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Hello ladies, same as most of you, I have been...

Hello ladies, same as most of you, I have been lurking on this site reading as many reviews as I could to get ready for my bbl sx. Im from NJ but couldn't find a dr up here that made me feel comfortable. I went to a consultation with a dr in NY and he was going to charge me $13,500 with a $2000 "discount". I didn't like that price and I didn't like what his results looked like. I did my homework on RealSelf and finally decided on Dr Mel Ortega.
A little about me, I'm 29 with no kids and I recently got out of an 11 year relationship that ran it's course. I decided to get a bbl because a little over 4 years ago I was hit by a car which caused me to lose volume in my buttocks and flattened my left butt cheeks and hips which was minor compared to 2 herniated discs, several surgeries (including knee and back surgery) and a pinched nerve. I have had to go years of physical therapy and counseling among other things but I have always kept a positive outlook on life because I'm alive and I'm grateful for that. Now that my recovery is almost done I'm ready to fix my butt because I'm not confident with it and I my confidence back in myself.
I have never been super curvy but I had a nice butt that went well with my body. I'm ready to get my butt and my sexy back so I can step into the dating world with confidence. I have only told a few people in my family and I'm so excited to get it done with.

I have been gaining weight to make sure I have enough fat for my bbl. I look forward sharing my journey with you and Thanks for reading.

blood work!

So I will finally be getting my lab work done this morning. I had been calling several times last week to the medical clearance office with no answer. I finally got in touch with Evelyn yesterday and hopefully everything works out.I will actually be flying to Orlando this evening for a family function later in the week. I wanted to get everything done before flying out there. This was planned before my surgery date. I was lucky enough to get a sx date while being in Fl so I decided to extend my trip for an extra 11days and 9 of those days will be at the recovery house. I bought my supplies and the booty buddy cause I was worried about ruining my new booty on the flight home. I knew exactly what to get thanks to the great reviews I read on this wonderful site. Thank you ladies of RealSelf.


So I've been cleared for surgery and can't wait to get it done with so I can be healing already.


So I'm in Miami and staying around the corner from Spectrum. I got a call from them today to move my sx to tomorrow but it's too much to move my plans around. Im just going to keep my original date and pray for the best.

surgery today!

Quick update !
So had the surgery today. Dr Ortega was very sweet and informative. I was in horrible pain waking up after the sx and the nurse gave me pain meds which really helped. Feeling much better now, just very sore and tight. The recovery house is beautiful and Mora is helpful and very caring. Well I'm going to get some sleep so I'll give more details tomorrow.

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