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Hey you beautiful ladies, I'm back at it again. I...

Hey you beautiful ladies, I'm back at it again. I have been thinking long and hard about getting a BBL done for quite sometime now. I'm not looking for anything dramatic, just was a complete round not so lumpy backside. So after much prayer, thought, and research I have finally decided to go with Dr. Ortega through Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami. I wanted to have it doing my vacation because I will be taking off two full weeks plus the days that I normally don't have to work. I called Spectrum back today and asked for Emily (who originally responded to my inquiry) made a payment to lock in my date for March 4th. Now I am going to start buying supplies that I need, cause I do not like waiting last minute. And of course I want to make sure I have everything on time. I have already recieved my pre and post op instructions. Now I have to decide where I want to stay. My husband want to tag along to, so I need to decide if I should stay at a recovery house. Do any one have any good ones I can look into? Who gives the best massages that will be more effective for me? Please let me know and send any suggestions my way. I have to decide how I want to travel. I will coming in from Houston. I could fly but I was think renting a mini van so I can lay down and my husband can drive back, but that will be a very long drive. I just want to be comfortable on my return home. Decisions oh my decisions.

Recovery house

Okay I have booked my flight and placed the deposit down for Keyla Recovery house. I have been reading nothing but good about her. I had contacted, Assisted Living they responded back once and Cosmic Care I am still waiting to hear back from. I didnt want to keep waiting and end up with no where to go. I know that I will need help and if I was to get a hotel I would still need to hire help so I may as well be at an recovery house. Do anyone know of a good RH that offer private rooms? Now I am going to start on my list. Where can I get a detailed list from? Any suggestions of other things I should get and benefit from. TTyl later


Hey ladies did anyone get massages while recovering at Keyla's from the lady she mentions on her website. I want to make sure while I'm there I get the best and most effective lymphatic massages.

So in decisive

Hey ladies, I have been thinking about staying at Keyla's for the first few days and then go to the hotel. My mom wants to come down and I have a brother and friends that is located in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale that wants to visit with me.

Booty Pillow

Where do we get the booty pillow and which is the best to use. I saw someone post nursingpillow.com for a boppy pillow but all I see is the nursing pillows. Are they one in the same? Please help. Thanks

Changing mind

I have been thinking about changing surgeons. I am scheduled with Dr. Ortega but now I'm leaning on Dr. Omulepu. I don't know which one. Both seems to be good but I have seen Dr Omulepu transform Sponge Bob built women to Nikki Baby's. I'm already shapely so I know he will really make me sick with it. Helllppppp me any advise RS sisters.


Okay okay I called and spoke with Emily and told her how I was feeling. I am going to stick with Dr Orteg.

Getting it together

I keep hitting the back button and having to start my post over again like 3x already geesh. Anyway I am starting to getting my supplies together. I am the type that likes to be well prepared ahead of time just in case there is something I order I don't like I can send back and reorder the right one, my need more of something, hard to find or it may takes a while to receive. I went to our local flea market bc they have a booth that sells medical supplies and purchases the chux like 50 for $12 still in package. That is about the same cost if I ordered from amazon, I just didn't have to wait for them to come. I also wanted to sure something that another RS bbl doll shared on her post. I can't remember her name, though. Anyway it's a lower back board that help molds your lower back with the V shape. I had already ordered me a lower back board when I order my lipo foam sheet from inthepinkroom.com, but I thought I would order this o email too just to have. I sent them and email, she responded right back asking for shipping info and when I was ready to pay for order they can call or give them one. I was getting my hair braided at the time so I called when I was done. I paid for it over the phone free shipping with no tax my total was $22.00. Nice, right. Soon as I hung up from her she sent me the tracking number. She shipped it out the same day.
REF: MLE-UNI / $22.00 USD


Hey bbl dolls, I don't want to wait till the last minute to get a garment and only have the one Dr Ortega puts us in, then gave go out and try to find one. What are some good ones I can look into?

Yeaaaa it's here

Today I received my lower back mold. It was actually here yesterday but I picked it up from the post office this morning. I had order this on Friday and it arrived Monday. As I was out working a received an email from Fajas M&D letting me know that it had arrived and for me to go get it. I emailed them back letting theme that I had it and thanked them for great customer service and fast delivery. I did place an order for the booty buddy and they said in about 2-3 days.

