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OK first let me say I'm 3 days post op been going...

OK first let me say I'm 3 days post op been going back & forth rather to do a review or not. Decided today yes, I should help like others help myself .better late than never. So you'll have a lot to read at once then I'll keep you posted day by day. Little about myself 25 yrs old just had my 4th baby last year & just felt like it was time to get my body how I want it. Been a member since 2014 just reading reviews stealing wish pics that fit my wants & needs. Trying to determine overall if it would be worth it. Hubbs not the biggest fan of me getting surgery but hey I'm sure he'll reap the benefits of it plus he's in perfect shape. So moving forward I arrived day before surgery 3.13.16 went to the recovery house. So far so good a little bored due tobthevfact it was noon & nice out. Yet I was in the recovery house. Kind of made me regret bringing my mom & fiance' lol. So next day I had surgery scheduled for 9:30am. Recovery lady woke me up at 4:30am & said I should shower & get ready for appt. She said she wanted to best traffic. We left at 5:45am in my head I'm thinking she's fucking nuts but what do I know about Miami traffic so I went with the flow. The clinic was literally 28 mins from her home we arrived at 6:05am. She left me saying she had to get back home to start breakfast for her other patients. At this point I'm pissed but OK. I took a pregnancy test made my final payment then to the back I went. Nurse came in took before pics asked questions,weighed me, I electronically signed a few documents. She gave me gown ,compression socks,feet covers,hair net. 20 mins later in comes Ortega asked if I understood everything, asked why I wanted bbl was satisfied with my answer of wanting curves. Looked over my body,marked me up I showed him my wish pic. He glanced & just said so big as much as I can get in. I agreed,seemed a Lil rushed but as long as he know big I was satisfied. 9:30 came & went I got a little impatient due to the fact I had been there 3 hours already & it was uncomfortable & freezing cold in there. So 45 mins later anesthesiologist comes in asks questions explained what to expect & said he would come back & get me once Ortega is ready. The waiting game again ugh! So FINALLY around 11:50 he pops his head in ask if I'm ready. Of course! I walked into this FREEZING COLD room almost felt like I played in the freezer at the morgue. Anesthesiologist asks for my arm,Ortega comes in cracks a few jokes about how cold it was. I'm ignoring everyone with my eyes closed pleading with God to be covered with the blood of Jesus during my operation. I hear I'm going to start fluids in you then start your anesthesia might feel tingling. I'm watching the bad feeling something move quickly through my body. I almost felt like my nose was burning & my chest got a funny feeling in it. Next thing you know I woke up on my ass being stuffed in a tight faja shivering & hurting like crazy. I couldn't even gather a though process I just knew this shit was for the birds. So they helped me into a wheel chair I could barely fit in on my ass again. Like really! I went back to the recovery house where she believed you shouldn't take pain meds just Tylenol. So she didn't get any of my scripts filled. Thank god my mom sent me with 12 narcos that I had to sneak & take by the way or I would've been fucked. I took a nap drunk plenty fluids,& had ate. I drenched my garment in literally 2 hours. She helped me clean & change to new garment while almost making me feel like I was wrong for bleeding like that but she's banother story I'll get to. Peed every hour didn't use my pez I had a big enough hole cut in my garment where I just pulled to the sides squatting & peed. 1st day in pain but moving fairly well considering I wasn't even 24 hours out of surgery.

Day 1 post op

Day after surgery I'm in pain but im moving eating drinking,felt pretty good compared to almost all the reviews I've been reading. I'm still sneaking narcos every 6 hours with my mom(a nurse by the way) reminding me to get up to take meds before pain kicks in. I'm draining a lot I didn't have drains so my garment is covered in blood & fluids. Miriam comes in washes my body tells me how dirty I am & not to get blood on her floors. I'm being respectful & just keeping my thoughts to myself while she assists me. I have a 11:30 post op appt at spectrum this day. So she takes garment off & decides let's drain some fluid. She rubs me fluids & blood just running out sides & stomach hurt so fucking bad I had to lay down a few times. I got very sick & faint feeling from the massage. She does my back while I'm laying down. I get up let her continue on my stomach which by the way I had to hold my fat up while she massage the fluids out I had a lot of loose skin after lipo to the abdomen. That shit sucks! Finally we're done she change my bed I have a small meal. She explains she won't take me until her other patient comes from surgery. In my head I'm thinking wtf your other patient have to do with my 11:30 appt. When I'm positive I paid a thousand dollars for my own personal surgery & post op needs to be met. But she lied & told me she talked to the clinic & they said they would see me as soon as I arrived. She rode me around a hour & 1/2 on my very sore stomach handling business for another patient. I'm pissed but we make it to spectrum at 1:30 the place is packed I peed myself in the garage because she wouldn't stop for me to use a bathroom. Just kept saying we're almost there honey. I'm telling this lady I can't hold my pee at all. Like when I got to go I got to go. We get upstairs there's nowhere for me to lay I'm irritated socks wet all waiting rooms full. I literally stood 2 hours to finally be seen by the p.a. she checked drainage I was still draining soaking my garment & guaze she changed my dressings I was out a hr later. I felt bad the whole time due to the fact one of her patients had to wait a hr after boob surgery for me to finish. I couldn't imagine how she felt cause after surgery I would've fuckin lost it. We get back to the house thank goodness. I asked to be changed out my garment into a new one didn't happen. I slept all night feeling disgusted & over whelmed. But pain was bearable compared to the girls that had to suffer while only being given Tylenol. I was sneaking my narcos every 6 hours. She didn't have my meds filled yet so she gave me 2 antibiotics she had at the house. I slept the rest of the day only waking to pee & pop pills & talk with one of her patients that helped me every step of the way. God was watching over me.

