TT lipo with MR

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I'm a 53 year old mom of a son & daughter...

I'm a 53 year old mom of a son & daughter & grandma of two precious boys 2 1/2 & 1 1/2. I'm 5'4 135-140 I've had a tummy ever since having my kids over thirty years ago. I lost my husband to cancer 7 years ago this month & I guess it's time to do something for me, my arms & legs are pretty normal it's just my gut.. I'm very nervous about the pain but my ps promises she won't let me be in very much pain.. She's a doll & I've seen her work its amazing, she's planning on doing lipo along with this procedure . After this I'm planning on a breast lift with reduction.. Love this site you ladies give me such hope! Will keep you updated

So embarrassed my pics are up for all the world to...

So embarrassed my pics are up for all the world to see, but in a little over 3 weeks I will have a flat tummy! On 30 th of April I tripped & roll my ankle & broke my foot in two places I'm a little concerned that I can't really exercise cause I have to stay off of it as much as possible that I won't be at my best before surgery, but if I'm gonna be laid up I figure might as well do it all at once.. Good thing is I found out I have osteoporosis so I am taking meds & vitamins to help with that, there's always a bright side to every situation trust me I know this to be true, back in 1997 my daughter almost died in a car accident , she was in a coma for days & if she lived we didn't know what kind of damage there would b, today she's a wife & mom of two beautiful boys & you would never know by looking at her what she has been through! It's been quite a journey to say the least.. My point in sharing this is to remind myself & to give others hope that no matter how bleak & dark a moment in our lives can be there truly is a bright side... May need you ladies to remind me of this down the road... Lol hope everyone is healing & keeping a positive outlook...

I'm back!!!

Because of my foot I thought I should wait, but then I realized my summer is already messed up so might as well go ahead. Rehired a nurse got my new craft matic type bed & guess I'm ready, still really nervous I think that's normal... I'll update June 5 after I make it to the flat side!!!

Before pics

So excited!!! My little sister is going to come & be my nurse...

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, I had a nurse coming that I wasn't going to meet until the day of surgery, what a relief ....

My foot is healing!!!

X-rays were good, foot doc said its healing, what a relief !! Got everything picked up today that I could possibly need, from the tummy Tucker's on this site .. Thank you ladies!! Day after tomorrow & ill be on the flat side... I'm more excited than nervous today.. Will post as soon as I can....

Omg finally home!!!

I got to the surgery center at 6:30 am got home at 2/12 hours, mr, lipo & TT done, 1lb on each flank, 2lbs upper ab, 2 lbs under BB.. 5 lbs total.. My doctor is awesome, she's a little bitty thing.. She came in & marked me up & then the nurse came in & put versed in my IV, remember very little after that until I woke up in awful pain( I developed a tolerance because I'd been on pain meds for the last 5 weeks due to my broken foot) once the pain settled down I went pee on a bed pan, a while later got up and went pee two different times, they gave me a shot of Demerol for the ride home, we borrowed two pillows( we will return them tomorrow ) one two sit on & one across my tummy... (I highly recommend bringing pillows for that!!) I'm only 15 min. From the hospital can't imagine doing it without the pillows.. My sis is setting next to me on my new craftmatic type bed, I needed a new one anyway so I got this several weeks ago it has dual remotes , I have my feet up & my head.. I'm walking hunched over with a walker .. Think I'm going to rest for a bit, I will keep you all updated... Btw good luck those of you going in tomorrow , sorry for the typos as I'm a little or a lot drugged up.. Maybe I will post some more after while.. Thank you ladies for all the well wishes & support!!!

Pain is a lot better when I don't move!!

The pain is better if I don't move, I've walked to the restroom about 7 or 8 times today, called the doc about bleeding at the drain site I only have one.. We're going to the ps at 9:45 in the morning she'll check them then.. I'm having Atkins drinks & bars as I'm not very hungry .. I'm scared sh--less about ps taking off my cg tomorrow I remember one of you girls fainting when you & your hubby did it, think I will have my sis take a pic while its off.... Should have more lucid reporting tomorrow.. Although I may end up posting during the nite.. Sleep well fellow TT's...

My sweet sis fell asleep she's exhausted !

