Mature Trans-woman Finally Going to Have Breasts - Miami, FL

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I have looked a reviews here and have settled on...

I have looked a reviews here and have settled on Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami, Florida. Looking at his reviews, it seems his results are good as any and his cost 1/2 of that of those equal. I expect that I will get less communication and follow up, but I have watched a number of others go through his clinic. I am uneasy going into this but I have paid for the procedure and feel sure I will go through with it. I am transgender. I have lived as a woman for the past 7 years. I am 62 years old.

My Blood labs done and I seem my doctor for an EKG and a release form on Monday

My surgery is coming up so quickly. I have realized that I am not going to have much strength for a while and I have been wanting to clean my basement and garage for years. I am working my tail off. Ruth from Dr. Ortega's office sent me my forms for the blood work and my physician's release. I could not get the physicians release to print and I forgot to take the form for Lab Corp with me. I was running late to the lab which was 50 minutes from my house, when I realized I had left it on the kitchen table. I called Ruth and in minutes she the form to the lab. The form was in their fax machine when I arrived. The cost of that test is paid for by the surgeon. I think the cost of my doctor's appointment is on me for the EKG and the release form exam.

January 27th. I am getting nervous

I have been getting to my Doctors office without the forms for my lab work and for my release. I am sure I am getting on Ruth's nerves as now my doctor's office copied the fax number for Spectrum Aesthetics wrong.

Things do seem to be moving along though, I have reserved a room in the hotel that shares a parking lot (or looks that way on google) and a friend has agreed to go along with me. Thank goodness for years of saved frequent flyer miles.

I did learn from CharlotteBelle here of three recovery houses/centers that would have provided transportation, nursing, meals and other professional services for less than I paid for just the hotel, so for what I am paying, I hope this has a bit of the feel of a vacation. I don't plan to push anything though, I am going to take care to not tear my incision, because I hope to avoid as much scaring as possible.

I have still not received any information about my implants other than the fact that they will be silicone. I have not been told when my appointment times are or any of the preparation that I will need to take or supplies. I expected that communication with this office would be a little lacking. I am trying to remain calm as I go through the process.

Some of it is surely my fault, some not. With a week and three days to go, I am not in panic mode yet, most of the time.

Two minute walk to my Hotel from Spectrum-Aesthetics- a little more information.

A friend volunteered to go with me from Indiana to Miami for my surgery. I hope she gets out some and is able to make this a vacation and not just being my nurse. We will be staying in the Best Western International hotel that shares a parking lot with Spectrum-Aeshetics. It will be a two minute walk. I have been doing virtual walks of the neighborhood on google maps and it looks like there is everything we need near by. I got a list of preparations and it seems pretty simple. I have to figure out what large zipp up clothes I have. I wish I had a looser wrap skirt.
I hope to find time to research the best way to prevent scaring. I know there are some products available. If anyone is seeing this and has any ideas for me... I am all ears.

I still don't know how my implant size, shape and such are determined. I am getting the impression is it is all based on a 10 minute interview before I go under. As a bit of a control freak this is not my usual way of doing things, but I jumped off this cliff and I am going along for the ride.

Friends saying keep your breasts small

My X and some friends are encouraging me not to go big. My x crying and saying C or D would be too big, go with a B and telling me I don't care about her. This is for me for sure. I don't want to go unusually big, but part of the reason for this is to be seen as a woman. The most painful thing you can do to someone transgender is call them him, his, sir. I am old, 62 years.... I want to be beautiful but also natural. I am athletic I am thinking large C, small D. Ugh.. one week from today, I am on my way.

I have paid my surgery, plane ticket and hotel. This is happening, no going back.

Help: Where am I going to find my Percocet?

I scheduled things too tightly. My plane lands at 4:30 on Thursday. Spectrum-Aesthetics closes at 6. I must get my prescription in writing and find a pharmacy before my appointment at 10 am. If my plane is late, then Spectrum opens at 6 am and I will have 4 hours. Because of this, I have been calling pharmacies near Spectrum and my Hotel to figure out who has my med. I was just told that there is a shortage in Miami, because the supplier has not been shipping percocet. UGH! Does anyone have a good suggestion. I have put in a request with my local doctor here in Indiana. I know he trusts me, but I am not sure with a narcotic like this if he can or will write a prescription.

