36yo, Getting BBL W/lipo Dr Llorente - Miami, FL

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I am so nervous, I haven't seen a lot of Dr....

I am so nervous, I haven't seen a lot of Dr. Llorente reviews on BBL's and I don't want to be disappointed. From what I've seen his results aren't that noticeable. UGH This really frustrates me because that is the very reason I decided to go to Miami to have the procedure, because the Surgeons her results are very hard to see out side of the lipo. I want an ASS not a little more booty then what I have. Has anyone had or seen more bbl results? I need pics lol My surgery is March 31st and I am freaking out. I hope he was the right choice :(


I am sick and achy. I have surgery in about 2 weeks March 31, I am panicking. I can't afford to reschedule. What should I do?

I found more pics of BBL for my BBL Dr, YESSSS!!

I was so nervous because I could find many reviews on or pics in Dr. Llorente, but I found tons on IG and he does great work, I am so excited and after speaking with my coordinator and trust I am in good hands and he will provide me with the results I want! This was really bothering me and now I can exhale :)

BBL Supplies...What do I need? BBL in 2 weeks

Okay this is my last update for today ladies lol, I think. :) So far I have Arnica Cream, my multi-vitamins, Gauze, Band-Aids, my Boppy pillow, some bigger panties, The garment I am getting from them, Vitamin E oil, I know I need chucks-still need to get them. I have alcohol wipes, cleansing wipes (need to get more) and my anti bacterial body wash. I think that is all beside my regular toiletries like deodorant and toothpaste so on and so forth. Oh and I still need to get a few maxi dresses. But am I missing anything important?

4 more days till the big day!!

I am so excited and nervous. I finally got over my "cold" I honestly don't know what it was. I never really had a cough runny nose nor sneezing. Cleveland weather is retarded. Possibly was allergies. IDK. BUT I leave for Miami in 3 days. So nervous because I hate flying ughh I don't know what Im going to do if Im not able to take my anxiety pills for the plane :( I will post my supplies and before pics later today. PRAY FOR ME LADIES! Hotep ? ????

Miami Bound!! I made it here!!!

I am super excited, but bored as hell. My husband and I have been in our room we ate and crashed. I was tired from the Ativan I took from the plane ride and we're just sitting here in our room. I have not heard anything about what time surgery is, when I called the just told me someone will be contacting me by 530 pm.

What should I be doing? I just laying around sleeping this is Miami, UGHH!


My surgery is tomorrow but no one has told me time! I have called 3 times since I got to Miami and they just told me someone will call me at 530 with a time and instructions. Not they are closed this is ridiculous. Has anyone else exexperienced this at Spectrum Anesthetics?


Ladies PLEASE make sure they give you your meds BEFORE going into surgery. I suffered because they waited until I was leaving to give my husband the RX and they called the other meds in. And we had to wait and pick them up hours after. OMG TALK ABOUT PAIN! But i have since ate some soup and had my pain meds and antibiotics and feel so much better UGH thank GOD for pain pills.

ALso I am taking my IRON as I did before because I am literally dripping blood when I stand and don't want to become Anemic. So far thats all I can think if. If you beauties have any questions about anything feel free to ask. :)

3 days post op...

I had my procedure done on the 31st of March, so does that make me 3 or 4 days po? IDK lol Anyways, I'm doing well. Very sore and stiff but able to get a round very slowly. Yesterday I was moving faster, maybe I over did it. Still very swollen...my tummy looks like I'm about 4 month preggers lol But I have a waistline hips and booty :) I can't wait to see how I look when the swelling goes down.

Leaving Miami tomorrow!! BBL Flight tips??

I have a hour flight and I don't know how I'm going to do this, any suggestions? Spectrum gave me flight papers so I can stand the entire flight, except for take off and landing BUT how am I going to stand on a plane for 3 hours?? I am sore and I get dizzy a lot and my legs hurt just standing for 20 mins at a time now. I don't want to ruin my new booty, and just had my surgery on March 31st. Has anyone had to do this?

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