day swelling is going down Im feeling a little better and Im happy things look to have gone very well. No dent/cave in, profile looks good, columnella no longer hanging looks neater and more even and just so much better. And I can breathe better already! I'm really happy it's only day 10 so still a lot of swelling. Mr Ion is amazing I'm so thankful for what he has done for me cant thank him enough I will be doing a review for mr Ion and further pics will be on the new review I wouldnt want Mr Ions excellent revision work to become confused with the idiots at spire hospital that messed me up so badly. Here are a few pics taken today day 10 :)

Day 16 Post Mr Ion Revision :)

Hi All thanks for the continued support you're all great guys its lovely to have people care and I hope my story is some help to others.
I've not started my Mr Ion review yet I have to get on my laptop so I can put before and afters side by side each angle.But here are a few more pics that I've taken today.
I'm still real swollen especially from the front but it's looking good.
There's an area just inside my Columnella left nostril that isn't quite perfect but I'm not surprised by that, that area was my old scar area and was so badly damaged there's so little skin to work with or stitch there.
Don't judge Mr Ions work by that I'll see what he says when I see him but I doubt there's anything we can do about it can't magic new skin.
The actual incision line new scar is so neat and fine it can barely be seen already. Mr Ions stitch work is so tiny delicate and neat it's just amazing!
I have a slight indent left side just before the tip that I noticed yesterday but I'm hopeful it's just where swellings gone down/bridge settling it's not really noticeable. I'm more swelled the last day or two I think as caught a cold from the kids runny nose and sneezing. I feel rough and I look tired in pics sorry.
I haven't started my new review as need to get on my laptop and try combine before and after pics of each angle.
I'm so happy with Mr Ion I'm looking forward to seeing him in a couple of weeks feel like running at him and giving him a massive kiss haha :)

Day 20

3 weeks tomorrow. This is so tough! To anyone contemplating a first nose job unless you already have a broken nose or its hideously ugly then really hear me now love what you have and don't bother.
Rhinoplasty sucks with a capital F.
My nose doesn't look great today bit wobbly from the front maybe it's swelling going down differently each side I don't know. Dent left side before the tip and now a small dent upper right side.
The area in my left nostril has knarly bumpy tissue just inside there like a white boogie.
Although my nose is vastly improved i still going to have issues I think. I'll be glad to see Mr Ion to see if it's going to go away.
Im feeling deflated and just so sick of it. My nose feels uncomfortable stiff and tight prickly itchy. One side is still a bit blocked up so breathings not great. It constantly feels like there's something tied very tightly round my nose and face.
I feel miserable and worried sick oh how much sadness anxiety and stress this stupid nose has caused me. To all in the same boat my heart go's out to you all.
Love Mini x

Week 8 Update Post Mr Ion Revision

Im so sorry for those waiting for an update. wow its been weeks I didnt mean to be gone so long I just needed some time for it to settle and to recover. To sort my head out, so many emotions happy but scared of it settling right, worried whether it will end up straight, dented or fall apart. It keeps changing but Im trying to not dwell on it too much. A few weeks ago it was dents troubling me now they look better but now its a little too upturned lol
I saw Mr Ion on the 11th April for my post op he was great he saw the dents I mentioned before and said they may improve later as swelling subsides or may need to address at a later date. He gave me steroid injections one in the bridge and two in the tip.
The good news is the swelling went down fast after that the dent at the upper bridge has almost gone now. there is still a bit of a dent bottom left side before the tip but its less noticeable than it was. I was worried that these areas would look worse as swelling decreased but it has got better. My nose appears straight from the front, nice profile. Just one angle 3/4 angle shows the lower dent on my profile. I can accept that now I can live with that if it stays as it is.
I have the nasty lump of white scar tissue in my nostril still, (but its smaller now) Mr Ion thought about cutting it out there and then under local but decided it is better to wait until my next appt to let it heal. He said if the dents didnt improve we could think about a filler or do something with them later on.
My nose has become more upturned than early on he says because the tip is still swollen its the last place for swelling to settle and its pulling the tip upwards a bit. The profile has more of a slope now than my pics a few weeks ago too but I like the profile its small and cute.
So far I havent had the horrible smell in my nose and I havent had the sinusitis pain at all!! hooray for that :) that in itself was worth the money I paid for this revision. I cant tell you how miserable it is to have a pain in your face all the time and to have a bad cheese smell in my nose/sinuses made me feel so sick. Im so happy thats all improved.
My breathing isnt great. The right side that was so caved in had no bone at all left so there is a lot of graft material up there now i think. It looks much better from the outside but looking up my nostril it is a very narrow airway up there still. Maybe the tissue of the nostril is still swollen on the inside and it will get better i dont know but so far my breathing is no better than before.
Im starting to feel much better I finally have an appetite again, a nice appetite where i feel yes im hungry i fancy .... , not I think im a bit hungry but i feel sick and dont fancy anything. In the 8 weeks since my op ive put on 2 kilo it isnt a lot but its a start its only been the past two weeks ive felt better and got an appetite and im gradually buiding up what i eat. I feel stronger for it and my chesty cough has gone finally too.
A couple of weeks ago I was asked to be on tv and talk about my story Ive also got to do another newspaper story but I wasn't ready I asked to postpone it I just need to fully recover first but I will be doing it in a few weeks time I feel its something I have to do, Ive already been messaged by a couple of people who almost went to the same surgeons at Spire Norwich if they hadnt googled and found my review they would be unaware how completely incompetent and irresponsible they are. Im glad Ive saved at least one person from the pain and misery Ive suffered makes the embarrassment/ humiliation Ive felt telling my story totally worth it.
Since my experience I discovered Mr Clibbon infected several patients with streptococcus septicaemia infection in a case 7 years before my surgery. One of the patients A 20 year old woman died RIP poor Natalie Baylis and I feel so sorry for her family. Mr Clibbon wasnt found negligent in Natalie's case or the others as he was unaware he was the carrier. Natalie died and other patients were injured scarred damaged presumably by the infection. But at least Mr Clibbon learnt to take more care in regards to infections right?? No wait.. He totally ignored my repeated pleas about the pain and awful smell in my nose. He shrugged and said he didnt know what that could be!! failed to diagnose infection take swabs or investigate my nose it could of damn rotted off and he still would of shrugged and said I don't know what that can be.
*...Dear Admin* this part is now EDITED from earlier to abide by realself rules I have removed inappropriate comment i was told to remove.