I have remained very calm until this. This is starting to freak me out.

Heck I am still trying to figure out how big, or less big I want to go. I don't want to be taking a cab all over Miami trying to run in to the surgery center at the last second, out of breath with a heart rate through the ceiling.

OK, I am set!

Yesterday I was freaking out about accessing my meds. It seems many pharmacies can't sell pain meds and if they do, they can't tell you if they are in stock. I finally found a Walgreen a half mile south of Spectrum-Aesthetics that sounded pretty likely to have had my prescriptions. Finally I called my local MD and asked him if he would give me a script and he did. I checked and if in the bottles with your name on them, the TSA has no issues with flying with narcotics, so I am all set it seems. Nothing much to worry about. A new friend, and a fellow burlesque performer is going to meet us Thursday night for some site seeing and sea food. I show up for surgery at 10 am. I guess I am going to say something like large C/ Small D... use your best judgement Doctor and show him the shape I prefer. I have realized I don't really like high profile. I assume if I have medium profile. I will be able to achieve the higher profile look with a bra.

Operation time moved... same day, just later.

The time of my operation changed. It was for 10 am on Friday, it was changed to 3:30. That will reduce the time until my follow up on Saturday, but will give me some time to sight see around Miami on Friday. I expected this to be rather informal. It is living up to expectations and I am cool with it. Truthfully I am going to say what ever I say to the doctor in two days and between him and me, we will come up with a plan and I will live with it. Everyone is so supportive and says you are going to be happy! I think they are right.

Some photos in my phone I will likely show to Dr Ortega.

These wish list photos are mostly about shape. I am going to leave a lot of the decision making to our conversation. There will be no time to over think it. I am athletic which suggests C. I am old, I am not sure what that suggests and I probably want D.

Dr Ortega was great!

I put a lot of faith in what I read here and so far it has exceeded my expectations. Our pre-op conversation seemed very relaxed as he gave long answers to my every question. He looked at my wish list photos and said I wanted a naturally looking C. He requested 325 or 350 cc be brought to the operation room. I bumped it up to 375cc. He guessed my natural breasts at 300cc.
Waking up felt like I has been in a serious car crash. I was shivering cold. They rolled me from the recovery room to the door of my fifth floor room in the Best Western Premier hotel behind Spectrum. Two Percoset and two hours later I felt pretty darn good. It is going to be hard to make myself stay in all day today.

More photos from my procedure.

Day of photos.

One day later I feel great

I took my last pain pill at 6am. I walked .8 miles to lunch. Feeling amazingly good. I don't feel I am over doing it.

Saturday wrap up.

I did get out and walk a lot in Miami. Perhaps too much, I got a light sun burn. In general, I am feeling great. My appointment Saturday was canceled so I won't get to see my new breasts until Monday. I am still taking Percoset, I guess Saturday I had for or five. They really help. Walking seemed to make me feel better too. We took buses to south beach and walked a mile along the ocean. It was a beautiful day in the 70f.
I love my new breasts, for the first night in a couple weeks I did not wake up fearful that I was making a mistake. I see more of a woman when I look in a mirror, I hope that will be true with those who look at me too, because of my breasts, but also because of my self image.

Got out for some winter vacation warm ness.

Follow up with dr Ortega

I got a little tearful saying good bye to everyone at doctor Ortega's office. I am headed home in a couple hours by air. I can't wait for my breasts to drop, next.

I did get some undesired attention from a man on this sight, so I have removed a lot of images.

3 day post op

Day four post augmentation.

I can hardly wait for my new breasts to drop. I am posting similar photos each day to document this. I had expected it to happen faster. Some of the swelling is going away. I have not taken any pain medication today and only one the day before. Looking at my photos, I realize I have more bruising since coming home then I did in Florida. I am going to send photos and ask questions about that today.
Can anyone explain how silicone breasts get softer? Right now they are very hard and firm. I think the will soften but how does that happen?
Common sense has told me I should sleep flat on my back. I prefer to sleep on my side. I wonder when/ if I can do that?