Day 2 post op

Day 2 I'm still managing my pain pretty well. I was actually able to get a nice walk in with another patient who was 7 days post op. Without this girl I probably would've lost my kool but I had Hubbs & moms supporting & comforting me when I was able to stay woke. So I'm up walking eating changed my garment I wore the xl while my xxl & garment from spectrum. I was give the ok to shower the previous day by p.a at post op follow up. So yes today I thought would be the day I got to feel clean & rejuvenated if only for a few hours before I messed my last garment up again. Boy was I wrong, my care giver was gone most of the day saying she was getting another patient & my prescription filled. Her son asked if I needed anything I said to shower he gave me the ok but I guess confirmed it with his mom. She gets me on the phone saying no to a shower at this point I've had enough of this lady shit. I told her I was given the ok to shower & that's exactly what I was going to do. She says trust her she's a nurse(my mom looked her up once again a fuckin lie) & not to listen to the clinic because they have m/a & she knows more. Fuck that I smell like pee my garment is nasty Mrs nice girl has left the building I paid you to accommodate my needs & you don't fill them I will gladly cancel your ass & on to the next one. I had been treated rudely & unprofessional from day 1. She was already threading on thin ice. I'm not a kid a grown ass woman with kids to be exact & I'm not walking around feeling nasty smelling of urine. She agreed to assist me once she arrived. Finally she's back she comes in my room & ask if I'm ready I say yes grab my things. She says do you have towels cause you're bleeding & can not use my towels we can use your dress. Bitch what!!! Run that again!!! I had given her a hundred dollars but get my antibiotics, another garment,robe,black compression stockings. Since she only came back with meds & sports socks I made her ass give me my money back for if you knew you wouldn't be providing me towels(which in my quote she says to bring nothing everything is provided) but me being me still packed my shit except towels. I asked why she didn't use my money to buy me towels knowing she would be assisting with a shower. She told me she was too busy been busy since I arrived & she could only do so much. I packed all my shit & called another recovery home for pick up. She charged me 600.00 for the 3 days I was there & she gave minimal assistance I had a whole bag of dirty clothes & garments to take with me. Which in fact she could've taken that 600.00 & shoved it inside her lump sided sagging ass for all I cared I was getting the hell out that cave. I left around 10:30 best decision I've made since walking through her door.

Day 3 post op

Today I'm feeling better walking more occasionally getting a stinging sensation on my back close to the butt. My butt still not looking how I want but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'm taking all my prescribed meds my care giver is assisting my every needs. Taking me on walks by the pool. I talked to my Oregon buddy she's in great spirits at home. I'm in a overall good mood. Minimal pain still taking meds every 6 hours don't want to get beside myself & act like I didn't have a major surgery 3 days ago & slack on my meds. Ive been taking arnica tablets not like my girl told me too cause they helped her out a lot after surgery. Just 4 once or twice a day. They don't taste like anything I just don't feel like taking them every 4 hours. More of a mind thing. My Hubbs & kids are missing me so I'm counting down my flight take off at 6:50am Saturday morning. Oh I did number 2 today with no problem I was scared at first last night my mom told me take a laxative so I wouldn't have to strain. Boy was she right day after laxative I went at ease. I love my mom wish all nurses was just like her. I told her she needs to come & get a recovery house here & save women from bad recovery house experience.

Day 4 post op

Today was a good day absolutely no pain(yes I'm still taking pain meds) I took my first shower since surgery. Best feeling all day, my recovery lady massage me you could hear the fluid moving in my body.My sides & back are a Lil numb my skin feels like rubber. I finally put back on my surgery garment provided by spectrum & it made a biiiiggg difference in how I felt & looked. I actually look like I got curves today. Still eating & drinking good. Haven't been really eating healthy it concerns me a Lil but hey its good. I'll eat healthier once I'm home. Doc told me to wear my an board & triangle non stop for a month & change garment next week to one higher in the back & with sleeves to compress these stupid bra rolls. I didn't sleep as much today but I plan on relaxing & sleeping as much as possible after this review since I have an early morning flight & can't sleep during the flight. I'm so nervous about sitting on this bbl pillow. Ortega says do it im still scared I'll mess with my results. Any tips let me know. Also feel free to ask any questions.