Anyway realselfers thank you all so much for caring and thanks for listening. Heres a couple of new pics from today and I will take a few more and do a new review for my revision now that my laptop is going again and i can load the pics.
Love to you all Mini xx


10 and half weeks since my revision with Mr Ion. I'm so happy my nose is exactly how I wanted it to be.
I've made a new review for Mr Ion here

On there I added a line up of the history of my nose front on some pics I haven't posted before. The swellings gone down a lot just s little left on the tip I'm just going to add a few more pics here and then any new updates will be on the new Mr Ion review.
Thank you to the Realself website and to all the realselfers for your advice and support you've been a huge help.
Love Mini xx

History of my nose side profile

A line of pics of my profile from pre rhino to today :)

Update 19 weeks post Mr Ion magic

Hi all I see I have a few comments to answer here sorry I've been busy enjoying life again.
I still have some breathing issues one side. The passage is narrow like the wall is too thick still i think its still swollen but external swelling has gone.
My story was in the newspaper again this time with a happy ending. To all considering surgery reading my horror story here please see Mr Ion he has changed and saved my life.
Best wishes and big hugs to all X x

Week 27 post Mr Ion revision

Hi realselfers its week 27 since my revision with Mr Ion . I've updated my review for Mr Ion but since I still get comments here I will update here too.
Thanks for the lovely comments I'll try to get some of your questions answered on my reviews and Ive been doing my best to help and reassure a few worried realselfers privately.
Im still so happy and amazed with my new nose. At my appt Mr Ion was happy with it too but when I go back in feb as well as burning off the small lump of scar tissue inside my nostril he wants to pull the columnella up more one side as its still drooped a little. I hadnt even noticed that tbh, the area looks so great to me already after the hideous mess that it was in before. He also offered filler for the indent one side just before my tip. Its not really a dent as such just slightly more narrowed that side than the other side. The other side there is a graft to fix the cave in and possibly thats why it is still fuller that side. Its not noticeable I can feel its slightly different/irregular if i run my fingertips each side. It doesnt bother me and i figure maybe its still more swollen the other side so for now I declined filler and I'll see how it is in february when its fully healed and i return again.
Mr Ion is an excellent caring doctor and I cant thank him enough. To me my nose is beautiful already but he has a professional artists eye and I feel he wants it to be 100% perfect to his mind. I have complete trust in him and his ability he is so different to other doctors who want to ignore patients concerns for errors or imperfections. He took some more pics for computer imaging he told me he thinks the bridge part the top of my nose will reduce and settle more yet and also showed me the small area that he wants to slightly touch up tucking the columnella up a little.
First my old pics came up urgh i could barely look at myself ...then the pics he just took of my new nose came up and the difference took my breath away i beamed from ear to ear I looked like a different person that was actually my face my nose..and I was so happy in that moment that I barely heard what he said :) 
My confidence is so much better now Im not in love with myself or anything I still have to gain weight but my God it is so great not to feel the burden of a broken nose on my face. To be able to talk to people and look them in the eye, to not panic over photographs being taken, to not feel the gut wrenching misery everytime I caught my own disfigured reflection. To not feel doubt and heartbreak when my man looks at me and says Im beautiful. 
Its cliche I know but it really is as though a dark cloud lifted from me, yes its a huge weight of my shoulders..I never understood what that truly meant till now but it was like a crushing weight and I feel like Im suddenly now so light and free I might float off into the beautiful sky.
My hair is dark again now it was nice being blonde a while and it took peoples attention from my brand new very different nose. I often felt like a witch with my long dark hair and ugly beak Ive even had strange kids shy away from me when i smiled at them. Well I no longer look like a witch lol Im a pretty elf instead! lol 
A few pics for you will follow and I'll email harley street and see if Mr Ion will forward me the pics he took in the office as someone said I havent posted enough from front angle . I ve posted looooooads of pics probably more pics than any other review lol but heres a few more for now.
Love Mini x x
Mr Jon Clibbon

Made a total mess of my nose in all 3 ops. Failed to warn me of the difficulty involved in achieving a good result. Overshortened my nose as well as a long list of other problems with it.Terrible scar made worse by a missed a stitch and a knot left stuck inside. Wasn't there for shocking cast removal or days later when I was frightened and had infection infact nobody was available to help secretary told me to go to a+e hospital instead. Failed to diagnose infection and inflammation of columella due to retained stitch.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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