47 Going on 27! Ordinary Mum of One Who Loves Life but Hates Saggy Big Boobs! - Liverpool, GB

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I am just your everyday mum, wife, career girl...

I am just your everyday mum, wife, career girl with a passion for life! I am happy in every aspect of my life and live it to the full but hate my boobs!

They really are awful and succeed in making me look much larger than I really am. I am a curvey UK 12/14 yet have to buy much larger tops/dressers which result in everything being big under my arms but gaping at the front.....I am sure that many of you can relate? Nothing fits, hunch when I walk, backache, frustration, don't feel sexy, I could go on forever!

I am currently 36FF and very saggy. Although a reduction has always been in the back of my mind, the crunch came when trying on a dress without a bra which was slightly cut out around the waist. I looked down and my boob was sticking out! I can laugh now, but at the time I was mortified and cried my eyes out!
Enough was enough so after a heart to heart with the hubby, we decided a reduction was the way forward!

Within the week I had been for two consultations and had booked a date! Excited would be an understatement! Some may think this was too fast but when it has always been there as an undercurrent, we just put into words what had been in my mind for years! I now feel such a sense of relief.

I have done my research and am fortunate to have found a top breast reconstructive surgeon who made me feel at ease from the moment I met her.
My op date is 15th July, today being 11th so only four days to go. I am trying to prepare myself as best I can as my hubby works away and I work full time too.

I have bought several post op bras in different sizes (not sure what size I will be with the swelling) from the Asda, they are cheap so don't bother getting all expensive ones. They tend to have them online rather than in the shops.
I have also bought a v shaped pillow as I have seen this commented on several forums as being good for support when you can't lay on your side.
I am going to pre cook some meals that can be frozen in order to take away the hassle of cooking as well as ensuring that everything at home is done beforehand. Although the hubby works away my daughter still lives at home so she will be my support as and when I need her.

I don't yet have many nerves but I am sure that will come nearer the time. I keep reading so many different reviews but appreciate that we are all different in regards to recovery but I wanted to document my journey as it happens as well as keeping it real in the hope that I may help others just like me.

I will keep you updated guy's and keep writing as it really helps me reading your experiences x

Ps I have attached a few before pics and the cost is in pounds not dollars

Operation eve!!

Well guys it is now the eve of my op! I have officially finished work for the summer and some of my work friends took me out to tea to wish me luck!
I have packed and I am a little nervous but more with anticipation rather than fear. I am due to have my op in the afternoon so hopefully will post later on in the night depending on my "drug" situation ;)
See you all on the other side! x

Today is the day!

Currently chilling ......can't believe how calm I am. I have bathed, packed and tried to get as much as I can sorted.
Driving myself as hubby works away and won't be back until this evening.
Have a few butterflies still but I 100% believe I am doing the right thing. Just getting in as many cuddles with my gorgeous dog while I can!
Catch you all later x

"Hello from the other side"!!!

I am here, I am on the other side! I cannot believe that I have had it done.

It is officially the morning after the night before and I am sitting in my hospital bed with small boobies!

Right I will start from the beginning. I checked in around midday yesterday and shown to my private room. The nurse came and went through my medical history to double check what had already been taken and I was weighed. I had to change into a gown and support stockings and was told to relax as I was scheduled for theatre at 3.

My surgeon came to see me just before 3 and marked me up. She was so lovely putting me at easy. She also want through everything again.
I then walked to the theatre where the aneisiatist whom I had met earlier was waiting for me. I was given an IV and next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery!!!!

Time scale in theatre including recovery area was approximately 4 hours then I was taken back to my room and anxiously awaited a visit from hubby and daughter, they had pre-empted the time and arrived soon after.

I was still a little woosey and tired and they only stayed a short while.
As I came around, I took more notice. My stockings were inflating at regular intervals, I was on oxygen and a drip for fluids. I also had drains in. Now this was the only thing that upset me as my surgeon hardly uses them but I totally understood why she did and since they are still empty this morning I know that it was only as a precaution.I was also given a blood thinning injection in my tummy.

My nurses were amazing and I managed to eat a sandwich very slowly around 11am and I was asked if I wanted some painkillers so I took 2 paracetamol.

I have been getting blood pressure, temp, etc taken every few hours and managed to have a wee but in a bed pan as my pressure is a little low.

It is now morning time and although sleep has evaded me, it is because of all of the tubes, not because of any pain.
I seriously cannot believe how little pain I am in!! I have only just taken some more paracetamol at the nurse's insistence 8 hours after the last ones. My chest feels tight but that's it but I am not so soft to think that I won't feel pain at some point!

My surgeon has just been in to check on me, she is so lovely and has assessed how I am. She is delighted with the results as well as my recovery and is currently talking to the nurses about having all of my tubes removed.....far too excited for that!
She then wants me to get up and about and if all is well, I will be discharged later on today.

As for my new boobies? I have not had the courage to look yet!!!!!
I am honestly so nervous but the surgeon and nurse's keep telling me that they are fab!
I have made the decision to look when I have had everything removed and standing in a full length mirror at home.

I totally appreciate that we are all different, but if you are reading this and still unsure then just do it! Even without looking, I feel amazing and its not just over 12 hours!! I will keep you updated xx

Drain and drip free!

Hi it's me again!
I have had everything removed and it feels great! I was dreading the drains and felt sick with worry but it was done very quickly by my lovely nurse.

