42 Year Old getting 12 Area Lipo #soontobeOrtegaDoll - Miami, FL

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I am scheduled to have 12-point lipo on December...

I am scheduled to have 12-point lipo on December 12th. I know there are things I will need to purchase to help in my recovery. My garment is inlcuded. I know I need to purchase an additional one, along with several loose fitting dresses, I am going to purchase a Spanx in additional, a stool softener, massages, I need a good pain med...any suggestions are most appreciated. These are before pics....I cant wait to post AFTER!!!!!

Ortega and Anesthesia (Sleep or Not)

When undergoing liposuction, does he put you to sleep or just heavily sedate you? I've never had an issue with anesthesia, but reading others posts I don't know if they do or not. I will be calling them tomorrow to ask, but just wanted to know from others who've already done it. I'm thinking of having the fat transferred, just haven't made my decision yet.

12/10/16 I Officially Become an OrtegaDoll!!!!!!!

The countdown begins....I started packing last night. I'm nervous, to say the least, but sooo excited! I'm so proud of myself for doing this! I'm 42 years old, children are all grown, and am looking forward to not only feeling good in my clothes BUT LOOKING GOOD WITH THEM ON OR OFF, without the help of a Spanx or waist trainer!!! I'll be bikini ready by Summer2017 ???????????? Will definitely post my journey once I land in Miami on Friday ???

Today's the Day!!! Lipo with Ortega ?

Here is the doc office just finished being prepped. Will post pics later!!

42 Year Old with 12 area liposuction and I'm so proud of myself!

I did it!!! Checked in this morning about 9:00 and all I remember is waking up in pain. Slept until my caretaker woke me up about 5 pm to eat take meds and walk. I'm feeling much better. Dolls Recovery Getaway is a wonderful recovery house! The staff is wonderful and take care of all your needs. I can't wait to see my results! My only complaint is not having anyone to really talk to at the house. Everyone is recuperating and antisocial. But they all had BBL, I only got 12 area lipo so their pain is different. Will post more pics as I continue to recover. Feel free to ask any questions you like. I am officially an OrtegaDoll!!! ??? He's so nice and down to earth. Main thing I'd like advise is don't let meds wear off you will regret it!

2 days post op

Very swollen and stiff...had a massage yesterday and today. Today was more painful. Added lipo foam under my compression garment today. I do see some results though

4 days Post-op, Still swollen

Had my second massage this morning. Most of the fluid is gone, but still very swollen. I can see the formation coming in. Trying to take pain meds less, the arnica tablets really help. I messed up and left the hotel without my compression socks yesterday, my feet swelled up sooo bad lol. I learned my lesson from that

One week post-op

I hadn't had a bowel movement all week, so started taking stool softeners this morning. I've gone to bathroom twice already. Still very swollen and I do still stiffen up, but pain is all but gone. Concerned about my little pouch at the bottom but I keep my garment and lipo foam on 24/7 and i wear my ab board at least 18 hours a day Can't wait for the swelling to go so I can truly see some results!

12 Days Post Op

I can see results!!! Just took my compression garment and foam off so you can still see the indentured from it (I hate that part). Wearing that garment is probably the hardest part at this time! I hate having it on, but it doesnt feel right when i take it off. Its like it holds me together lol. Having hardly any pain or stiffness. Finally found someone affordable to do my massages, so I'm about to start those again. And I'm trying my best to eat more healthy, less fried foods and trying to stay away from salty stuff. Still drinking my pineapple tea, taking my arnica pills and using the gel and drinking lots of water. I know it really takes about a month to really see results, I'm so impatient, but I look and feel so much better, with and without my clothes! I can shave my vagina without lifting anything up yayyy!!! I'm ready to buy a bikini ????


Well it's 3 weeks post op and today I officially returned to work. I put my business clothes on this morning and instantly smiled! I love it!!! My before and after is the bomb.com!! I've always tried to look very nice in my clothes, now I can without any help!!! My stomach is small and my butt looks bigger!! I still put on my arnica gel and use the tablets, I wear my compression garment every day and lipo foam and ab board every now and again, and I've had 3 lymphatic massages (they really help), and have about 5 to go. I still have swelling, the numbness has pretty much subsided, except my flanks and lower back. I even find myself watching what I eat, eating more fruits, drinking more water, and less alcohol and caffeine! I'm trying to wait until my one month anniversary before I post without clothes ? Bravo to Dr. Mel Ortega!! ????????????

Bored...So More Pics!!

So it's snowing today and my job is closed ????????. Since I'm home I decided to try on my bikinis and take more pics! Tomorrow will make 4 weeks since my surgery and it's looking great so far! I still have a few lumps (you can see right above my navel) but my lymphatic massages are really helping. Had one scheduled for today but it's been postponed until next Wednesday because of the weather. I'll be SUPER FINE by Spring!! ????????????

One More!

Day Before Surgery (left) & 4 Weeks Later (right)

Pineapple Tea

Someone asked what brand of tea I've been drinking so here's a picture. Sorry I can't remember the faja store's name that I bought it from while I was in Miami ????

6 Weeks Post Op

Just had my final massage...not really much change, except I don't have as many lumps. I had a follow up with my doctor and she said everything is going great. I thought I was developing seroma last werk, but Dr. Ortega's post op department contacted me and had me send in photos and said I wasn't, just normal lumps and swelling that will go away over time, so I was glad of that. Suggested that I purchase a massage bar and I found one at Walmart for $10 by Gold's Gym. It works wonders!! Even my massage therapist said she could see a noticeable difference in the lump areas, which are mainly my sides. Every now and again I'll get a pain surge, but other than that, it's pretty much gone. I'll be so happy when I can stop wearing this garment and foam and taking these pills. 6 more weeks to go ???

I am very pleased with Dr. Ortega and his staff. Stephanie was my coordinator through this process and she was an absolute doll!!! He is a very cool dude and made my experience very welcoming. I did not have a lot of questions unfortunately, but the ones I did have, he answered and more! If I ever decide to have any other work done, I will definitely use him

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