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I am scheduled to have 12-point lipo on December...

I am scheduled to have 12-point lipo on December 12th. I know there are things I will need to purchase to help in my recovery. My garment is inlcuded. I know I need to purchase an additional one, along with several loose fitting dresses, I am going to purchase a Spanx in additional, a stool softener, massages, I need a good pain med...any suggestions are most appreciated. These are before pics....I cant wait to post AFTER!!!!!

Ortega and Anesthesia (Sleep or Not)

When undergoing liposuction, does he put you to sleep or just heavily sedate you? I've never had an issue with anesthesia, but reading others posts I don't know if they do or not. I will be calling them tomorrow to ask, but just wanted to know from others who've already done it. I'm thinking of having the fat transferred, just haven't made my decision yet.

12/10/16 I Officially Become an OrtegaDoll!!!!!!!

The countdown begins....I started packing last night. I'm nervous, to say the least, but sooo excited! I'm so proud of myself for doing this! I'm 42 years old, children are all grown, and am looking forward to not only feeling good in my clothes BUT LOOKING GOOD WITH THEM ON OR OFF, without the help of a Spanx or waist trainer!!! I'll be bikini ready by Summer2017 ???????????? Will definitely post my journey once I land in Miami on Friday ???
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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