My sweet sis fell asleep she's exhausted , I didn't have the heart to wake her so I got to tinkle & empty my drain. I did just fine although sis did wake up for a sec. But fell right back to sleep... To think I almost did this without her, omg can't even imagine, I really advice having someone who loves you help you with this.. Can't wait until we can start having some fun. Btw the awful burning pain is tolerable finally, I really suggest taking your pain meds before you are at a level that's to high, only you know what that level is as long as you have stool softener s, & such you should be okay.. My new bed is awesome, don't know though if ill b able to sleep sitting up.. It's been a long painful wonderful day... Even though I can't see skin I see a flat tummy, thank you Dr Garrison!!!! I really do like her & I see now why so many others do to, I just remembered one of the nurses telling me that she is going to get a TT because of weight loss & most definitely will have her do the surgery, I think that says a lot about a PS when the nurses say my Dr in her option is the best... Will right more tomorrow

Day two PO

I feel human again.. I've been going to the restroom by myself since 10 last night, you go a lot after this surgery from IVs & drinking lots of water, once in a while I take the walker & walk around the living room , I think it helps to drain more & it helps not to worry about blood clots.. My PS wants me hunched over for two weeks so that's exact ally what I will do ... My sis had one left from her mother in law, it has wheels and a seat that lifts so I can carry things from the kitchen... 9:45 see my ps if I'm not to scary looking my sis will take a pic, I bruise real easy & my sis things I should show you guys my healing practice.. I should have more to post after PS appointment.. Lets have a happy day!!

On my way to a flat belly!!!!

Went to PS this morning showed us how to handle the drain, she said I looked great I had my sis take pics & they wouldn't up load so with my iPad I took a pic of her phone... My pain meds weren't cutting it so were trying something else I hope it works!!!!!

First after photo day one

I'm. Pretty swollen & starting to bruise my PS says it looks good it's pretty flat I'm very excited for some time to go by, trying a stronger pain med as the Percocet wasn't cutting it.. Just had a nap & I guess I'm posting a very sore tummy pic..

Belly button

Belly button view 2 days post op

Got to the flat side Wednesday !

As long as I hold very still it's not to painful, I'm swollen & my hips are on FIRE, I just keep telling myself its going to get better everyday..I know it will.. Breath.....

Are we suppose to swell so soon?

Day three & it's been rough to say the least guess I ended up having mr & ouch! I had lipo done on my hips & now my thighs are very tight & swollen.. Mustn't get away from the prize a beautiful tummy!! Hope everyone is well & not in too much pain ......

Took a sponge bath & had a mini breakdown!

Boy did it help to just let those emotions just come, thank goodness I have a wonderful little sis.. This is a painful surgery ... I was also beating up on myself saying things like( how superficial am I doing this to myself) sometimes I think as women we say things to ourselves that we would never say to someone else!!! Today I'm saying to myself (what a wonderful journey I am on)... Those of you suffering from bad back pain , me too!!! It helps to just bitch sometimes!!! Thanks again ladies for your awesome support!!

I'm on the recovery road!!!!

Still have my drain my PS says she will remove it this Thursday along with belly button stitches & oh yes butt stitches, she definitely did some body sculpting & I have the bruises to prove it, maybe another day ill go into that! Lol.. I have a pretty good size hematoma in my groin area that she thinks will go away on its own( let's hope). I will post more when I know more, hope everyone is doing well..

One week post op!!

Once bruising & swelling subsides hopefully I'll get the courage to post bikini pic!!

Exactly one week post op!!

Still have my drain

My hematoma is still draining so will probably have to wait a while on that, I had the stitches in my bb taken out as well as the ones in my butt..I'm really pleased with my flat tummy although its still very bruised & swollen ... I'm really worn out & I will post more later.. Hope everyone is well!!

Here's a tip!!

The dr. Put me in a cg yesterday & I slept in it with my binder over it.. Omg my tummy looks amazing, everything I'm hearing its very important to wear these girdles spanks whatever you want to call it, wearing them 24/7 will make all the difference.. Just thought I'd pass this on.. I'm really excited about my new shape..

Finally got to see my grandsons today!!

I've missed them so much it was great to see them, it's hard not to pick them up! I have to really commend you ladies who have the TT & have little ones, I'm worn out from just a few hours with them.. For those of you getting ready for TT x be sure & have lots of help lined up for at least a couple of weeks..

