Extended TT with Lipo of the Flanks/waist - Miami, FL

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After 11 years of indecision related to feeling...

After 11 years of indecision related to feeling that it might be vain, and much exercise the time was just right. All effort made toward having a TT seemed to flow smoothly without any complication. All of my most trusted family and friends were very supportive and encouraging, I also came across a great price and an experienced PS in Miami! I was back and forth with fear and excitement, but things went well acording to plan from start to finish!

Some pics

Looking at before and after pics helps me deal with the recover process and makes my decision well worth it!

Skin care!

Going to let the micropore tape loosen on it's own then start using silicone scar gel as Dr Ortega suggested! I am also currently using bio oil from Walgreen on old stretch marks and putting a silicone ear plug in my bellybutton at night to shape it up. The ear plug helped shed the scabbed peeling skin from my bellybutton and is shaping and lightening it very nicely!


Silicone ear plugs from Wal-Mart

Scar pics and more to come!

Bee having trouble trying to add updated photos from my phone; it seems to be memory related, ugh. Technology can be fantastic on one hand and so frustrating on another. Then again I'm pretty simple and not so tech savy, wah wah, lol

Comin Along

I took it easy today and noticed less swelling in the tummy. Dr Ortega is the ish fi real mon!

Coming along well

Thong covers scar, no problem!

Mar 20 updated pics

More pics

Ortega hav e tummy tuck pon loc, fyah mon!

Good sculpting!

My lap busy is gone, but I'll keep the saggy mams as a reminder of my girl power! I'm quite fond of them.

Busy work!

Find something to do with your time and hands! Recovery in the first stage seems endless and can work you mind in the worst way; lots of swelling and discomfort, you can't move like or function as high as you did before surgery. You got to take it easy on you body and give it time to recuperate! Paint, color, knit, write etc, you know what I'm gettin at!

2 piece, no tucking, YAY!

This feels pretty darn amazing! I haven't work a 2 piece without having to hold in, tuck or cover a post baby belly since I was a teen. This is feels so satisfying!
I am grateful to God for opening the door at an opportune time, blessing me with great support, time and finances, and allowing me to do something special for me! I am grateful to God for Dr Ortega, his very skilful, gentle hands and reasonable price! I am Grateful for progressive healing and growing strenght in my body everyday!
God please give me the health and strength to continue to nurture my body nutritionally, physically and emotionally!!!

Scar pics

Most recent scar photos; bio oil and scar gel.
Some swelling and Moody :-l
Ugh, lady days are upon me! If y'all know what I mean by lady days, lol Have the best day eva RS Stars!

Scar update

Using scar away gel

Pics in Faja Solome 0214

Finally one that works! I've bought about 5 cheap girdles, under $25. The best was a $20 Cupid at Walmart. Good for after drain is our and while extra fluid in hips and thighs remain, weeks 2-5 for me. I got a medium fajas solome (dif style same brand) at 2 weeks and could not get it past hips; I went up sizes between weeks 2-5 and could get them past thighs but had too much room around waist and back.
Drink water, stay low on the salt, sleep with legs elevated to pee off extra fluid in hips. Good to measure around 5 weeks for true size on a high compression garment.

Me im my Fajas Solome 0214

Today I am wearing my faja without any discomfort to creases at upper inner thighs along peri area! I guess I just had to break it in!

Healing well!

Ugh, can recovery be over like yesterday? It was so nice to wake up flat! A good Friday indeed! No major swelling today and I am still seeing change. 8 weeks and no complications is a blessing!
I have not been able to dress up real fancy alot and enjoy my enhanced figure. Working 18th a compression garment/girdle is a lot of work to me. So, I've been keeping it fairly casual and comfortable until I can slip in and out of what ever I like with ease. 1 more month and the Faja is getting a break!

Scars Progressing!

Recent scar pics. I am still having flat days them swelling days off and on; it can be emotional some days. However, my energy is great! The compression garment is a must TT and Lipo folks!!! A good firm one will do. Forward on Dolls, lets be BEAUTIFUL :)


Swelling this morning, ugh. Lying down; this was after a workout and shower. My scar gets light and dark; it's just a part in the healing process. So, in these pics, I've shower and have oils and scar gel one my skin; thus the shinny skin.

