34a 5ft 6 157lbs 450cc Mod Plus

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Been contemplating a review for many years but...

Been contemplating a review for many years but after completing our family with our 3rd child and breastfeeding for a Combined total of 1.5 yes it's times to regain my body confidence! Was aperky 34b prior but now barely a sad empty A. Had my consultation 6 weeks ago and knew straight away he was my surgeon so booked on the next appointment. Tried sizers on and chose by eye not cc...it ended up being a toss up of the 400/450cc. Went with 450 as he said there isn't much difference and will.lose a tiny bit under the muscle.

Before pics

Here are a couple of before pics...once a full 34b-up to a DD/E when breastfeeding

Surgery day (yesterday)

Arrived at clinic for 7.15 and shown to my room shortly after...I was first on the theatre list. Met with nurse, anesthesiologist then with my surgeon. He took photos then marked me up and confirmed size. We had decided 450 mod plus mentor silicone under the muscle. He had ordered two sizes up and two sizes down to take into theatre just incase.

I explained I felt very anxious so was given a pre op drug to calm me then was wheelchaired to a very small room. Layed on a bed chatting with the lovely nursing staff about holidays and children then next thing I'm slowly waking up in recovery!

Woke as if from a very deep sleep with no heaviness nor shortness of breath, just aware of a burning stinging sensation under breasts where incisions are. Wheeled back to room to reunite with hubby.

Pain passed but very tight discomfort from under armpits across the breasts. Limited use of arms...luckily hubby stayed all day to keep me company and help when needed!

TMI... Actually had started my period day before surgery -typical. They advised sanitary towels only which worried me with regards to leaking but funnily I didn't bleed all day?!

Sleep wasn't too bad, slept upright with a dressing gown used to support around my head like a neck pillow.l which made me more comfy. Did suffer with back ache between shoulder blades though.

I have been taking arnica tablets for last couple of days and will continue for the next week. Also rubbed some arnica cream on top of breasts towards arm pits and down my cleavage -yes I have cleavage!!

Post op day one....

Post op day one was painful but not as bad as I thought it could have been. Very difficult to move my arms so relied on help with everything. Luckily was still under the care of the private hospital still so could just rest in bed.

Worst part so far has been having the drains being removed ready to be discharged home...Oh my god did that hurt! Slight relief to begin with as felt the tube slowly being pulled out reliving a tight pressure in my armpits but my did them buggers hurt as they came out!

4 days post op

I am now on 4 days post op...wahoo feeling more human.

Yesterday-day three I woke feeling very unwell which turned out to be a bad reaction to the antibiotics I was on...changed it but it really knocked me for the whole day.

Woke thus morning with what I imagine is what the other girl refer to as more boob! Very tight and almost like the calf cramp we get that sometimes comes out of nowhere in the night! Was going to visit my surgeon last night due to what I thought was incisionpain but I actually think now is nerve pain. It feels like a stitch is too tight inside and as I try to breath/move or adjust myself is pulling so tight I feel I'm tearing inside! Ouchy! Found that using the gel reusable icepacks I purchased really helps with it so decided I didn't need to visit surgeon prior to scheduled appointment later this week.

Managed to wash myself down in the shower today...much more movement in my arms but of I try to lift anything I.e the kettle I feel myself straining so luckily have hubby about for them jobs! ????

Took a couple of comparison pics to share today too..

9 days post op

Had my post op check at 6 days...bandages changed. Hubby said they are barely visible already as very neat! The muscle spasm finally stooped around day 6 but the horrible so called morning boob is still present but getting getter. I have been gently massaging with bio oil first thing to help with the tightness which helps. I was also given a bad to wear to help then drop.

So far happy and still such early day but they really are not as big as far as I cam see as what I'd thought! Surgeon and even nurses had checked a few times of I was happy to.go to 450 as big implant which kept panicking me but honestly if I'd gone smaller I would really not have been happy I think. Really is crazy how a size on one woman can look completely different to on another woman!
I can feel easy that he had struggled to fit the 450 so know i couldn't have gone bigger unless going high profile.mad how quick you get used to your size...any ladies reading-really don't worry about larger sizes and if you are deliberating between two-GO FOR THE BIGGER!!

10 day pic update...with & without clothes on to show size

I've also developed I nasty rash since day 6..Either due to my new waterproof dressings that were put on day 5 or my antibiotics change day 4? Trolled antihistamines but not clearing?!

