BBL with Omulepu Miami, FL. For updated pictures find me on Instagram Osakdoll2015

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I have spent so much time on this site is not even...

I have spent so much time on this site is not even funny, but after reading what seems like hundreds of reviews I have decided on a date that works out almost perfect and will be having my BBL with Dr. Omulepu. I. AM. SO. EXCITED.COM lol
I'd love to have a surgery buddy. Mine is on the 29th of April, I will arrive a few days before to Miami though.

I liked the post up pictures of Dr. O's dolls and have to disagree with those saying that Dr. O's dolls are flat. I think you ladies look fabulous ;)
There is a difference between not having ginormous projection and being flat; plus everyone has their own preferences and tastes, so we should be building each other up instead of tearing each other down.
This type of surgery is already big decision and a big ordeal. Let's have each other's backside, yeah?

Spectrum sisters!

Tell me about your experience in the Spectrum facility :)

Oh and I made a mistake, my date is on May not April (I wish!)

The ugly truth :/

I'm a pretty confident woman, so I have a really hard time accepting that this is what i really look like. I mean I don't feel I look like spongebob but my body sure does! I think I'm a pretty attractive gal, my body is insisting on proving me wrong. I think it's a little mad I put it through three full term pregnancies lol.

Time to make my body match the way I see myself!


I should be sleeping but I can't! I'm trying to decide which place from airbnb to stay in. I finally have it narrowed down to two woohoo! Next is buying the airplane tickets and then it's going to feel very real...maybe that's why I have taken so long to decide lol.

I'm staying at a recovery house for the first three nights, the lady seems very nice and gives massages. Crossing my fingers I made the right decision, right now I feel very comfortable with it so I think that's a good sign.

Juicy booty dream wishes for all, hope all you dolls are doing well :)

Let's talk money and post-op supplies

I haven't bought anything for post op care but I have browsed and added some items to my wish list in amazon so I can decide what I really need to get later.

For those of you that are bbl vets: what items do you feel you couldn't or shouldn't have done without? any insight is greatly appreciated :)

Ok so money:

One way flight to Miami (Las Vegas vicinity) with Delta (coach) $165
Flight back from Fort Lauderdale with AA (First Class). Dinner, on-flight entertainment and first checked bag included $520
- $100 credit for signing up for the skymiles card $420
May's recovery house AKA Elite Nursing Concierge $375
Airbnb 6 days 5 nights $515
BBL 12 areas of lipo and transfer to buttocks/hips at Spectrum (three massages, 1 garment, 1 pair of compression socks included) $4900
Estimated groceries and/or takeout for 6 days $80
Grand Total: $6,455

Had I stayed where I live the total for the BBL alone would have been $7,550 so I'm still saving a grand. But most important I'm going with a Dr. I feel comfortable with.
I haven't t spoken with him yet, but my heart feels it's right based on the reviews and also on the before and after.
I know my local surgeon does a great job with BAs, but I dunno with BBLs. I called a couple of times after having my bbl consult to ask for before and after photos -which I should have asked for when I was there but forgot >:( but they never sent them. So I canceled my appointment and got my $1000 deposit back.

Had it not been for RealSelf I might have just gone with him. I mean I thought: he is a surgeon, he does lipo and fat transfers, great bedside manner, I personally know someone that has gone to him so why not? Well because through realself I found out that you can get very different results depending on who you go with. His lipo before and after are very conservative and I want my waist snatched tiny!

Moving on.

Booking a First class ticket was very unnerving to me. It felt obscene to spend so much money on it but I read and read, and then read some more reviews stating how glad they were or wish they had purchased First class tickets. So I bit the bullet and bought them.
I was able to save $100 by applying and being approved for a skymiles card with AA (I believe Delta has one too). The credit card has really good perks like 1st checked baggage is free, early boarding and so on. I'm all about perks and savings...

