I Finally Can Start the Countdown to a New Me! First Up is a BBL

I've been pretty much obsessed with complete a...

I've been pretty much obsessed with complete a mommy makeover, and after over 4 years of going back and forth with researching drs, stalking RealSelf and procrastinating I officially set a date! Dec. 2015 I sent a deposit to Spectrum for the BBL procedure n today I finally went ahead and set a date..... 12/1/16 will be the day I start my journey of transformation from oversized wife and mother of 4 to A More Confident Women who happens to be married and has 4 beautiful Children!

Time is flying, but wish I could've went with Dr. Mallol Cotes

I am so Excited to get my bbl Dec. 1st with Dr. Alverez, but I can't help but still feel a bit down that I can't go to the DR to Dr. Mallol so I could be snatched in a "one n done" full mommy makeover type of healing situation. If Dr. Mallol accepted payments before sugery I would most likely been on my way, but with bills n babies I have sooo much trouble saving so I know that it would be another 4 years before I would have that type of spare cash in a lump so it is what it is... I am equally impressed with both drs. work so I am sure I am in good hands eitherway, so I will continue making these payments.. Then back in a few months for the tt, breast lift!Miami here I come!
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

I was originally scheduled with Dr. Llorente, but since he is no longer at that clinic I have been assigned Dr. Alverez. It's been pretty hard to contact the coordinator or get a reply, but now that I finally have everything is set in position! I'm Super Nervous yet More so Excited...

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