Nervous Bbl

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Hey dolls I'm so nervous my bbl is coming up soon...

Hey dolls I'm so nervous my bbl is coming up soon and I'm very very nervous but I'm so close I can't back at and I'm going alone which makes me even more nervous about pain and my safety but I'm staying at assistance for life recovery home if any one will be there I would love a recovery buddy from 7-14 of September

Bbl today

So my bbl went great dr.ghurani is amazing made me feel comfortable and secure an he is so professional I needed that also after I woke up I was shaking like I had the chill it was my first time getting surgery so it was expected but the had a heater and extra cover for me and I was okay so the initial pain for me was worst then I thought I needed help walking for the first few hours but I was drinking ALOT of water so by 5pm I was walking and peeing alone and I got out of recovery at 12pm also dr ghurani no longer uses drains which I actual really like less agrravation for us so there was a lot of blood because of that but it didn't hurt I'll post pics of that and and my stay so far at assistance for life is amazing the nurse speaks little English mainly Spanish but communication isn't that bad and the other women here speak English and have a system down with her as I believe I'll have to but over all pretty good experience so far only thing is my pain which is getting better slowly

1day post op bbl

Since I took off my faja my pain has kicked it up I'm way more sensitive to everything I'm walking a little bent over and my whole stomach and back is numb but my massage therapist told me to walk more today but I have to wait for my faja to get clean should have bought 2 but didn't know my future size it's a large now

1 week 5 days post op

My recovery is going well and in loving my results so far hopefully it stays the same
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