...But I like nice things too lol. Through Airbnb I found a studio for $250 for 5 nights but I wasn't sold on the neighborhood so I rejected that option. I found several studios close to the clinic for around $415-$475, as well as private rooms starting at $380. I ended up chosing a private room with private bathroom in a newer apartment in Edgewood close to Brickell. It's super cute and contemporary, and the host has great reviews about being personable and fun (plus she looks to be around my age). I'm hoping she'll be there during my stay as I chose the apartment because I didn't want to be alone for 6 days.

As far as the recovery house goes, packages there start at $800 for 4 nights, 2 massages, meals, transportation and of course, nursing care. I will have my own room with a queen bed, but she gives a discount if you share a room with another girl (two beds). She also will work with you if you need in home (hotel) private nursing and a different amount of nights. Basically talk to her to see if you can get a customized package to better suit your needs.

I will of course update with reviews for the flights and the recovery house.

Countdown begins!!

p.s. Still considering getting a cheaper Airbnb rental. It's hard though because I don't want to be alone for so many days and so I have to find both I place I like along with a host I feel comfortable with.

Wish pics and Airbnb apartment


Not feeling my best. Giant headache and just a sick feeling.

The lady pricked a nerve or something when she was taking out blood and it hurt like hell; I never had that happen before.

I usually get a little light headed when I give blood, but OMG I just feel awful right now. Keeping my fingers crossed everything comes out alright.

Exactly 1 month to go today, getting closer!

Measurements and Labs

I probably should have started off with this info lol

32 years old, Bust: 102 cm/40 in, waist or rather where the waist should be: 86 cm/34 in
Butt/Hips: 104 cm/41 in, Belly(@belly button) 96 cm 38 in :(
I've never had a gut before so having it look like this is kind of depressing. I always had a flat stomach even if I gained weight, then this last pregnancy totaled my stomach.

This SX cannot come soon enough!

Also got my labs today. I didn't know I was supposed to email them myself to Spectrum! I'm glad I called to make sure, emailed them as soon as I got off the phone with them. Everything was fine with the exception of my Bun/Creatinine ration which was a tiny bit high at 22...shouldn't be a problem, right?

I need opinions please!!!

I am trying to decide whether to shell out $70 on the booty buddy or to just spend about $20 in an inflatable foot cushion to use under my thighs on the flight back home. The yoga mat idea seems kind of uncomfortable but I'd love to hear if anyone used a mat and it was fine.

Every response is very appreciated, thank you all in advance :) :)

Still here! And update about Spectrum

My hope is that I am helping others with their journey even though I don't get many comments. I know I benefited a lot from reading other's reviews so that's why I keep writing. Plus, it's a way to record this exciting adventure I guess.

I decided to buy an exercise mat, not a yoga one. I found one that feels like memory foam and it's comfy to sit on while rolled up. $10 at Ross.

I found compression socks in Amazon for $1.99 each + 8.99 shipping. So three pairs of compression socks for $15. Sounds like a killer deal to me compared to the $40-$60 they want at the pharmacy.

My experience with Spectrum has been good so far. I have not had any problems getting a prompt call/text/email back from my coordinator Liz. I also got a call about a week ago confirming my SX date. I got another call today which I assumed was to see if I wanted to make any payments, to my surprise it was actually to ask if I had any questions about the upcoming surgery. I didn't really so they just told me see you in a couple of weeks! Overall they have been very polite, and the front desk girls have been very nice over the phone.

I thought I had to be paid in full two weeks prior to SX for some reason, but I have up until the day of the SX. I want to get that payment out of the way as soon as possible!

Well I think that is all for now, I'm off to search reviews and see if I can figure out what extra garment to is crunch time if I want them to get here in time!

Sixteen days till the big day! I thought the day would never come, but now time is flying.

Garments schminders

So I've been obsessing about what garment to get. Basically I can't find a garment that will fit both my butt which is currently 41 inches and give good compression to my waist all the way until swellington goes away. So...