Day 6 post augmentation with Ortega

Still I haven't noticed a lot of dropping. My left side bruising has worried me a little but a good friend told me herd wasuch worse years ago from another doctor. I wrote to Victoria in spectrum-aesthetics this morning and got no response. I could get an answer fro others but she is solupposed to be my comtact.

Ten days post & considering my 375cc

This morning I put on some stilettos first thing and looked at my naked body. I looked French with my big breasts and little but. At my height I usually wear heels only when I am performing burlesque, so I mark up my behavior as "professional".
I didn't know about the bloating of surgery, so it is nice to see that some of the girth of my waist has gone with no effort.
Anyway I am including this photo that I think shows that I am proportionate. If I had told Dr Ortega how many cc I wanted, per op I probably would have guessed 450cc. He suggested 325 or 350 and I said 375. I think if I had gone 450cc I would definitely be thinking now that I am going to have to add a BBL next year to balance myself out. I think when everything falls and fluffs, I am going to be perfect enough.
When you are 60, you have to have some acceptance of less than perfect, I think.
Progress: my brusing is starting to fade finally. It was never painful. Vivian at spectrum ignored my request regarding this, but research on line told me that it was normal pooling of blood that happens under the skin. I walked a lot the first days after.
Really not much more to report. The pain is very, very minor. I have full range of motion.
From the start, there was some numbness in my left breast. I saw a look of concern on Dr Ortega's face when I mentioned it. I was touching my nipple as I told him and it got erect. He and the assistant smiled as he explained the feedback loop for that reaction. Short story is it still feels a little numb compared to my right, but it is definitely improving.

2 weeks post breast augmentation

Today I removed the surgical tape to see my scars. I am very pleased. I am less pleased with my wall-eyed - wide cleavage but that was what nature gave me. From most angles and most light I look good. Documenting these scars is probably a worst case situation.
I wish my breast would fall! I think the upper most curve is softening but some flash photos I had to quickly delete!

Exercise, recovery, scars & dropping

Few if any care about the reviews of an older Trans woman to her breast augmentation, but in case someone might have similar concerns to mine, I will continue to update. I an a national touring burlesque hula hoop performer. I canceled a performance in NYC to allow time for recovery, not knowing if I would be ready in 6 weeks. My level of hooping does use my arms a lot and requires quick range of motion. Two weeks to the day of my operation I returned gingerly to hooping and pain free in a matter of an hour I realize I am already 90% capable of everything I could do and surely good enough to perform. Wow, I expected it was going to take at a minimum a month to get to this point.

Regarding scaring: as a nudist and performer of burlesque I would have preferred no scars, but saline seemed to offer the only possibilities do that and it seemed I never could get behind saline. I wish there where real life boobs we could squeeze. Lol. Now that I think of it, perhaps that is the tattoo idea I have been needing. "Test squeezers".

I love that Dr Ortega's cuts are exactly on the fold of my breasts and even have the curve of that fold. I am sure they are going to look good with out any attention but last night I decided that $18 was a little to pay for silicone stops to help this along. He mentioned that he did not think them necessary for his patents, bus did said it works and he does recommend them for his abdominal incisions that are more visible.

Dropping, that is the hardest thing. I am so anxious to have more lower pole and a little less abrupt upper pole to my breasts. I am excepting that I am always going to be a little wall-boobed, but it is mostly just noticeable from straight on. Any pin up girl model will tell you put curves and angles in you poses. :)

In defense of spectrum- aesthetics

By right breast is now a little lower than the left so the dropping is happening. Careful what you wish for. :)

But what I want to writ about today is those who I see jumping ship to go to another surgery center in Miami, because of "poor communication" at Spectrum-Aesthetics. You don't wear communication you wear the healthy body of the surgeon and surgery center you pick out.
I am going to write a little story about my return flight and the parallel to this those who bail out with Spectrum.

