24 No Kids Just Had A Lot of African Food - Miami, FL

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So far so good dolls I am excited to get my block...

So far so good dolls I am excited to get my block done by dr Ortega in Miami ???????????? . Booked my ticket already , bags are packed, recovery house is ready for me.. A super excited. The day is coming so close 31st of October 2016. Getting a BBL and liposuction. I really want a fuller hips and big nice ASS . I have so many wish pics I will post soon. I can't wait to wear a two piece and have a flat stomach.

Wish pics and updates

Am so excited dolls I can't even sleep ugh .. Less than 28 hours away .. I spoke to my recoveryhouse guy today his ready for me to come in tomorrow . I got the recovery house from spectrum . It's called a recovery house on Instagram.. It looks pretty good and good reviews so far .. Here are some of my wish pics . I hope to archive after Surgry . I know my body type may or may not fit these pictures but it's worth a try .

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