After hours of research I came across and they have a three and four panel elastic abdominal brace for $16 dollars. They specifically indicate it can be used post lipo!
I don't want to be spending money on multiple garments because they ended up too loose around my waist, and there aren't places around here that know how to adjust them so I'm very excited to have found this piece which I believe will allow me to use my garment throughout my recovery. Wish me luck with that.

I will of course update you dolls after sx. Hopefully future bbl dolls can get something out of all my time spent looking for alternatives to spending on a bunch of garments.

I will be getting the Leonisa strapless ( for $30, and the four panel belt ( for $16.95. Shipping is included in all these.
I am debating whether to get the vedette 929 Fr $65 (ebay) or SC-320 Brazilian High Back Above-the-Knee Girdle for $88 + $12.95 s&h. What I like about this more expensive one is that it comes with the lipo foam inserts (removable). I don't like that it doesnt have a bra.


I finally went ahead and created a separate Instagram account for my BBL journey. If you'd like to follow me my handle is: OsakDoll2015. I'll be posting screenshots of info I deemed helpfull, updates and inspirational shenanigans xD

I deleted my before pics because it was the first thing I saw everytime I logged in and I was sick of it. I will be reposting as a before and after hopefully.
Only a handful of days to go...I'll log in later on hopefully with a list of things I packed in my carry-on. Toodles!


I feel like time is ticking like a bomb, and my anxiety is through the roof. I will finish packing tonight and post pics.
I haven't decided whether I will just bring a carry on or a larger suitcase to check... It all depends on the liquid items I will be taking. Breathe girl, it will all be alright and everything will come out great.

Three more whole days to the big bang booty sha bang

I need a drink

If only I could have a cranberry vodka, hell I would just love some ibuprofen. I'm in the Atlanta airport waiting for my connecting flight. My body already aches so much! Headache, sore throat too ugh.

But that's ok cause I'm still in this journey to newbodyland :) it still doesn't feel real.

Show time

got to bootyland yesterday and rested and slept a whole lot since the past few nights have been super rough. I go in an hour and a half for my pre-op and I'm scheduled for my sx at 3pm.

I am super glad I booked with Mary (elite nursing concierge), she has been very nice, picked me up from the airport and took me to the clinic, to get my meds and whatever else I needed. She is very knowledgable and her recovery house is very comfy. You can tell she really cares about her patients, I'm very happy with her :)

I know I should be feeling nervous but I am not. Maybe it will hit me when I get there...we'll see. I do get a flutter in my stomach but so far that is it.

Wish me luck dolls! Feel free to wish me a nice snatched waist and no complications. Kisses!

The booty chronicles

Had my bbl Saturday night and I feel that my recovery is going really great. I prepared for my sx by drinking a liter of water prior to the midnight fasting time. Ladies I recommend to avoid Saturday surgery at all costs. Thy tell you to fast from midnight, and that's including liquids, and then in Saturday you won't go in for sx until after 3pm. That is a very long time to go without eating or drinking.
The first two hours after I woke up from surgery were the worst. I felt like I had hot pokers in my butt and my incision sites. It was a smooth ride after the Percocet kicked in. I took two every four hours and was not in pain. I could get in and out of bed on my own and was for the most part self sufficient. I drank a whole gallon of liquids the first day after sx, it is very important to eat and drink so you can flush out the anesthesia they use so you won't feel sick.
I went in for my massage today and some of it was painful but it helped get rid of a lot of fluid.

I highly recommend hiring a nurse, or staying at a recovery house where a nurse will be taking care of you. Even if you come with a loved one. I stayed with Mary @elite nursing concierge and I'm very glad I did so. It's very comforting to know you are with someone that knows what they are doing and can manage your medications the correct way.

I will post some pics, please remember I am still very swollen and the real results are still far from visible.

Good luck to everyone having sx and those recovering :)

Constipation and yeast infections

Two things you DO NOT have to deal with. From the moment I started taking antibiotics I took Azo Yeast to prevent yeast infections that you could get from the antibiotics. Now it is not a guarantee that you will get a yeast infection, but I'm not going to wait to find out.
To prevent constipation I started taking dulcolax a week prior to my sx and then up the dosage after sx. I was able to go #2 without much trouble, and believe me you do not want to deal with a bowel obstruction.