Almost three weeks post op now..have made a comparison collage of pre op Vs 2 weeks and 2.5 weeks...changes happening very quick

I am now almost 3 weeks post op, bandages finally were removed earlier this week. Scars are neat but skin is dry and peeling! I have been applying bio oil to breast daily to help with the skin stretching but I've used natural coconut oil around my scars so far, i am going to start using scar gel next week.

Scars are smooth but I can feel hardness underneath? -Hoping that's normal and will soften? Breast have definitely grown this week! Feeling fuller and rounder and much softer. I have some numbness on the lower part of the breast but not too bad. Nipple sensitivity has not changed at all. Breast are dropping, not so high but definitely feel they have more dropping to do.

4 weeks today...Definitely dropping but appear smaller!

I am now 4 weeks post op...getting softer and feeling is returning on the underboob. Not as squishy underneath as on the top.

Feel they aren't as high or as round as last week...think I preferred them rounder! Also feeling smaller! Where has the 450cc gone?! Feel like my chest has literally swallowed them up. Didn't think I'd suffer with boob greed but after the fear of going too big think I could have even gone 600cc and still been moderately sized! Fitting in a Size 32DD although it really isn't as big as I imagined it to be. Hoping as they continue to drop they fluff to give a bit more fullness and cleavage as not feeling the love this week.

5 weeks...so much softer-feeling like my own!

Five weeks tomorrow. I think the ladies are dropping nicely. I have been gently massaging with bio oil which seems to have helped soften them. Feeling more like my own. i sleep with tue cheat band on at noght to help the implants drop down, daytime is difficult as you can see it with clothing on. The bumpy incision line is also smoothing out which I had worried about. I have again been using bio oil and vigorously massaging along the scar. Feel like they have mostly dropped but ice read others who take months....is there really much more change to come?

6 weeks!

Feeling good, softer all the time, even a little jiggle to them. Waiting to get sized! Think sometimes I should have gone for high profile for more of a difference but then I think the mod plus has given a very natural slope. Scars still very viable...these should fade with time I guess. I can't feel the implant at all, feels just like breasts feel. I did worry they'd feel Heavy or obvious but they don't. I haven't noticed the weight change and am so happy I went through with the procedure. Would do it again in a heartbeat. I love not having to struggle in the morning trying to find something to wear then trying my best to disguise my non existing bust...now no padding and I look just like I did before when I wore a padded bra.

8 weeks!

8 weeks have flown by and I forget what it was like before my BA. They feel like my own and are getting softer and more natural looking every day. They fill out my tops better without having the obvious 'boob job' appearance. Will get mysepf measured in the next week or so i think now.. Guessing mysepf to be about a 32dd as that's what I've tried on and seems to fit.

From pre-op to 8 weeks

3.5 months update! Oh to finally wear a bra without padding!

3.5 month update-not much to update, girls still are dropping into a natural slope, mainly notice when I look back at pics to compare.

Scars are much smoother now and not bumpy-still no pain anywhere. Still a little numbness under my right breast ????

Had my 3 month post op with surgeon, he was impressed that he couldn't feel the implant and said they appear very natural.

Every now be then I think I should have gone maybe 100cc bigger but in a HP but I do love how no one I haven't told has noticed and I can just feel myself finally-with no padding!!

Really need to get to the gym-been taking it easy too long so excuse the extra weight-that waste needs to come in a few inches pronto!

Thought I'd share one in one of my 'barely there' bra's as I call them! No padding-love it. Although with the cold weather the only downside is cold nipples show through clothing!! Haha haven't ever had to worry about that before the padded bras concealed that issue!

Just over 6 months post op!

Been a while, life gets busy when you stop planning and obsessing ready for a BA!

Breasts have really settled although i still think they will continue to drop as time goes on, I didn't have much to start with so think the skin is still stretching to accommodate my implants.

I am wearing a 34d/dd comfortably. I am happy with the side projecting, do kinda wish I'd gone high profile in 450/500 to get a more rounded look from the front-sometimes think they look quite wide-almost like mens pecs ????!! But that's the problem, we can read tons of reviews and look at thousands of pic but your results will always differ to someone else's results.

My breast are very soft and feel just like breasts should. They move and squish together when I lay on my side.

I just love not obsessing about what I'm wearing each day to what wouldn't reveal my lack of boobs. I Just get dressed and not think about it.

Just a couple of pics of current results. Plan is now to get back in shape-baby weight is no longer an OK excuse 2 years on!
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