It was a rainy winter night as our pilot skillfully (and I assume calmly) was directed to the Indianapolis runway, for a blind landing. It is like that. Our controllers at Spectrum give us the routine information to guide us and we are the pilots. It is our job to trust that the controllers (once they have our signed contracts) will guide us in to a safe landing in a timely fashion. Don't be a nervous pilot, in my opinion.
That said, if you have a genuine need call the main number at Spectrum or find a staff member who does chat with you and ask for that person, regardless of who you are assigned.
I actually never heard back from Vivian when I sent in my initial consultation. I thought I was rejected because I am transgender. I finally got up the nerve to ask Rachael, the chat box lady on their website, why I might not have heard back and she had Vivian call me in five minutes. I learned later that the chat ladies on the are the wives of the three owners of the clinic's owners.
I love Dr Ortega, I think he is an exceptional human being, and I found the staff in person to be wonderful. They are so busy that I guess those who bail out before arrival are not a big deal so from now on I will take my own advice and just remain calm as I see people bailing before meeting Dr. Ortega and Spectrum-aesthetics.

3 weeks & silicone scar strips

I hope when the dropping and fluffing process is over I will be able to document it with time lapsed images, so here is my third week. I have been doing my exercise daily and wearing the strap about 1/2 time now. More often than not, I am not wearing a bra. This was not what was recommended by my doctor, some do suggest this and I just don't feel like I need the added support at this point.

I am pretty happy with my scaring. I don't know if the silicone strips will really help, but they are so easy to use and inexpensive. This is two bandages cut in half and washed daily. You reuse them for a week or more so one box is going to far outlast this procedure.

A little about being transgender here.

I waited 50 years, from age 5 when I first knew I was transgender (actually the word transgender didn't even exist then/ 1958) until coming out at age 55. I have experienced virtually no discrimination since coming out. 99% of that fear that I had for half a century didn't come to pass. I guess my reason for writing this, I would want other women who are transgender who come here and look at our reviews to feel confident that they have every right and expectation to be treated like any other woman coming to surgeons for breast augmentation. In fact, one of the things that gave me the confidence to take this step was the reason most of the women here give for why they are having implants. It is the same as ours, "I never developed as much breast as I wanted", "having larger breasts made me feel more like a woman", "finally having breasts has given me so much more confidence". Also I remembered back to when I started hormones 6+ years ago. I would wake up every morning and say to myself, "What are you doing?", then I would ask "Do you want to stop, do you want to go back?". The answer was always, "NO!". To any who come here in the future and find us, look to your soul, be sure you are doing what you want/ need and what will fit your future, but if you decide to go forward, do so confidently knowing you are right.

1 month post Ortega breast augmentation

The pictures today indicate there is some changing going on. I have spent a lot of time bra less this week and the early part of the week with the band, lately without it. Until I took these pictures, I did not realize that I am sort of asymmetrical. I am worried that I am developing sag, rather than drop. Not sure if that is possible. There are two frontal shots. It is easier to capture the lesser ones then the better, unfortunately. I continue to use the same two silicone strips split lengthwise, in rotation. It is amazing that you can wash them over and over and they continue to adhear. I am going to change them out this week. I don't know if they are doing anything or not. The last two days I have been wearing a sports bra. With my worry of sagging, I think braless is going to be less common now. I don't want to look my age after-all.

Recovery houses

Because I had a lot of frequent flier miles, I flew a friend to Miamii with me and we stayed in the hotel behind Spectum Aeshetics. We did make a vacation of it, but if you are on a budget, this is not the way to go. If you have a friend with you, you can definitely find less expensive hotels. I would get a microwave and a refrigerator.

Another way to go is recovery houses. They pick you up from the airport, take you back and everything between. They are not much more expensive than hotels.
This information comes from a BBL by Ortega patient CharlotteBelle.
"Below are the options that I explored when deciding which Recovery House to utilize. Many girls have utilized the following RHs, and I just wanted to post it here, and hopefully help another BBL sis with her planning. Let me know if you have any questions.