Now I'm not sure what all the business is with the staph infections, I've only heard of one girl and Spectrum is aware of it. When I was there for follow up on Monday all the ladies that had gotten bbls were in good spirits and seemed to be recovering very well. My hope is that whatever happened to cause this staph situation has been investigated and taken care of.
Other than the foolishness of having everyone go in for sx and follow up at the same time instead of giving out appointment times, I can't really complain about the way I was treated at Spectrum. Everyone was super sweet and showed concern for my well being. Everyone except the intake nurse that I know wanted To go home smh.

I'm posting some pictures, hopefully soon I can post better ones because these ones I have a bunch of rags and lipo foam making me look really big.

Thank you to all hat have been there for me, this has truly been a really good experience. I feel blessed that everyone I've come in contact with has been so nice.

Before and after about 11 days post op

Still progressing slowly. I'm pretty sure I will be one of those girls still seeing changes 3 months after (as far as lipo is concerned,) as my body tends to retain water like crazy :(

Arnica pellets and tea

Hi Dolls, just wanted to step on my soapbox for a min and talk about arnica.

I stopped taking my 30x pellets for a few days and three days into it I started hurting, swelling up and being super tired, just wanting to sleep all the time. Fast forward to three days after I bought another bottle at the local natural health store and I feel so much better. Swelling has been kept in check l, energy and discomfort almost back to normal, even my mood and outlook has lifted. Coincidence? Maybe, but I'm not going to chance it again. I will keep taking arnica until I'm completely healed, my mom also bought me the loose leaf arnica which I brewed and keep in the fridge to drink throughout the day. Taste just like chamomile tea.

Stepping off the soapbox now -.-

Just a couple of not so great pics and recovery thoughts

hopefully I can have my hubby take better pics this weekend, it'll be my three week anniversary this Saturday night!! Gasp, it seems so crazy to me, and I'm so glad I did it.

I didn't post step by step about how my experience for the day of surgery was since I see that a lot of other reviews already have it. If anyone wants me to elaborate on that day I will though.

I will mention however (because I don't think it can be mentioned enough) is that recovery is long. All I thought about was how horrible the first couple of days could be, but for me he hardest part is not being able to be free to do whatever I want, however I want to. I'm used to moving fast and not needing help so being almost three weeks and seeing that recovery is a long hard bitch doesn't sit all that great with me. I do not regret my surgery at all and I would do it all over again if it wasn't for knowing that my kiddos need me to do things for them instead of having it the other way around.

Also, the ride home was awful for me, my butt and tummy felt like it was being stabbed over and over by hot pokers. But that was the worst of the pain for me and it lasted a couple of hours.

Sorry, this post is all over the place...I have my energy back and so I'm suffering from throw vomit XD

2 days from 2 moths po

Hi everyone! Coming back for a little update as I am only 2 days away from my 2 month new booty bday.

I still wear my faja, although only wear it for about 12 hours a day. My sides are still tender and uncomfortable if I go too long without wearing my girdle. I have been wearing "disenos d' Prada" faja in a large but I need to get myself a medium or get this one adjusted. It was on the pricier side but worth it, you must be comfortable in your faja or you won't wear it.

I purchased a cavitation package through groupon to address some lumpyness on my stomach area, as well as some extra fat I still have on my armpit area.

For more pictures find me on Instagram as: Osakdoll2015

6 months post op pics @ osakdoll2015

Lots of pictures from the past months on my Instagram account osakdoll2015.
I like keeping my pictures for a smaller audience which is why I don't have them floating around here anymore.

I just revealed my first ever pictures of my tummy post op. That is an area I didn't mention at all as It didn't even pop into my head as a possible problematic outcome. Definitely something to check out and discuss with your surgeon prior to your sx.


4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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