I have freshened up and put my support bra on......it's too big!!!!!!
I still have no pain, just tightening around my chest area but I am still a little wobbly and tired, I mean it's been less than 24 hours!
Appetite never left so happily tucking into a three course meal waiting to be discharged! X

Day two post op.

Came home safe and sound yesterday afternoon. Not in any pain but chest still very tight and tender.

I also decided to look!! Now as melodramatic as this may sound, if possible, have your partner or someone else with you and prepare yourself!
If you want me to be completely honest, I am in shock. They look tiny in comparison, and it feels surreal to me. Remember I have had massive saggy boobs for over 30 years and now I have small pert ones!

As expected, I am covered in bruises which look black especially around my nipples. I am not going to lie, it's not that I don't like them, it's just so hard getting my head around the fact that they are mine and this is now my shape!
My hubby is fantastic and cannot get over how slim I now look up top. He is so happy for me which is lovely to see.

I have had a comfortable nights sleep and would urge anyone who gets this op to invest in a V pillow, trust me it's a godsend.

I have only taken minimal amount of pain killers to help me sleep and I am having difficulty in standing up straight.
Will keep you updated xx

Day three post op....tired

Can't believe that it's now three days since the op! Still hardly any pain, again just tenderness and tightness across my chest.

I am taking the occasional paracetamol to offset any pain I might have and I am sleeping a lot! I see this as a good sign as it's the body's natural way of healing.

I am still wearing surgical stockings as instructed but my ankles appear to be a little swollen. I am also doing as little as possible as per instruction, although I am trying to move around in order for my ankles to go down.

Although my boobs are swollen still, one thing I didn't expect was my tummy to be swollen also! Massively so, as well as lots of bruising there.
In myself I feel fine but I am still having issues looking at them properly. I understood that my whole body shape would change, but I need time to adjust, which I know that I will.

Having such support from family and friends is fantastic so don't be shy in letting them know how you are feeling.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope that this may help some of you x

Day four post op.....felt better!

Sleeping pattern is up the wall so keep waking at random times in the night. It's ok though as I am managing to nap during the day.

Had two momentus things happen today....firstly I went to the loo properly since my op.
Didn't think it, but I was slightly constipated and once I had been, I became very dizzy and nauseous, so make sure that you have someone home with you when you first need to go. Hubby had to run for a bowl and I had to have a lie down but luckily I was not sick.

Secondly, I had my first bath! Again make sure that you have someone with you in case you need a hand. I managed to scrub off most the markings and left over plaster residue.
As I still can't bring myself to look, hubby had a good old investigation to see how I was dooing. He said that the bruising is looking good and the stitches appear to be dissolving. Although not an expert, he said that I seem to be recovering great!

However, I don't feel that good in myself and still feel a little nauseous. I am off out today as our daughter is graduating but I as it will be a long day, I am going in a wheelchair.

As soon as I get the nerve, I will post some after pics x

One week post op!

Well it has been just over a week post op and OMG!!! I feel like I am going to sound like an advertisement for the promotion of breast surgery!

I can honestly say that I literally cannot believe that I have had a major operation just over a week ago and feel this good! Be it, a fantastic surgeon, a fast healing body or sheer good luck, I have no idea but whatever it is, I will take it!

I have had the plasters removed that you can see in the pic and my surgeon is delighted with the results as well as my progress. I have real life, pert, lift and separated boobs! The first time EVER!!!

Don't get me wrong, I am still swollen and bruised, I still find it incredibly difficult to sleep on my side which is preventing me having a good night's sleep and I am still very tender but put all of this in context, knowing that these issues are improving on a daily basis, then this is par for the course.

I have to admit that psychologically, it has been an entirely different matter. It is only now, 8 days post op, that I have actually looked at my breasts. I consider myself to be a practical and realistic intelligent woman who knew exactly what she was letting herself in for after years of unhappiness.
I am a fully qualified counsellor as well as having studied a little psychology, yet nothing prepared me for my reaction to all of a sudden having small boobs after 30 years!
It freaked me out and on more than one occasion questioned what the hell I had done!

Every one of my family and friends, who have all been amazing, have supported me throughout and told me that I look fantastic, a different person, yet all I could and to an extent, still do, is a stranger looking back at me in the mirror!

Sound a little dramatic? Well it is dramatic!! After 30 years my whole body shape has changed, how I was dressing has now become obsolete, the styles I have worn, the clothes I have bought, suddenly gone!
Shallow? Maybe. Reality? Most definitely! Please try to imagine, 30 years of doing/buying/wearing something a certain way then woosh!! It's gone, vanished!
While there is a euphoria of not having the horrible, saggy,cumbersome breasts that caused you so much misery, you really need to consider the aftermath of all you have known for the majority of your life disappearing in a matter of hours!

Like I said, I do not regret having this op but I was not prepared for the feelings that I have had post op. No amount of researcher and reading can help you with that and I would definitely recommend that anyone considering this op to speak to someone who has been through it. This is only my opinion and my experience and each and every one of us are different, but to only want to look 8 days post op is by anyone's standards a little odd!

Please don't let this deter you if you are currently waiting for surgery, I am just posting my own personal feelings and I am happy to say that I love my boobs, I just need to get used to the fact that they are MY boobs lol.

I was very lucky in my choice of surgeon as she was and still is, post ok, amazing and would recommend her in a heartbeat if you are planning your surgery in the UK!

Hope this helps and apologies if my pic is sideways, I will post some more tomorrow xx
Dr Anne Tansley

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