31 Yr Old Mom of 3 Boys 450cc's Mentor Memory Gel Smooth Round High Profile

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Hi, I'm 31 and have decided about 1 1/2 yrs CVago...

Hi, I'm 31 and have decided about 1 1/2 yrs CVago that it was time for a MMO! I'm 5'2" 144-148lbs and current breast size largeB smallC. I know I want to have the Natrelle Inspira silicone Round smooth high profile maybe ultra high lol I need be an extended tt. Im so excited and nervous! My coordinator is Lizbeth, she seems very nice. I haven't spoken to her in a while, but in the beginning she was very informative, answered all my questions as needed and it was easy to contact via text!

Medical Clearance was last week

I did my blood work and had an EKG 2 weeks ago and then last week Monday I had my appointment to start my medical clearance process! All went well and I'm cleared. Since I live in NY, blood work was not included, but i used my own insurance. So far so good! I have my round trip plane ticket all set up and I'm staying with my sister in Hollywood and she'll be taking care of me! I am mostly worried about my healing and possible infections and this stuff I've read about pressure on chest from implants and difficulty breathing due to pressure! I have slight anxiety, so i do get anxious feeling and not in a good way lol Im so behind on even starting this review. I almost decided not to write it but better late than never???? Good luck Dolls!!!!

The night before

Ok, I'm in South FL! I went into the office today at Spectrum and made my final payment! Fyi, I had my hubby's credit card and they made me have him text me a picture of his I.D. and i couldnt sign the receipt lol oh well. Also, my prescriptions still needed to be signed so my sister will fill them while I'm having surgery. They gave me an antibiotic, Percocets for pain and anti-nausea pills. I have gauze pads and hand sanitizer wipes. Im bringing socks and house slippers lol I had to buy pillows bc I'm sleeping in a bed and will need to be propped up pretty much into a sitting position so i have a total of 6 pillows ???? I also bought gasX so I wont have an discomfort from that! I got Aloe Vera juice for a healthy drink while I'm healing! Any special foods? Lots of fruits? Veggies? Whole wheat? Protein? I was instructed to wear no make up or jewelry, no deodorant, no lotions or perfumes and to shower with Dial antibacterial soap. No eating or drinking 8-10 hours prior to surgery!! Oh and the important part...my surgery is at 10:30am! Also, the office staff was present and very nice and looked happy! And even though I had my husband's credit card and he wasn't there to sign, Alex, the finacial guy was really nice about it!! I'm so excited and nervous!!! Here are my before pics and I'll update and show new pics as soon as I can after I'm fully awake and able too lol

Day of surgery 6/9/16

I waited till the next day to write this bc it was just resting and walking and meds. My 1st impression was that the building was smaller than I expected lol The receprionist were really nice, they greeted me as I walked in. They had smiles on their faces and informed me what I needed to do. I sat in the waiting room for maybe 5 minutes, which was nice! There was a lot of papers to sign . Everyone bc waa friendly. When Ortega walked in the room he made u feel comfortable, he was very knowledgeable, he let you talk and then he talked. He asked me to tell him in my own words what I was getting done. He then did his exam and did my markings on my body as he talked some more and explained things. He joked around a little bit and was funny!! He explained that he does what is called a hybrid, the implant is both under and over the muscle. He said it'll hold the implant better. When i woke up from the anesthesia it looked like a hospital! But i was so tired I didn't worry much. The got me dressed, put me in a wheelchair and brought me to my sister. Here are some pics! Like most others here I'm not wanting to post my pre-op bc i dont even like being in a bathing suit in front of my family lol but it makes these reviews so much better lol

24hour after mommy makeover

Hi ladies! Today I'm feeling sore and swollen! I know its normal bc and will go away, afterall i am only one day out lol. I jist have been to stay hydrated, medicated and walking. When i cant walk I pumped my legs and my arms for the circulation to prevent any blood clots or dvt. Taking this recovery half a day a time lol Here's a picture of me laying in bed!