Yasssssssss the real count down begins

Heyyyyyyy my beautiful ladies. I hope and pray all is well and everyone had a blessed Xmas and New Year.

Well I decided to go to my pcp right before Xmas and get a lab ordered. I had the done the Monday following and they called me that Thursday. I had already knew my Iron count was way low bc I eat sonic lce like crazy. The day of my appt he gave me a script any way for ferrous and I started them 1x a day the same day. I knew it was going up cause I started slowing down on the ice. The day he called with the results he told me to take them 3x a day cause I was low low. I was also low in my Vit D. But not low enough for a script. So I should be good when I take the lads for my sx the end of this month. Along with my iron pills I take multi vits, calcium, biotin, and vit c. I'm going to stop 2 wks prior to my sx. I've just about gotten all my supplies, I'm just waiting on my booty buddy and I have to order me a body pillow. I think I'm going to but me a dorm frig so I won't have to constantly walk up and down the stairs to the kitchen. I planned on getting one anyway cause these men of mine in this house eats up every damn thing, lol. I need to email Emily to see if I need to have my implant removed from my arm.

Ortega keeping it natural

I've seen a post or two about Dr Ortega not being aggressive or just keeping it natural. First we must give things time to heal after sx, secondly a closed mouth won't get feed, and also our bodies are different. There is a good chance that our body may absorb 30-50% of the fat that is placed back there. It is also very important to follow the Dr's aftercare instructions. Just bc zmary or Sue did this doesn't mean it will work for you. I did call and ask about him being aggressive or basically just giving me what I want. Emily said tell him. Oh best believe I will. I think the fat I have will stick lol cause it's hard to loose when I gain. I am happy and confident in my decision with Dr Ortega. I already have the hour glass shape and a lite dunk just need it rounded out. I'm super excited!!!!! However I'm still in limbo about staying at a RH.


I recieved my pillow today. Really don't know how I feel about it. I could have made this myself. I tried it in the car a bit cause that's what I really need it for and the ride on the plane back home. Anyway, I have everything I need. I actually had everything since Nov, was just waiting for this. I'll see.


So I'm still in limbo on garments. I am thinking about either of these two.

let's get real.

I'm soon over these women making comments about drs. I don't care what doctor it is its going to be somebody being negative, not liking their results, having unrealistic expectations, or want 5 star stellar customer service. What lala land are you living in. I have researched Omulepu, Hasan, Fisher, Jimerson, Ortega Cortez, and the list goes on. And it never fell it's an experience from someone that is not happy with their results. And most of the time the main one complaining do not post pics of what they dislike. Prime example, someone posted a bad review about Dr Paul Gill saying no one goes to him that he's a horrible doctor. But has not posted one before or after pic. I have gone to him before and my breast are beautiful, another person commented and asked her for pics and they were also happy with their results. What I am getting at EVERYONE is different. If you have a body shape of sponge Bob and expect to come out looking like Nikki or someone that already has an figure then you are having unrealistic expectations. These doctors are not God and only can do so much. A lot of women goes under the knife several times to obtain their dream body. So just because you are not happy with your results don't drill and constantly convince someone to change doctors. Upcoming dolls be happy with your decision in surgeons. Stay prayed and be confident in you doctor, be realistic and don't expect a miracle, also keep in mind everybody is different, heals differently, as for the bbl your body may not store the fat that is injected back there it can absorb at least 30-50% of the fat. That's why a lot of Lady go back for round 2 and sometimes 3 to achieve their desired look. So please keep an open mind, not everyone is going to be happy not matter what or who does it, and be realistic. I don't care what other think or feel about the doctor I chose and I do not base my future on theirs. I'm happy and very confident in Dr Ortega and you should be in the surgeon you have chosen. Be blessed beautiful ladies.

Finally on IG

I finally created me a sx IG page aside from my personal one. @ortegadoll2016

yasssssssss he did that!

This a doll that went to Dr Ortega recently. Omg he has her right. That derriere is nice and round!

