Spectrum with dr alvarez

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Ive heard good & bad things about all drs but i...

Ive heard good & bad things about all drs but i like dr o results so ill continue to pray and leave it in gods hands... do yall think negative up until your surgery date? Or is it just me smh i kno its the devil i just gotta make sure everything is right with my body and labs so everything will go smoothly but its that i never kno part

Deposit paid with Dr Omulepu 3/3/15

Decided on dr omulepu.... Dr hansen is doing a great job but not on thick woman from what I've seen so yea Dr Omulepu it is yayyyyyyyyy im excited nervous scared all at the same time lol but reading all the reviews q&a is making me feel better!!! Also in search for some rs sisters that's gone keep it real & really just have a real relationship and help a sister out if needed

Any information im open.

Flat stomach hips and ass... i kno i got 3 months but i got alot to learn read up on & b4 u kno it it will be here b4 you know it ... for now im just looking at results reading reviews good bad horrible smh but its a risk we take ... anything yall can tell me bout dr omulepu let me know also about easier things pain meds i can buy ..cheaper faja i can get any knowledge of what i have 2 do after. ..me and my bf is going..she was saying lets go home she will help me etc because shes in the medical fields but as im learning i may need to stay just 1 or 2 days after right? If so why & just whatever else you can tell me let me know because to me its just me & yall in this

Might switch doctors

Who do you think is the best bbl dr in miami?????? If you were satisfied with your results whod you go 2

Recovery house

What's the best cheapest recovery house in miami plsss post info on where you stayed and u were well taken care off because i will be to sore to whoop anybody ass. A place that drops off picks up on time has proper food great nice CLEANNNNN place nothing dirty no nothing...

Changed bbl date

I'm doing it the end of April I was torn between doctors but I'm going to stick with my original dr o

Bye osak hello ortega

Y'all kno about all the fuckery going on with osak so I won't repeat it...I'm now going to image cosmetics for dr Ortega he's my final decision.... Fisher is 5500 & 1000 deposit so I'll pass smh so much going on in this surgery world but it is what it is new pics of front and side since I lost weight from previous pics

If dr Mel Ortega did your bbl pls comment and let me know

I'm liking his work ...spectrum stated Orlando us like dr osak but ion see no changes or wow factors so I'll pass on him

Don't know how to change or add price

4500 with Ortega 300$ deposit to lock date

Payed deposit

Finally set my date but crazy thing is Orlando and Ortega full til June and I have a cruise in July so I'm trying to be right for that so after doing research I decided to go with alvarez ...y'all sleeping on him fr lol he's not osak but he's good I've attached pics of his work that is on realself

Should I wait or no?

To get faja etc should I wait til I'm cleared?? I mean I have faith everything will work out but what if it don't lol smh ugh this shit gone run me slap crazy ...maybe I'll wait on everything except faja boards foams etc stuff that take awhile but I do hang til may 2nd

What I look like now

Compare to the earlier pics I posted I def have lost some stomach fat lol I pray he snatch me up good but since my butt is already a 47 what y'all think will happen...think I need slope or lateral Cz I got ass already I really just want hips a waist flat tummy and projection

May 2nd 2016

New date yayy anyone else going on this date let me Kno so we can get acquainted

Cheapest Faja

Where can I get the cheapest but good quality from... I know somebody know somebody that know somebody lol a lot of ppl get to much and don't need or use it so what would you say is the most important things you will need #talktome #iloverefferels #imallaboutsaving

Spectrum changed date again

New date 3-3-16 just one day after my original date so I'm not tripping oan: here's sum pics I did playing with app

Ab board foams and butt board

This is where I ordered mine from

May 3rd is my sx

I'm ready for the blood work and ready to get it over with lol like first I was scared now I'm like fuck it lets just get it over with lol but I'm going to keep my faith and God will see me thru I kno he will ...just started talking vitamins and stopped smoking weed as of today lol ????????????????????????????????

Playing with the app

I want to be fine y'all like snatched


I'm cleared may 3rd lets go

5 days post op

The struggle is real

Before pics

I already had curves and ass so if u have no ass don't expect to come out with a deelishes ass lol I have ass and still didn't want a ass like that before measurements 38 35 46

My gut was my problem

Not anymore lmao

Follow me on ig

TouchedByAlvarez ....must have a sx page I do not except personal pages so don't ask me or I'll block your ass and be active ...if you have no sx date or you just a lurker don't request me just to be noisy ...if u post a lot and u can support motivate and help by all means add me but I don't except everyone ...I just don't be on rs no more like that it's dry af over here

2 weeks post op

Feeling ok hands still numb but everyday gets better


Ughhhhh I'm so over this shit


I'm almost 3 months same shit different day still wear faja still swell out without it on stomach isn't all the way flat how I like it so I'm looking into a tummy tuck because all my skin didn't attach and snap back

Back fat that he didn't lipo at all

When I get my tt I'll be getting this shit sucked out Alvarez wrong for not getting that

Me sitting down view

This is the skin that folds over and comes out when I sit...I gotta get a tt..yea standing up is cute but naw this has to go


Even with the loose skin I make the best out of it
Sergio Alvarez

He is a good listener but he missed my back fat and didn't get all of my stomach fat ..he did give me good looking hips and thank god I already had butt

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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