Two weeks post op!!

When I compare before & after wow!! I think my ps did an awesome job! I still have my drain in & since I've been wearing the cg with the binder I'm putting out close to 50 cc a day.. No telling how long I'll have my drain but if it keeps me from having complications it's worth it. It's hard to find cloths to wear to cover up my drain so I really don't get out much.. I think I did a good job of hiding it for the photo I just took, lol.. Yes this was so worth it!!!

Blood everywhere this morning!!!!

I thought something horrible was wrong when I woke up this am, blood everywhere, I walked into the bathroom it was dripping onto everything I almost fainted it scared me so bad, but I took a deep breath & started to investigate what turned out to be the problem was a whole in my drain tubing & of course my ps is out of town.. Long story short think the doc & nurse on call fixed it.. I'm home and the tears are flowing once again, I guess twice in two weeks isn't so bad. The drain is going to have to stay for a while unless a miracle happens & my hematoma goes away!!! I feel better when I let my emotions out & am so grateful to this site & all of you supportive tummy Tucker's ... I'm going to relax & post more later hope all of you are ok!!!

Two weeks post op!

Long time since I've liked what I see in the mirror!!!

I'll be 54 in a few months & I think I just gave myself the best gift ever!!! I'm feeling good only wish I could take a bubble bath... Maybe soon, love to light candles & play whatever music I'm in the mood for... I slept 8 hours straight last night, life is good.. Hope all of you can say the same!!!!

Bikini photo !!!

I love my belly button, I'm very swollen as I over did it today, but what a blast pulling out old bathing suits.. On the not so good news 3 weeks & I still have a drain dangling between my legs, I'm suppose to call my dr. On Friday morning, if I didn't have this drain in I'd probably be having to get stuck with a needle several times a week & have it drained!! So I'm not complaining.. I love my PS & all her staff, for the 1st time in years I like looking at my body!!! Hope everyone is healing & happy!!

Drain Free after 3 1/2 weeks!!!!

It's finally out, I feel like a million!!! May end up having to get the hematoma drained, hope not!!! Hope everyone is healing well!!!!

Love, love, my new body!!!!!

I still have some healing to do, seroma now lol!! I don't care it will heal I just love the way my cloths fit!! Still haven't gone shopping yet!! I did get on a Internet dating site.. Which is huge for me, I'm having a blast this summer & anyone wanting a TT be sure & do the lipo with it wow I love my butt! I even thought shed given me lift, she didn't , it's all in the sculpting!!!! Good luck everyone!!!!

Saw my shadow this morning & it made me smile!!!

Loving my new body, still have a open place in the center of my incision we are doing the wet to dry method 3 times a day, darn it I still can't take a tub because of it.. Only had one bath this whole time, it's one of my favorite things to do.. I keep having to remind myself I just had major surgery & to slow down... I have a new & wonderful outlook on my life!! Bought a new little black dress the other day & I got goose bumps because I knew my husband was looking down from heaven smiling!! I even think he had something to do with me finding it... Also went to Victorias Secret got measured for a bra & went from 38ddd to a 32ddd, spent a fortune buying matching bras & panties!!! I know I've said this before but my PS is amazing!!! She's an artist & I just keep telling her how grateful & happy I am with my results!!! Anyone who's on the fence about TT surgery, my suggestion would be get a experienced board certified surgeon & check out their work before you do it... Don't try cheap, this is your body... It's so worth it... Happy healing ladies!!!!

After & before photo

It's been almost 2 1/2 months... Wow,, I'm loving my new body!! It has been just the jump start I needed to get myself in shape... Dating a lot no one special, but boy am I having a blast!!! If you're on the fence about this procedure I say go for it!!! When I first joined this site my handle was 'hope I don't chicken out'! I almost didn't do it... How sad that would have been... A hint... I wore my girdle & binder for almost 8 weeks 24/7... It felt better most of the time & I really didn't swell much after the first 2 weeks & I think it has helped me hold my shape... Much love to new TT 's & hope all my past tt's are doing great!!!
Springfield Plastic Surgeon

First impression very nice & compassionate ... She made me feel very confident about this procedure.. Everyone I've spoken with about her just love her work & how well she takes care of them.. Looks like I ve got one of the best!

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