1st follow-up appt & pic

I had my 1st check up today at 2pm. The wait wasn't long. My garments were taken off and dressings were changed. My sister took a pic, I looked in the mirror and they look twice as big in the mirror than in my pictures lol My implants are Mentor 450cc's round smooth high profile! I can't wait for the pain to subside and my boobs to drop and fluff!!! Good luck ladies!!! Thanks for all ur help and support!!

So swollen

Tonight i feel like i have a lot of swelling! I can't wait for this part to be over with!!

Post-op Day 2

I woke up this morning feeling better! I did my walking, went to the bathroom(no #2 yet). Walking hurts my lower back muscles. My butt is starting to not like being sat on! Trying to be as mobil as much as my body lets me. If I can't walk I stretch my legs and flex/pump them to get my circulation going so I dont get any blood clots and stiffness. I don't think I need to post any pics today bc everything is the same so far lol. The output on my left drain is almost nothing and my right drain is Maybe at line 25. So that's a good thing i think. My whole jaw hurts like it's bruised. Im thinking thats bc im not used to sleeping sitting up or maybe clinching my jaw in my sleep... I'm not sure yet lol I'm gonna look for the Poop Juice recipe that another RS sister shared on here, I do not want to be backed up lol Thanks for all the well wishes and good luck to those who had their surgeries and those getting ready for their surgeries and those having their surgeries as I type and as this is being read!!!!

end of day 2 post-op Do Not Cough...I REPEAT.... DO NOT COUGH!!!!

So I decided I'd get out of the gouse today bc....well, I'm on day 2 of post op and feeling pretty good lol I took a sip of my Aloe Vera juice bc I'm being good and healthy ....and then...cough oh sh** my juice went down my wind pipe...for the freaking 2nd time!!! But this time it was worse ???? SO I held onto my belly and tried coughing ever so lightly..nope not good enough lol so I held on tighter as and coughed a little harder and BAM!!!!!! The most excruciating pain! Im ok now... I'm in my bed, swollen as all hell and I took all my meds so i can get back to healing???????????? Since my belly muscles hurt I'm just moving my feet/flexing calves~whatever u want to call it~instead of doing a lot of walking lol Wish me luck ladies and as always, GOOD LUCK TO YOU also, tonight I feel like my swollen boobs are sitting in my throat lol Oh and I did the poop juice thing that one of our sister's on here shared with us all: prune juice, miralax and a stool softener pill! Hoping my morning comes easy lol

Day 4 Post-op

Today was a pretty good day! I got out of the house, met up with a friend that i met on Facebook lol she showed me all her favorite stores and she treated me to some Cuban food! I finally had a bowel movement this evening! Which was a relief bc i thought it was gonna be stressful and it wasn't! I drank prune juice mixed with clearlax and a stool softener pill!!! Took another shower and sister took some pics for me that i will share! I'm experiencing weird gas like feelings in my body. Sometimes I'll feel a little burning sensation at my incision site and definitely tightness when I'm standing & walking! I'm feeling better overall and my 1week check up is this Thursday at 2pm. I cant wait to see how I'm progressing and hope i can get my drains taken out and surgical tapes removed!

Post Op Day 5

Today was good. I went to a couple of stores. People look at me weird and I just smile at them lol. I took some more pictures of myself today, by myself, so they're not great shots. I feel stiff in the morning amd when I've sat for too long. Thanks again for all the help I've recieved here on RS. Without all of you here, I wouldn't have been so brave and calm goung into this! Happy Healing ladies!!!!!!

5 weeks post-op Sorry this review took forever!!!