Assistance for Life - Maria
$700 for 4 nights (Says $850 on the website, but I would call and discuss)
2 meals, airport transportation, 24 hour nurse on first night, laundry

Keyla's Recovery House
$130 a night
786-518-1352,&authkey=!ACUjZAqRpKuJPx8 (Pictures of Home)
She knows a massage therapist who can come to the house and give massages for $60 a piece (includes ultrasound therapy)

Moni's Recovery House
4-10 Day Stay Options ranging from $600-$1300
Comes with various numbers of massages, 24 hour nursing, 3 meals, and transportation

For all options, you can initiate the conversation by texting and asking if they have availability, and then go from there."

7 weeks look at these scars

Dr Ortega is great I think. I was worried about scaring because i am a nudist and a burlesque performer. These scars are 7 weeks, right on the fold, curved and smooth. Thank you Dr. Ortega!

Two months

Really I am not noticing much change now but it is the two month mark so I am putting up some more photos. I gained 20 pounds the winter of 2013/14 when I went on progesterone, trying to avoid breast augmentation. I hate the belly fat and that it seems I will never get back to a size 12. I have to do something about this! I have been off the progesterone for at least 6 months and my weight is stuck.

Looking at my before pictures, wow I can't imagine how I was ever happy with that.

Some burlesque photos

Well at 8 weeks I had performed burlesque in Atlanta and Indianapolis. Here is a couple photos.

3 months: Just an ugly laptop cam sitting on the couch

This really makes me want to exercise or earn some money for a BBL. I do look like a woman though. OMG! This has made a difference.

Sharing contact information another RealSelf member posted about Dr. Ortega

lilitinonurse wrote: May 6, 2015
His private office name is Ibody AestheticsI am having surgery with dr Ortega but a this prĂ­vate office. He is only affiliated to spectrum but that is not his private office. Call Gaby his assistant at *** this clinic is not as busy as
lilitinonurse May 6, 2015
His private office name is Ibody Aesthetics

I found this really exciting. I loved Dr. Ortega and I am considering BBL. I also would like to be able to tell others this information in the future if it proves useful. I have put it up here as much for my own reference as yours.

4 months, scars fading

I wish my cleavage where narrower but otherwise totally happy with my breasts.

5 months: scars fade, cleavage narrows?

As my breasts now fall over my scars, the continue to lighten. That is nice. Ir even seems my wide cleavage seems less wide. I have been sleeping on my side with a pillow pushing them together. Perhaps it is my imagination, but it seems so.

6 months, probably my last BA update

I am really thinking about a BBL now. I have asked the doctors here how much I might achieve with that procedure.
I hope what I have shared here will be helpful for some.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I can't say enough good about Dr. Ortega. He is an artist, a specialist in breast and BBL surgeries. He is so personable! This is about results, the staff is fantastic when you arrive and before that, they will steer you in like flight controllers at an airport bringing in a plane for a night landing, that is little chatter, but just what you need. You will get the information you need when you need it. If you have faith that it is going to be ok, you will be great, if you need smoozing, you might be unhappy. I can't say enough about Dr. Ortega. He listens and he does just a couple kinds of surgeries over and over and over. If I could not have had him, I had no second option. I feel confident that I would have had to pay twice as much to have the same confidence. Lastly, I just want to say that as a person, he is exceptional. In my two short meetings, I felt like I was rushing him as I was thinking, "You don't have enough time to be giving me all these detailed even friendly answers to my every question." He has the rare ability to be always present and friendly. He is someone that I thought, I would love to be this guys friend. My one warning, is call the main number if your really need to know something. Communication is not always what you would want from Spectrum_Aesthetics, but for the most part it is what you need. If you don't hear back, there are lots of channels, don't just go with your coordinator if you don't hear back in a timely fashion, but then too, ask yourself, do I really need to know this or am I just being nervous. You are going to have your time to communicate with him what you want and he is going to listen, your job is to get there with your prescriptions, your wish photos, your ride home or to your hotel and your meds. My advise is don't spend long thinking about cc s, provide pictures and learn to say what you want and don't want. Let him be the expert to make your dreams a reality. Write down your questions before your interview. Relax and enjoy!

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