25 with No Kids and a Big Belly...bbl at 228 Pounds. Miami, FL

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Ok so the time is almost here . Me 4 friends will...

Ok so the time is almost here . Me 4 friends will be taking our trip to Miami this Monday. My dr is dr orlando llorente.... One other friend is also getting work done . I will be doing bbl . I am 25 5'8 and 228 pounds... I really don't kno how I will look but I can't wait to see ....any advice......

5 more days

Wish photo

6 hr til takeoff

So i have 4 more hour til i head to the airport. I have so many mixed emotions its crazy. Hopefully i have everything and if not i will just have to get while i'm down Miami. But on a bad note my period decided to come today smh. Whats going to happen if my surgery is Tuesday? NERVOUS

On my way!




Surgery is tomorrow at 7 pm . Picked a dress to do before and afters.

Before pics



Post op

2 days post I will do a written reviews when I feel up to it. But I will say if you are plus size you would definitely want to pick a different dr that does curvy women.


Same dress different booty

very swollen

so i am now 5 days post op and i feel like shit. i was getting better then idk ....bruises go ta lil bad so i just went back to the regular garment. My ass is hard as a rock and i just hope all is OK.

3 weeks post op

Sooooooo.... This was a really wild experence. I was really disappointed in mi care with spectrum. I only saw my doctor once and that was 20 min before surgery!!!! On top of that he made me feel really doubtful of my surgery. He said I was to big for just a bbl and I wouldn't get the results I wanted unless I did a tummy tuck ... Which is not true ... He never even ask me how I wanted to look... But wateva ...I don't think he wanted to do me ... But I went through with it anyway. When I woke up I had two nurses one male one female giving each other a goodbye kiss in my face .. Smh like are you serious!!!! Then they sent me home with no pain meds and told me to take my friends .... Like when I say it was horrible I don't even think that describes it ...he didn't do a bad job so I don't kno what the issue was. I have been having problems with the left cheek which because they never gave me a follow up visit after I asked 100 time made me scared but it's slowly improving. The left check is smaller then the right cheek which I pray changes or I will be very mad .... But here's pics


3 weeks post opt

3 month post update

I love my body ... But I really am working on my stomach..
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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