Body Pillow

Omg when I tell you these body pillows are the truth. I have always used body pillows. My last one I bought from Sears years ago, like a good 10 yrs. That pillow has been with me longer than my husband, lmao. It's still nice firm but looks ancient. Sooooo what better time to give it some rest, no way in any format will I discarding it. Any way the two new ones feel so good they are firm and longer then I am just about.
Ultimate Big and Soft Body Pillow
Sleep Innovations Embrace memory foam body pillow

I'm getting close

Hey beautiful dolls! I really have not been on here bc I was feeling a certain way. But it didn't last too long. I'm not going to let trolls get me out of character well really my alter ego, lol. Frfr. Anyway I'll be going to take labs any day now. So I went by vitamin shoppe and grabbed me some floradix. I want to be on the safe side. Then the other one is for my acid reflux. I has been pretty bad for the last couple of days. Last night it was hurting so bad I had to eat some mustard. That mustard ain't nooooooo joke. Fizzled it right on down, then I was able to sleep. So this will help put the enzymes back into my stomach. I wanted the liquid cause I'm not cool with taking a lot of pills.

The count down begins

Hey my beautiful dolls. I haven't been on here lately. I've been busy working and getting things in order. I went and took my labs Saturday and today I go for my medical clearance and EKG.

another Ortega doll

It's a wrap.

Yasssss, literally just recieved my email "CLEARED". It's going down. I am to excited. I'm out working doing the Michael Jackson and Daphne on these folks.

Thought I would share

Hey dolls, I thought I would pass this valuable info along. It's from another beautiful doll.

I'm sooooooo ready

Hey doll, I made it to the other side.

Well I've finally crossed over. I have update you beautiful dolls on my experience with travel, Spectrum, Dr. Ortega, and my private duty nurse. Right now I'm on my knees washing my garment before I get my second massage. I'll let you ladies know the deal afterwards. Ttyl


OMG I had written a whole damn review and it disappeared. Anyway Day 1 my travel was cool, calm, and uneventful. Breakfast was good on the flight, I think the pilot pushed the speed button bc we got to Miami 40 mins early. I wasn't mad at all. Being in Florida wasn't any thing new to me. I lived here for over 10 yrs and still have family here. Hell Im here at least once a year.
Hopped in my rental, stopped by Spectrum to see if I can get my scripts, wishful thinking. But they did advise me of my time which was for 11:30 am Thursday. Left there headed to Walmart to get cleaning supplies, juices, ensure, and snacks. while I was there Residence Inn texted me to let me know my suite was ready for early check-in. I have stayed here in various states, but I still wanted to clean my way and get the room ready for my recovery. Yessss once that was done hopped in the ride to hit my favorite spots for some good ass food and some Miami flop. Full and feeling good, off to sleep I go.

Day 2

Up and about headed to Walmart. I forgot my power cord to my laptop ughhhh. Anyway Gretchen from Spectrum called to see if I can come at 10 instead of 11:30. Absolutely went back to the room bathed, hit Amy up to let her know of the time change, returned rental and was at Spectrum at 9:27. I did not wait longer than 5 mins before taking a prego test and then off to the back I go as I am doing pics and signing paperwork here come the man of the hour. Dr Ortega..... Let me tell you everyone have their own opinions and experiences, but mine with him was 100. He is honest, straightforward, and open. First and foremost, I was in no way wanting a huge unrealistic ass. Not my thing to each its own. I wanted to correct what I didn't like about it. He let me know off rip I did not have much body fat, which I was already aware of, I did have have in person consultations with other doctors. I gained weight just try to get some body fat. Anyway Dr Ortega listened to what I was saying and he did do what he said he could do and I am happy with the results.


I sooo love Amy. She is the bomb.com. If anybody planning on renting a room or using airbnb please don't hesitate to use her as your nurse. She had me up and around the very next day.

Flight from hell

ughhhhhhhhh, well thank the lord I finally made it home. The flight was delayed like several times. Then to top it off there was turbulence the entire trip. So there was no standing or moving around at all. Can you say I was miserable? Then I make it home I see dumb ass TSA cut my TSA compliance lock off WTF............. I hope my ass alright....

Swelling is going down somewhat. Still long way to go

Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. I spoke with Emily today and the payment process went smooth and she did what she said she was going to do and that was to email me the invoice, pre and post op instructions. I have not met with Dr. Ortega yet because I will be an out of town patient.

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