pics I wanted to update with day 4 review moving too fast

Post op day 7

So finally the 7 days I've been waiting on since I started thinking about this surgery. Just because I knew by day 7 I would be feeling better. Yes I feel fine slight pain every now & again but definitely doesn't feel like I had a major surgery just 7 days ago. I'm still not loving my results at all but I still just want to keep hope because it is 7 days. I just wanted way more projection & a bigger butt & my butt is OK at the swollen stage but if it gets any smaller which I'm sure it will I'm going to be very dissatisfied. I go for my first professional lymphatic massage tomorrow (my mom drained me & I did it myself a couple times) so I'm going tomorrow to just see if we're doing it right then I'll be saving my 50$. I'm waiting on my new garment my other one is too big not enough upper compression. Hopefully this one works out. This damn booty is going to drive me fuckin nuts especially since I don't know how many CCS were put in to even give me a ideal of what to even expect. Then I asked him would it get bigger he replied no so I really been on edge since hearing that shit. Mybwaist is suppose to get smaller to make the booty appear bigger. Really? I wanted a big booty, small waist & hips right after surgery then watch nature take it's course but unfortunately I'm left feeling nervous that this just wasn't for me. But enough of my sad story lol I been moving around pretty damn good which is scary & the bottom of my butt feels a Lil soft which is scary as well. So here's a few more pics tell me what you think.

Post op day 12

Nothing much to say I feel like I never had surgery. Ive been washing,cleaning,cooking dealing with my 1yr old like I'm true to this not new to this lol. Got me wondering if I'm over doing it & losing fat. Butt still measuring 45 waist 34 but one cheek looks flatter than the other. I'm worrying myself sick about this butt getting flat then it being a waste of time of money & time. Yes at 12 days I'm worried especially since it's no where as big as I was expecting. So basically i got my fingers crossed I wore my waist cincher for 7 hours today & maybe 5 yesterday. Don't know if I should be waist training so early or not. But that's pretty much it. Oh I ordered a lrg garment that I couldn't fit(way too small) so I'm waiting on my xxl to be delivered Wednesday & I go for another massage Wednesday as well.

Post op day 14

Today I am 15 days post op...I took those pics yesterday finally got my garment. I'm solo happy with how it makes my butt look hopefully it will help with the shaping. I'm still in a 2x garment after surgery I was in a 3x. I'm not really concerned with my waist right now because I know I can work on that I'm more focused on shaping & keeping the Lil volume I do in my butt lol. Its all about the booty to me. I feel damn good compared to how I felt just two weeks ago just tired of laying on my belly not being able to go any where. Thats the down side for me right now. Other than that my waist is at 33 today my butt is measuring 45 was 44 probably all the chicken dressing & cornbread I had yesterday & today lol. I have to eat healthy I just don't know how it sucks but I'm happy about my butt measurements. It definitely needs shape but for now I won't complain. 0 pain I go for my 2nd massage tomorrow:)

Day 20 post op

Just wanted to keep you ladies updated. My measurements are 43 33 45 I feel 80% like myself the skin on my lower back is still a Lil tight when I bend but that's pretty much it. My butt is soft I was worried at first but my buddy from Oregon that had the surgery as well has been very helpful with keeping me sane about this damn healing process lol. I didn't wear my garment yesterday for like 6 hours because I took the kids to a bday party at chuck e cheese & the garment makes my butt look soooo huge so I just went wit my real look lol. My body looks nice in clothes(jeans) im hoping it stay this size. I'm a day away from the 3 week mark & boy let me tell you this recovery process is a lot. I got down a few times just being in the house not able to go nowhere or sit I was a wreck. But I'm better now just counting down the weeks I go back to work & can start sitting & driving then I will be satisfied. Oh just to let everyone know I called spectrum last week & was told I had 2000ccs put in each cheek. I don't believe that one bit due to the fact she said he took out 4 liters of fat so it's impossible that all 4 liters were good fat. I just think she was trying to get me off the phone. So any who that's all for now I'll post again in another 2 weeks.

5 1/2 weeks post op

I'm 5 weeks & 3 days post op I feel pretty good I'm up & down with rather I'm happy with my results. But one thing for sure 2 things for certain my body looks way better than it did previous to surgery. I haven't started working out yet so I believe once I do my results will be better. I'm going for hour long lymphatic massages now started off doing 30 mins. I don't wear my garment anymore I just wear flexees I couldn't take the garment anymore:( my butt is measuring 45/45 1/2 waist 32 1/2 gotta get this waist down so working out is a must. I called spectrum yesterday to see when I could sit they were surprised to hear that I still was not sitting at 5 weeks. I could sit after 2 weeks lol. So yesterday I sat without my bbl pillow let me tell you I was so happy for some odd reason its very uncomfortable when I sit on soft surfaces but I feel alright on hard surfaces. My sides are still a Lil sore I get really itchy at night my skin feels a Lil tight on my lower back but so far so good.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Professional cool guy not much I can say about someone I only talked with for 10/15 mins.

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