Soon to Be Alvarez Doll.

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So far, so good. My coordinator is Liz at Spectrum...

so far, so good. My coordinator is Liz at Spectrum and she's very helpful and answers text messages/phone call promptly. Ive sent pictures and did my consultation that way. I actually got a package deal (I Guess) .. $5,500 includes 12 areas of Lipo + BBL. 3 massages. And 5 nights at the recovery house!

My surgery is May 7th. So as I get closer to that date i'll start posting my journey and I'm also thinking about making an Instagram to show my Pre-op and most importantly my Post-op. I was originally scheduled with Dr. Ortega but I switched over to Dr. Llorente, for specific reasons.

Oh, by the way. I'm 5'6" and weight 165lbs.

2 months Pre-Op Pics

Surgery date is May 7th @ Spectrum Aesthetics with Dr. Llorente.

25 Days !

Okay. I'm all scheduled for May 7th. I'm also booked at the recovery house with Karla. My experience so far and still is great. My coordinator Liz still answers all my questions. The one thing I'm waiting on now is the Lab paperwork to be sent to me. I contacted the nurse this morning and left a voicemail to email the paperwork so I can schedule a doctors appointment as soon as possible.

I haven't bought supplies or a Faja yet. Because really and truly don't really know what to buy. But after the nurse contacts me then I'll start to purchase everything needed. I refuse to go down to Miami and they can't do anything because I have no labs done.

Medical Labs

Okay. So the nurse at Spectrum called. So sweet & nice as ever. Pretty much told me everything I needed to know. So she said she'll email me the lab paperwork shortly and then I'll be able to print it out and go get it filled out.

She also told me the specific places I should go to in Atlanta because it's ALREADY paid for. Nice! I'm super nervous but time does wait on no one so, I just need to get prepared. I'm also very excited. Tomorrow I'm going to call the recovery house to see if I can bring one guest to come stay with me for the 6 days.


So I got my blood drawn on Thursday and it can back quicker than I thought .. The next day!

The nurse called me & pretty much told me my blood work didn't come back good & that she's gonna put me on some antibiotics & vitamins for 7 days and then retake my sample then see what it comes back as.

If it doesn't have better results I'll have to reschedule my sx :(

Doctor Change.

So of course I got the call and Liz said Dr. Llorente couldn't perform my surgery. Ive seen a bunch of post about this happening to a bunch of dolls. So now I'm one day ahead of schedule. My sx is now May 6th with my 2nd choice Sergio Alvarez. Yes. I'm always in a bathing suit because I travel and have fun for a living. I would love love love if I can feel more confident in a bathing suit :)

Rolling Eyes

Nothing is going right with my labs. I just keep getting my date pushes back.

3rd Times a Charm

So they say. So wish my luck. Did my lab work for the 3rd time but I'm hoping and praying I finally get cleared for surgery. I'm scheduled for Sept. 6th with Sergio Alvarez -- fingers and toes crossed tighter than a virgin !

Oh Happy Day .


So .. My sx is on Tuesday. And I'm nervous ! This journey has been rough and now the time is finally here. I'm going to spend today getting everything ready because I leave tomorrow to go to Miami. I'm going to post some wish pics just so I can have them saved to show Dr. Alvarez.

Wish Pics.

Recovery House.

I'm at the recovery house and everything is amazing. Lunch was already made and waiting for me when I arrived. This house is super clean and the bed is comfortable. Moura doesn't speak much English but we're communicating just fine. I'm super nervous about tomorrow ! But she's telling me to calm down Lolol.

One Day Post Op.

5 days post op

Lol what an experience. I've never been so uncomfortable in my life. But yes it's worth it. At this point 5 days out I'm still swollen and sore. Arnica and Benadryl cream will be your best friend.

Okay the first thing I recommend after surgery is a recovery house !!! It's definitely worth it !! They literally do EVERYTHING for you and help you get better. And you also meet ladies there that are recovering with you. So you guys can motivate each other. I stayed at Karla's recovery house. But Mora is the nurse there. You get transportation wherever you need to go. I literally would not have been able to make it without Mora. She made sure I ate and set her alarm every time I needed to take my antibiotics. She's a blessing!

I'm back home in Atlanta. The plane ride wasn't so bad I slept for an hr then laid down on an empty row of seats until landing. The pain has gotten a lot better buuuuut I'm still hurting (im allergic to heavy pain killers so I've been just fighting through the pain). Other than pain, It's very uncomfortable to lay on your stomach all day & night. Your neck starts to hurt ALOT. But I've been creative and coming up with ways to lay on my back to accommodate my neck, while not putting pressure on my ass. Also doggy style is one of my favorite positions when resting. It stretching me out feels a lot better. My left cheek is so swollen and HARD so this position helps.

5 days.

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