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I'm super excited and nervous for my tummy tuck!...

I'm super excited and nervous for my tummy tuck! I'm going with specturm in Miami on 8/22/16 with Orgeta. My husband will accompany me. Hit me up if you'll be there around the same time. I will post more pics soon I plan on dropping 10lbs before surgery. Liz is my coordinator haven't spoken with her but had no reasons to reach out. I'm planning on doing pre op labs this week.

Time for labs...

Today I recieved email from Evelyn at specturm to have labs done ASAP... Because I have to fast 8hrs before I'll go Wed morning. Lab work is no additional cost for out of state patients you'll have to just go to the nearest labco and they email results next day to spectrum no extra hassle! Here's hoping all goes well with lab work.????


Decided to have labs done today instead of tomorrow. You're required to fast 8 hours so I juiced this morning (beets and tropical fruit) ate a grapefruit and drank plenty of water at work and went right to labcorp after I got off. Nothing major urine sample and blood drawn... Now just wait for results.

count down


Recieved my medical clearance via email, my labs are fine so I'm clear to have tummy tuck!!!

time keep on ticking...

Hello all time for me to reserve accommodations ish getting real! Is it bad I'm planning for the next surgery all ready??? Bbl and breast lift maybe in DR I love how they shape you in DR with that bbl. Oh well first thing first tummy tuck in 13 days!!!! How long before tummy tuck should i wait for bbl??? Anybody know...

doc recommend bbl instead

Got bbl this morning instead of tt. Ortega thoughr it be best to perform lipo on upper tummy and back fat then do tt and breast which was ok with me cause i didnt want the fat back. Im not sure how many cc I'll ask follow up appt tomorrow morning.
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