48 Year Old Mum of Two 38j So Excited for Breast Reduction and Doing Something for Me Watford UK - Bushey, GB

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Just a little about me. I'm a 48 year old mum of...

Just a little about me. I'm a 48 year old mum of two, kids now 20 and 23. I'm a nursery teacher and constantly on my feet and my aching back at then end of the day is wearing me down. I've had big boobs ever since I started to develop and although would have. Loved to have a br in my 20's it just wasn't financially viable. I always new I had to pay for my treatment as my weight loss is so slow I'm currently 171 pound and a size 18 top and 14 bottom. I has a hysterectomy 9 years ago as had pcos and endometriosis and my weight is constantly an issue for me which gets me down so much. Although I appear confident in my job inside I'm always so sad as I don't want to be the size I am, so this is the first stepping in making a new me. I now exercise 4 times a week and hope after my aBr this will spur me on. My husband is very supportive although he is in mourning as he is a boob man lol but understands why I want to do this.

I had my first consultation in Feb 16, I had researched PS for months and am happy with my choice. I had to get my bmi down to 41 which I have now achieved. I had my pre op and bloods done yest and its all systems go for the 25th July. I'm so excited I could burst can't wait for the end of academic year so I can get last bits sorted, food cooked and stored in freezer and bag packed. Good luck to anyone else have BR soon x

1 week to go

On a countdown now, ordered my post op front fastening bras and have got bag out of cupboard, thankfully found some button up nightshirts for after. Have to pay final instalment tomo ...


After seeing nurse last week and starting arnica as pre op instructions, I've had headache since last Friday, spoke to nurse today and she said to stop taking them. Am a little gutted as was hoping to keep bruising to minimum but will have to let nature take its course ???? good thing is she's confirmed I go in at 7am next mon and my surgery will be late am

3 days and counting

Well I've managed to keep myself busy all day and tonight I'm out with my work girls. I've packed my hospital bag and am as ready as I ever be. Nurse rang this morn to say go in at 10 rather than 7 as I'm third on the list. So at least can have last lie in. Can't wait to be on the other side with smaller boobies ??????????????????

Today's the day

Well it's finally here my turn woohoo I'm so excited and a little nervous I think unjust need for it to all start now. Woke up at 6am showered made everyone breakfast and my wonderful husband, son and daughter have brought me into the hospital.

Day 1 post op

Had good night slept in and off kept awake by leg cuffs but not bad at all really. Kept dosed up with pain relief and they've put me on antibiotics for 5 days. Had bit of a leakage this morn so they taped me up a bit more and ps has just been round. Going to clean me up add steri strips and more plastic bra tape all round and then I can go home. I feel and look amazing I love them - so perky

Day 3 post op

Slept like a baby last night was bit nervous as was first night home but my v pillow is my best friend and a definite must buy. I also bought 2 plastic cups with lids and straws from b&m store for anyone living in England they can be used for hot and cold drinks. Im Using them and my v pillow all day long. I'm trying to keep painkillers to a minimum as I don't like the feeling after I take some of them. Just taking my antibiotics and co dydramol and seems to be fine at the minute. I keep looking at myself and loving myself a little more everyday if that makes sense as I've spent years hating everything about myself. I know it's early days and yes I'm a little uncomfortable but that's all but I already know it's the best decision I've ever made to have this op. I will post Pics next week

Day 7 post op

First nurses check up pre op all went well strapping removed and new dressings but on, bruising really slight so am Well pleased. Into macom sports bra today feels very supportive,
London Plastic Surgeon

I have had 2 meetings with dr c and he has been so lovely, informing me on what to expect, answering all my queries and putting me at ease

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