19 Year Old English Girl with Large 60 Y/o Looking Breasts who has had a reduction to make them still big, but perfectly shaped

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It's been a long time coming. I've always HATED...

It's been a long time coming. I've always HATED showing off my boobs. And although they look good in lingerie, I wouldn't dream of getting them out. I have severe back ache, don't look nice in any fashionable clothes.

I am due to have surgery on 26/03/15. I can't wait for 1 year post op to have my dream boobs... But I am apprehensive about the surgery and the post-op. Updates to follow.

So it's done!! Still got a bad sleeping pattern after all this um up posting im hospital bed at 2am!

So the day I've been waiting for everyone. I came into the private hospital at 1:30pm it my own room and was made to feel comfortable. The surgeon came in to make my markings, he had 2 junior surgeons with him and a female chaperone (it's what they do in the UK). My mum also saw my boobs for the first time.. But I was fine with it because they were going!

At 2:30 I went down to theatre and was with a few amazing doctors who were making me laugh and feel at ease. I hate needles so I was scared about the anasthetic but I was completely fine and spark out in a matter of seconds, (after laughing my head off). I remember dreaming about something and 2 seconds later im awake with 2 nurses and a glass of water!! It was done.

I was in a 2.5/4 pain on the scale and got the maximum pain killers through my canular. After 45 mins I was wheeled to my room with my mum. I thought I was ok but the nurse said the anasthetic hadn't worn off yet and I was basically feeling 'drunk' I was so emotionally happy and sad and stressed and anything you could think of.

I thought I didn't have enough boob left... I never wanted SMALL boobs just nicer ones and also I notice one was sticking out more than the other so I cried and cried! (The drugs getting to me).

The surgeon came back in to see me was reassuring me that the bra was a little wonky the the boobs were perfect.. I was sceptical so he unclipped my bra and showed me myself in a mirror. I was instantly happy! They were the same size and not to small and all my worries went away.

He only took 500g out of both breasts so around 1.02lb all together, and he said he thinks I have lost a cup size or two. Which is perfect.

Now the pain is gradually getting more powerful but its more like after a really tough chest workout! Just like having hurting muscles.. I have oxygen because I wasnt breathing a lot because of the pain and I have a machine on the bottom of both of my legs to circulate the blood.

Apparently the procedure went brilliantly and I should be out by 4pm Friday (tomorrow) if all goes well with my antibiotics and what not.

Thank you for reading my update.. And girls if it's the actually procedure putting you off, it's not too bad!!

Picture of the night after the op

I am in a lot of pain every time I move but I'm stable and feel good in myself :)
I am still a bit concerned that my boobs are too small... I never wanted them small, just nice. Apparently when they have healed they will drop to a more natural position and look better which is good. There is more bruising on the left than the right

Today I'm more moveable, just in discomfort. One boob is bigger than the other.. maybe bruising?

So I took my bra off to have a look today. There is hardly any deep bruising yet but the left boob has a yellow colour all around and is considerably bigger than the right. I didnt have a larger boob before so I hope I dont now!!

Also, underneath the little nipple flaps. One nipple looks fine, really pale but thats my normal nipple colour, and the other one has really dark stuff around it i'm not sure whether it is thick dried blood or the scar?!

I also have really bad stretch marks all over the sides of the boobs which weren't there before!! I only had stretch marks on the top... will these fade?

Other than that i'm happy, I am getting more movement around in my arms and I think the skin is loosening a bit. I am only taking paracetamol now as and when, and 1 coedine for bed.

After 1 week, i'm dressing free

Here are photos of my boobs 9 days post operation. I like the shape. The doctors says I should no longer have dressings on but sometimes the bottom scar is uncomfortable. I am bruised but not in pain.

The 3rd picture shows an abnormality in my scarring. It seems that the actual Breast tissue stops higher up than the scar is and its different to the other side. Can anyone shed some light on this problem?
Going to see the surgeon for the first time since the op on Wednesday so maybe I will have more details then

32H to 32E! Living with the new boobs

18 days post op.
Everything is good I love the shape and size of my new boobs. Have the small problem with scareing on the inside but I've just started massaging with my cream and hopefully the scars will go down. I also have large lumps slightly painful on both ends of the scars near the under arm does anyone else?
Mr Muhammed Riaz

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