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I decided I wanted a Breast Augmentation about a...

I decided I wanted a Breast Augmentation about a year ago It had always been something that had crossed my mind but after travelling for a few months and being in a bikini every day, I decided to act upon it. I felt like I wanted a but more shape and I wasn't in proportion so decided to research a BA to see if it was possible for someone my frame, with no children to have a natural looking procedure.

Mr Murphy had been recommended by a friend and after hearing about her journey and seeing her results, it pretty much made my decision, I wanted him to do it.

He isn't the cheapest, he is actually more expensive that a lot of the big 'chains' like Transform and Maya, however if you want to do it cheaply then I would say more risks come with it. After meeting Mr Murphy, I knew price wasn't an object. I wanted the surgery and from his past works and after talking with him, I would rather pay the few extra grand than be worried about a big chain who churns out boob jobs to do it. I don't regret paying the extra one bit.

Mr Murphy requires you to stay in for observation over night at Spire Private Hospital and they look after you so well (in the price break down you see that the over night stay is the biggest cost). I had no worries as soon as I arrived and I met with my nurses, anaesthetist (Nick) and Mr Murphy to fill in questionnaires and ask any last minute questions. After that I relaxed in my room for a bit before being taken down to the operating theatre. Having never been under general aesthetic before, I was slightly nervous after reading people react badly sometimes. I had no reason to worry, I don't even remember going to sleep and when I woke up I was talking fine and didn't feel sick or anything. The only time I felt a bit sick and faint was when I sat up to eat earlier than I probably should! My mum was waiting in my room when I was wheeled back (it only took an hour in total) and she couldn't believe I was so alert, so much so she decided to leave me shortly after as I was clearly fine!

Before going into surgery we were still not sure of the size to go to. I was a 32B/30C and Mr Murphy said to achieve what I wanted he would probably do 280cc as he thought 320cc would perhaps be too big. He took both in to surgery and decided when I was under what he felt would achieve the look I wanted and what he felt would still look natural. In my research on realself I saw that people always say to go with the bigger size as you get used to the swelling, however I left it completely up to Mr Murphy which I know sounds very trusting but he is the expert. He decided that the 320cc was the right size to go for which was fine with me as he knows how they settle. I went partially under the muscle as he felt this would look more natural as I am very slim. Under the muscle does take longer to settle however after 4 months they look amazing. They do still have a bit to go but I am so happy with the results so far.

In my research people said how going under the muscle is so painful and is a longer recovery time, and I understand everyone is different, but I had no pain and the only discomfort I felt was in the mornings after lying down slightly. I had 2 pillows and a V pillow (which is a must, they are SO comfy) but after being still for a while it felt quite tight and for the first few days my parents had to scoop me up slightly as my core muscles were clearly useless! I slept through every night and all I was given was some anti-inflammatory tablets and 500mg paracetamol to take every few hours. Mr Murphy said that for the first 5 days he didn't want me to do anything, which was fine with me, then towards the end of the week to try and do a few things for myself and then drive to my appointment the following week (it's about an hour drive and I drive to work so he wanted me to get used to it before I went back the following day). Showering was fine, just let the water run over and didn't get the dressings sodden. My mum had to wash my hair though as I couldn't reach up enough.

Driving to the appointment with Mr Murphy's nurse Jacki felt weird, like it was moving in my muscle, but I got used to it. Jacki removed my dressing and inspected the wounds before telling me that all I needed to do now was to put dressing tape over them and change them every 3 days. She also let me look at the incisions and wow, were they neat! They were tiny and so perfectly straight I couldn't believe it. The stitches were on the inside so I didn't need anything removing and I couldn't see any.

My boobs were really swollen and huge, really hard and tight for the first week but even throughout that time they changed so much. Now, 4 months down the line, they are starting to get really soft and move more like real boobs. They are still a bit hard and the feeling hasn't completely come back but I have been sleeping on my side and front and it's fine. Sometimes on my front they get a but uncomfortable but I think in a few more months they will be fine. I haven't been measured yet, or gone to normal, underwired bras and I think I'm going to wait until at least 6 months. I don't see the point in buying bras when they are still changing, so I keep wearing my super comfy surgical bras and none-wired fabric bras (which I could never have worn/filled before).

I have no regrets and the whole process has been a breeze, I am still in shock as to how easy it has been. If I ever had any worries, Sue and the rest of his team have been on hand to assist and I can't fault any aspect of the journey. If anyone is considering surgery, I would highly recommend at least booking a consultation with Mr Murphy because he is so nice and clearly an amazing surgeon.


Here are some pictures I took along the way. I haven't taken any in a while as they aren't changing as much but I would definitely take them every day for the first few weeks as they change SO much.

Mr Murphy was so nice from the minute I walked into his office. It is obviously a daunting and nerve wracking situation, discussing surgery, but he made me feel completely at ease and answered all of my questions and worries. I told him the look I wanted and why and instead of him asking what size I wanted etc, he told me what his professional opinion was and what he would do to achieve the look. He is the expert and knew exactly what to suggest, it just so happened his suggestions were what I had in my head and sounded perfect to me. His whole team were amazing and made the whole thing easy, comfortable and stress-free and I am so glad I made the decision to choose him as my surgeon.

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