Hi Ladies! So sorry I haven't updated in a long time! I waited almost 3 weeks post op to have my drains removed! My family doctor agreed to remove them for me and have been keeping an eye on my incision sites. My stomach is slowly but surely healing! I finished all ny antibiotics and have majorly slacked on my vitamins. The last couole days I've been feeling A LOT better. Like, I can do more, lift more! I still wear my original binder religiously but I let my stomach air out twice a day. I still blow dry my open drain spots after showers and use regular bandaids to cover them up! So happy to be able to wear normal clothes unstead of dresses all the time, tho I do love my dresses and they are highly recommended! I have not started scar therapy yet, waiting for everything to be fully healed on the outside. I still feel tightness and a little sorness when I get out of bed in the mornings and when getting up from sitting. Just a recap I had an extended full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo of the flanks and breast implants using the Mentor Memory Gel 450cc's High profile. My boobs are softening up and dropping and fluffing. Hope all you lovely ladies are healing up great and those getting ready for surgery Have happy thoughts and good luck and happy healing!!! Also, I'm super sorry I haven't updated in so long! Summer time and kids = super busy lolBut I do feel really bad!!! Im trying to figure out how to do the side by side comparison photos! Maybe I can get a friend to help me out lol

6 weeks post op

Hi, everything is looking the same on me so far! I went to see my family doctor bc my drain sites were leaking. Left side just looked like serum and right side I knew wad infected with that creamy slightly green color so I started taking some Keflex that my hudband never finished and my right side stopped draining but I still went and saw my fam.doc. Doctor gave me a script to continue Keflex and said my left side was still open and to massage my stomach to release the serum and that my right side looks fine. I'm just bumbed that my drain sites aren't closed yet! I guess I need to be more patient! I hate my binder and am working in getting a girdle. I just don't think I need one with the built-in bra. I'm able to do a lot more and try to eat healthy! Hope all you ladies are doing well!

14 weeks Post Op

Hi Ladies! Here's another update on me! Sorry it took so long and hopefully I didn't mess up anyone's research on here. I ended up getting a stronger compression garment from Walmart and to my suprise was able to fit into a size small(5). Though with regular clothes Im still wearing all of my normal clothes. I do find myself pulling up my pants a lot more! My stomach looks nice and flat to me! Listen...we all still look for and find flaws in ourselves, even when we look amazing!!! I'm very happy with how I'm healing and drain sites took a lot longer to heal than I thought , but my left side appears to be fully closed and healed and ny right side is scabbed over and half the size it was! AND I'm so in love with my boobs lol Here ate a bunch of pictires i have taken a long the way and I'll have them labeled for you all! Also, I think I may have what they call dog ears? It could just be how my hips are healing... I just cant wait to wear a bikini next summer and how I will look lol I know i still have healijg to do... They do say swelling can hang around for about a year and I'm not faithful when it comes to wearing my compression garment! Thanks to all you ladies for checking up on me and your interests in my healing and results.....;-) Sorry for the over load of pictures! Hope I didn't over do the boob shots lol

Muscle Repair Worries

Ok I'm hoping you ladies that had muscle repair with your tummy tucks see this and can help me out or reassure me that this is normal. About a week ago while massaging bio oil all over my belly, I felt a lump about hand width above my belly button. It's where the muscle repair was done. I haven't done any ab workouts or anything, just my normal everyday things. I'm not as active as I should be, so maybe that has something to do with it? I'm not sure, but I do know that it's painful. Can anyone help me out or have any personal experience with this? I'd greatly appreciate it???? I took a picture of me pointing to where I feel the lumps. There's just 2, but everyone worries about stuff like that. I'm hoping it's just scar tissue. I can't just go see Dr. Mel as I'm in Western NY and he's in Miami lol otherwise I'd just schedule an appointment????

New bra and size is 36DD

My hubby bought me a couple bra's! I know I can fit into a 36D but was having a hard time finding my size. We went to Walmart and I only found 1 so I also grabbed a 36DD and it fits!!! Im so excited???? Here's a picture! Just as a reminder I had Mentor Memory Gel high profile round smooth 450cc's and I was a b/c prior!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Im from out of state! My coordinator was Lizbeth she was very nice but not a lot of communication. For pre-op I spoke with Evelyn, she was always very helpful and sweet. Alex with their finance Dept was sweet and the ladies at front desk were really nice! The anesthesiologist was very nice as well. Dr. Ortega is funny, sweet and informative and very professional! I would definitely recommend this doctor and staff!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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