44 Ur Old 2 Kids. Left Large Labia - Macclesfield, UK

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Local anesthetic very quick procedure 25 min's ...

Local anesthetic very quick procedure 25 min's able to go home within hours.
Discussed a wedge technique but sure he's performed an full removal of left inner labia.
Little worried about how part of the skin between stiches protrude with swelling and are possibly healing like that. First day didn't swell too much first before and after pic is immediately after surgery and am hoping the outcome when fully heals is like this.
Day two it swelled a lot and iced a lot with ibuprofen. This helped the swelling go down lots.
Day 5 and still uncomfortable but walking around OK with caution. Washing regularly and a plying antibiotic cream 4 times a day.

update left side lahiaplasty

12 days post op. The labia is back to normal size. Stitches still present. Has been uncomfortable and sometime it is still sore in places but back to Normal work and schedule. No excersice. Or intercourse.. review appoint has been cancelled until next week.
Bit concerned by clistioris is even more hide than it already was.
Stitches are still prevelent and noticed there is actually a stitch that goes right under and inside and that's was still jot healing great.
Getting better every day.. want theveryone enlarged area at the top to go down but it's still swollen with Stitches but afraid that this may have healed into a bad shape. Only time will tell. Very itchy.

Had review appointment

3 weeks post surgery had review surgery. The surgeon looked between my legs and said "lovely!" To high I giggled and said to the nurse "it's never been called that before!"
He said it was the best possible out come.
I'm,personally hoping the scarring goes a little flatter. The stitched are still present and uncomfortable at times. Still sore in place. He was going to remove some stiches but said it would be too uncomfortable. So I left it. He said up to three months to dissolve.
He wanted me to have intercourse soon to stretch the tissue. Personally I've not been sexually active for a coup,e of years as hubby and I just don't. Don't ask. So may have to be creative.
Overall the outside appearance looks good and nothing rubs any more which is why I had this done. Inside I'm hoping it settles more. Will post more pictures when I get a chance.

1 month

Itchy stich so removed what I could. Feels loads better

1 yr post op

I am so happy with the he results after 1 year. The discomfort of getting the long flap has gone completely. I had a bubbly bit of skin where the stitched were finished off that is now completely flat and not raised. The scar tissue is not too obvious unless scrutinised. I've lost no sensitivity I'm aware of. MR Oudit is extremely talented at this procedure and I would recommend it to anyone who had discomfort from large labia or dislikes the way it looks. Personally for me it was more a discomfort thing but I can't deny that it looks so much better.
Sorry about the overgrowth. ????
Mr Oudit

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