The booty hips, OO! My waist has always sat in my hips, cause I got a laage gluteus maximus O-! Let's see, there's heart shape booty, shelf booty, bubble but and my favorite, the wrap around booty :) Also ladies, I could be crazy, but I truly believe the muscle plication in the extended TT made something else tighter too! Much to look foward to, I'm just keeping it REAL!!! :D

Scar and contour update

Blessed maanin RS family! Big up unuselves:-). Here are some pics from Friday, May 6. These are post workout pics, so I do have swelling above the incision. I will be so glad when it stops! I actually had a few concurrent days of swelling and it was bothering me really bad. So, I decided to drink a lot of water, hoping it would pull off extra fluid, and low and behold!!! So simple and tasteless, and yet a MIGHTY element! So in guzzling it down like my life depends on it (it really does) lol. Using water to get rid of water, how trick was that. RS, recovery is truly no joking matter! It is a discipline if you want proper results. Anyone who doesn't mention it and just show you the nice photos is really just trying to give you the positive view. You look great, yes, but it will be like taking care of a new baby! It is a new you and you will have to pamper and protect you body for months, like a new baby! Watching how you move, toileting, sleeping, wrapping up your body, gels, oils eating and activity. PS is a life changing event and you will need to be strong and stay positive!

2nd compression garment!

So I got this Vedette 126 Vivian shapewear delivered this evening, and it is on point! I was worried, because I ordered a small according to my measurements, but it is perfect! Hook-eye gusette, opens fully, so you can #1 and #2 without worry or struggling.
It is comfortable so far. I don't even have the first simple complaint about it! It does have latex; this is good, because not only will it keep your tummy, waist and back firm, it has a thermal quality, like those waist trimmer belts, so it helps minimize fat! I wish I would have ordered a Vedette compression garment the first time; I read a consumer article and it was ranked #3. Marena was #1 and I forget #2, but Vedette missed #2 by the slightest margin and had very similar qualities in composition the Marena garment.
It is soft and I can actually feel it conforming to my shape and adding a good firm compression as I wear it. It fits like a glove, without cutting of my circulation. This thing is great!!!!

My new shapewear!

So, Dr Ortega suggested that I wear my binder over the girdle for added support. I switch between the flexies with hook eye closure and a Cupid cincher, which pulls over my head. Cupid is better quality, but the flexies is easier to put on! Both can be found at Wal-Mart. I have the Vedette under a fitted cotton mini dress and the corset over the dress or tank top for sleep and around the house.

This is a great garment!

It fits as I expected; perfect around waist, tummy and back! I would need a medium based on my hip measurements, but I thought I would risk it and order the size based on where I needed the compression. The panty is not tight over the buttocks, so I'm glad I went with underbust and waist measurements! Of course my cheeks hang out (it's boy-shorts style), but my big concern was to not have my groin area choked off.

Feeling Like Myself Again

So RS I wrote all this great info and lost it moments ago trying to download pics. So I will take time to post all of that progress in a future update, later to day or tomorrow. Ugh, it was some good stuff, oh well. The best part of my lost update, is how great I feel to work out at about %85 for an hour, have great energy and swell a lot less. I can squat, luck jump and twerk! Yes Twerk! Before surgery I would teach level 3 Zumba, so being able to do these movements is a very big deal! My workouts really helped me deal with stress! I'm about level 2.5 now, getting it in! All in all, way better energy, a lot less swelling and scar is looking great. I will talk about my scar issues in detail later, because I'm sure someone is or will have the same issue.

It just keeps getting better!

What's up RS? I hope all is well with my healing Dolls and that there's a calmness in the hearts of my future Dolls!
Let me start by saing, I would never do a TT again! However, I have nooooo regrets! I am about 95 % back to normal. Some numbness and swelling in my abdomen still, as expected around this stage of the recovery .
The swelling usually comes later in the day, or after a work out, but is not so bad that I feel I need to rush to put on a garment. I have been practicing good posture and contracting my and during the day without a garment. I have occasional muscle spasms and still get swelling in hips along my incision and itching as well.
My healing is progressive for sure and I have had no setbacks at this point. My workouts are at about %95 intensity. I did my first 10 min tight on time abs workout and actually completed every move and the full 10 min work out followed by a 1hr level 3 Zumba workout at home. You body will tell you when it's time. My abs are sore as we speak, but the average soreness, like I hadn't done it in a week or two, rather than a full 4 and a half months. It does pay to work I on those muscles before a TT. I feel strong and love the way my results are turning out.
All those who are going To have surgery with Dr Ortega, you have made a positive decision!

More Pics

Just loving my progress

Going back a lil bit

Pics from the past couple of months.

May 2016

Back around this time it seems like the swelling would start as soon as I took of my compression garment. Now it's not so bad, but still daily. I try to function normally without compression all day. I prefer to sleep with firm compression and high compression with exercise.


30, 28.5, 43

It Gets Better!

