130lbs Size 34a or Less, 5 Ft 8inches with 2 Children .

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I am having my BA on the 13 th September 2016. I...

I am having my BA on the 13 th September 2016. I am very excited and nervous. I have never had boobs, I workout and can't wait to be in proportion! I always said I would never have an operation but for whatever reason I changed my mind. I can't wait to buy bras and bikinis and dresses that require boobs!!!

Not long until my operation

6 days to go and I feel excited, to be honest I thought I would be a mess! I have cleaned the entire house, made meals to put in the freezer and have packed my case! I'm working over the weekend so I needed to be well organised! Still dreading getting put to sleep but at least when I wake up I will have boobies for the first time in my life! 300cc, I have already checked Victoria secrets out!!!

Horrible boobs!

Op in the morning

Well I have only hours until my operation in the morning, I am feeling very nervous, would just like it over with and then I can think about recovery and new underwear!!! Yipeeee! Nothing to eat now, nail polish has been removed and my bag is backed!!!! Will update when the op is complete...!!!!


I had my operation yesterday and I was very nervous, I was the first in thankfully! The staff were fantastic and I was dreading getting put to sleep BUT it was fine I didn't see a thing, they put a mask over my mouth and that was it! Next thing it was 1 half hours later and I was in the recovery room, to be honest I spent most of the day sleeping. I never felt groggy just tired. Pulling up out of bed wasn't easy and I'm still overly carful now. It's been 24 hours and I am OK in myself, get exhausted quickly and am resting lots. As for the boobs I got 295cc and I am happy with them, they look in proportion, they need to do the whole dropping and soften but right now I'm more bothered about feeling more energetic! Overall I am very happy. Will post pictures when I feel up to it.

Day 5 post op

Feeling good, not taking any medication for the boobs and haven't for 2 days, sleeping on my back for some strange reason aches and so I'm up a few times in the night! I have vertigo now which I don't think is anything to do with the operation, this is why it's taken me so long to put the after pictures on. Sorry, the ones I have taken were in a rush too!!! Will put more on after my 1week appointment and the tape is removed!

1 week post op

I had my appointment today to see my consultant , all tape was removed, the cuts are healing well, told to massage the cuts with e45 cream and not to use bio oil as it can cause cysts!!!! Boobs look fantastic!! Just need to practice my posture, I am a little tense and need to relax!!! I can exercise in 3 weeks and sleep on my side with a pillow from tonight!!!

New boobs!

New boobs 8 days

I'm not allowed to wear a pretty bras with underwire until after 4 weeks post op, I just tried this one on to see what my new babies will look like! I love them??. I keep doing too much and need to rest more. After getting measured the other day I think I will be a D cup! I love the look of them, exactly as I hoped for!!!!

Bras bought !

Just been to Ann Summers and bought these bras for when I can wear pretty bras and not the granny type... I couldn't resist
Miss Austin

So far she has been good.

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