I Have 4 Kids That I Love to Death but They Took a Toll on my Body

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I've been doing research for a while I don't plan...

I've been doing research for a while I don't plan on having the surgery till the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017 so still have time to get my money together I am torn between Dr. Fisher and Dr. Ortega I'm leaning toward Dr. Ortega because I don't want any drama in from the new there's a lot of drama going on at vanity also one of my main concerns is the drains that Dr. Fisher uses Dr. Ortega doesn't use drains somebody please help on the reviews lately have been Dr. Fisher I haven't seen any new reviews for Dr. Ortega


Hello ladies Where are all the Dr. Ortega Dolls at? Has anyone had a BBL recently?

Crazy thoughts

Im driving my self crazy looking on this site everyday and finding girls talk about spectrum negatively I plan on getting my bbl there with Ortega now I'm second guessing it. ???????? Please Ortega dolls help

Hi ladies

I have been going through different mixed emotions but I'm just going to stick with what I originally was going forward and Dr. Ortega he gives great results and his price is affordable......How many of you ladies have small children.... I don't know how my 2year old is gonna handle me being Gone for a week .....

Dr.Llorente are there any Dolls out there ???

Hello Dolls so I'm close to having my down payment for my bbl I'm just so conflicted on a lot of craziness going around in All the facilities in Miami especially with Dr. Osak Who are supposed to get his license revoked and is now working out of the facility where a woman had died at Encore plaslic surgery ....and the thing that's insane is Dr Osak had so many great reviews but wasn't even a board certified plastic surgeon and is still doing bbl ..... And that really scares me because all the facilities in Miami are hiring these doctors and these women are going to cardiac arrest for whatever reason. At the end of the day I know it all depends on the person and the doctor but it's just happening to often with things going wrong, infection blood clogs ,cardiac arrest, death Dear lord please let me Choose the right doctor for me ...... P.S please any Dr.Llorente dolls out there I need your feed back on him

Ok RS sisters please help

Do you feel having drains is better or not because a few women that didnt have drains had a lot of fluids and it was swollen which is very painful don't ask why but that's what I'm most scared of I want my recovery to be is painless as possible please give me some feed back ?Thanks million

Dr. Blinski

My heart is made up finally made up after doing months of research I thought I found the right doctor I was going with Dr. ortega but I had a change in heart Dr. B is going to be my Dr. He is a very caring dr he only does one bbl a day and work out of a hospital he is the real deal alone with his amazing work ???? I wasn't going to post my pics because Ive been so insecure with my back side but can't cut my sisters short I only like looking at reviews with pics lol so here you go my before pics

Very anxious

Ok am I the only one that is so anxious my mind is set on doing this as soon as possible its literally all I can think about at the end of the day and I'm driving my self crazy lol

Need your help lady's

I'm getting closer to having my down payment for my bbl I was set on Dr. Blinski but Dr. Fisher is also amazing and alil cheaper ???? it would be nice to stay in a up scale recovery house with the money I save if I went to Dr Fisher please help what should I look out for sending payment ??

So disappointed!!

So Dr.Blinski went up on his price for BBL :( like 2000 more then it was So back to square one thinking about Dr. Ortega or Dr.Sergio Al. Is there a way to find out what doctors are board certified???

Finally have my Doctor Dr.Ghurani

Hi ladies so of course I've still been doing my research and reading everyone story on RealSelf had my heart set on going to Dr. Blinski but he's booked out till Late next year and his price went up drastically So seeing that Dr G delivers almost exact results and is a double board-certified he's the one for me Please any Dr Ghurani Dolls let me know how your experience was pretty please

Hello RS sisters

So I'm still always on realself plan on having my sx next April 2017 with Dr.Rumi G I can't wait im going to pay in full so haven't set a date yet! please any one that has had surgery with Dr.Rumi at Spectrum please Tell me about your experience thank u


?Ok is it just me getting very scared about flying ?ok I'm terrified !! What am I gonna do I have never been on a plane someone help ????? How is it ?

Dolls with children

I have 5 kids 3boys 13,12,11,and 2 girls 16,2 I don't know how to tell them I'm going to have a bbl done ????lady's help please

Dr.Fisher Dolls !!

Please Fisher Dolls share your overall experience?? Do u love your results !?

Hello Dolls

So I'm starting to buy my need supplies what to make sure I'm not wasting any money so for you lady's that had sx does the bbl pillow come in handy????

Bbl pillow

Go to bblbumbooster.com ladies this bbl pillow is under a 100 it's very firm so it will keep u off your booty but yet comfortable I believe this product will work great so excited to start getting the rest of my list hope this helps Dolls

So scary

OK so I just got word on the doctor Ghurani Who is supposedly double board-certified but had one of his patients died The woman look completely healthy though I don't know her personally or no if there was certain circumstances of the reason why she passed but overall it's just an eye-opener being that this doctor was going to be the one I was going to for my BBL at the end of the day my life is far more important than saving a few thousand dollars .......ladies please think about thaT we all want to save money but when it comes to a serious procedure as this our lives are more important


So I'm done with trying to save money when it comes to surgery you get what you pay for with most of these doctors at spectrum and vanity it's up in the air your results might be great or not Or if you're gonna wake up I hate to say it like that but it's the truth I wish all dolls the best whatever doctor they choose I'm going with my heart that Dr.Blinski great results every time


This is just scary is there a good doctor with no death on there hand? :/ I want this so bad ;( But nothing is worth my life I have kids ????

Hello lady's have a question

Has anyone left early after a bbl I know the doctors say you have to stay a week but I have kids I really don't want to be away from them that long I am from Michigan so will be flying out to Miami just curious if anybody else has left early

Hello lady's

So .......I'm going to Dr.Blinski in June 2018 I really need to know if anyone else from out of state left early I know your post to stay a week in Miami but I just want to come back home to my kids I'm thinking about staying about 3 days I may even be able to go sooner for my sx if I only stay a few days has anyone else left early?

Perfect pool float 4 feet wide

Perfect pool float 4 feet wide

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