6 months and feeling 100%! Today I did a 10 min abdominal workout on the floor and powered through it like a champ!!! My whole midsection is tingling like it got some real love TDAY, yes TDAY :D
It was that good and I am so grateful to have core strenght. Going through the healing, you wonder if you will be the same:-l Yaaaaazzz! Now with a permanent, Natural Corset!, and the will to nurture my second chance to have pre-partum figure! Gonna crunch, gonna walk, gonna dance!
I traveled, suffered needlessly for months and it would be such a shame not to do my part to maintain it! I am grateful and I truly feel amazing!

My Scar n Me:D

Here's what my beauty mark is looking like on Aug 24. Its sensitive in spots, like nerve pains, but feels good when rubbed gentlyy or firm, but especially soothing when I rub in that Bio Oil! Doesn't hurt to touch it, and it usually happens if I swell along the incision. I still get swelling, but I mainly think it's bloating and gas at this point; it just looks different without the extra skin, so I may think I'm swelling from the TT cause my tummy gets numb, but I think the gass pressure is really the culprit! All in all, it's been REAL!


I did the WHEEL today! This little thing does great work in all the right places. It is a challenge, but it works your full back, full abs, butt, vaginal wall's (yes I said it) all the areas that are really important to us gals!
Even after Your tummy is flat, having you energy back becomes more important than anything and you began to question your decision to have a surgery that you really didn't need (this may only be a truth for the seasoned woman)! It is an emotional ride after the snatching takes place! One day your flat, the next it's swell hell; one day the incision is perfect, the next it looks angry! I even had days when I missed my extra love, cause it never stopped me from running or jumping, all that natural stuff that makes your body feel alive! Your ability to give yourself a natural high is temporarily put to an extended hault, and it can get to you. Then, AAAHHH! Um um uuum! The ability to bend, reach, hold a frying pan or even my own leg upwill never be taken for granted!
I haven't had anything else done, and I won't, it hurts, lol. The TT was great for me because is was a restoration of my physical self. The rest is up to me! It is good to be happy with yourself prior to any PS procedure so you don't over do it and have REALISTIC expectations! I don't have a perfect body, but I do have my perfect body, uneven hips, extra roll on one side of my back, all a dat! Plus, I is snatched na!
Fi mi sista in the healing process, you will look in the mirror one day and your REAL besty is gonna welcome you back and confirm that you are better than eva!
Love unuselves, no matter what your figure, feel and be BEAUTIFUL!!!


Some post workout photos and hoochie pics:D


Was feeling a lil southern sassy so I cowgirl Dolled up ;-)

The raw deal

Post workout photos. I work out in my Vedette. Its latex under a soft fabric and I sweat! I am fully able to do ab workout without spasms for over a month now. In fact they at sore now from 13 min ab routine and about 15 roll-outs on my wheel.

Feeling Like New!

This morning, I made love to my body! I'm talking about a FANTASTIC lively walk and run in the park. It was all that!
Normally I walk the neighborhood and do intense workout in my living room. This morning I decided to switch it up and go to the park. There were people there from ages 2-82, men and women, dogs and fitness groups! Motor cycle clubs and cars were passing by, blowing horns to boost egos of the folk that were getting it in on the trail! OMG, it was action packed!
It was a free gym, and what's better than that. The same vibes, people motivating each other as they passed, sweat dripping, smiles, bird's, di whole a it! Feeding each other positive energy to make us push a lil haada, all sizes shapes and color, just like the gym, but freeeeee!!!
No deh yah now pon e natural high! I just wanted to share, motivate, and invite you all to join Me and give yourselves some extra love. Take you out on a date! Invite your self to dinner; when you ready to eat bring your hand mirror to the table, look in it and thank you guest of honor for showing up to the special occasion! We are all VIPs!!!
One love RS family, have the best day ever :D

Loving it more!

Just wanted to share a few more pics from the 9th. Post work out, no swelling. I was feeling young and sexy!
My latex faja is a big help with the back and bra fat when I workout; I can feel my back shrinking. I be flapping my arms like an eagle, upper back and arms. Arm arm arms! I am on a personal mission to get that depression in the middle of my back. Back fat be afraid, be very afraid, lmao!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ortega is an Artist and an Expert! He has much experience, works within the guidelines for his scope of practice and he is confident about his work! My results are extremely pleasing to me and my Amen crowd! After the wear and tear from babies, Dr Ortega did some pretty Awsome hand crafted work, adding a finishing touch to my diet and exercise! He said he was going to make my sad belly button happy; well done Dr Ortega!!!

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