I Finally Can Start the Countdown to a New Me! First Up is a BBL

I've been pretty much obsessed with complete a...

I've been pretty much obsessed with complete a mommy makeover, and after over 4 years of going back and forth with researching drs, stalking RealSelf and procrastinating I officially set a date! Dec. 2015 I sent a deposit to Spectrum for the BBL procedure n today I finally went ahead and set a date..... 12/1/16 will be the day I start my journey of transformation from oversized wife and mother of 4 to A More Confident Women who happens to be married and has 4 beautiful Children!

Time is flying, but wish I could've went with Dr. Mallol Cotes

I am so Excited to get my bbl Dec. 1st with Dr. Alverez, but I can't help but still feel a bit down that I can't go to the DR to Dr. Mallol so I could be snatched in a "one n done" full mommy makeover type of healing situation. If Dr. Mallol accepted payments before sugery I would most likely been on my way, but with bills n babies I have sooo much trouble saving so I know that it would be another 4 years before I would have that type of spare cash in a lump so it is what it is... I am equally impressed with both drs. work so I am sure I am in good hands eitherway, so I will continue making these payments.. Then back in a few months for the tt, breast lift!Miami here I come!

Time Is Really Flying! 3 Weeks til Miami????

Got my Labs done, n clearance from PCP is scheduled for 11/8!! Sent another per payment, n I am nervous yet I'm Soooo Excited to become a Doll if Dr. Alverez. The work I've seen of his is amazing... I'm really getting extremely sad about being away from my babies for 7 days.... It's time mommy did something a bit selfish to make herself happy for once in my life.
But do u guys think I can leave earlier than 6 days post? I never been away from them for more than one weekend (literally ONE)

PCP Clearance

Sitting here at my pcp dr office 22 days pre op.. We called Spectrum to see if they ever received the fax from my dr for someone in their office to complete and send back, but they said that Luis is with another patient n he they will contact my pcp back. Not sure what that means, but I'm still excited!

Tick.. Tock... Time is Flying

Omg, this really seems so surreal! Flights been set, RH fully paid, n y date has been moved from Thursday to Friday because Dr. Alvarez had too many patients scheduled on Thursday.... Reality hasn't hit me that this is REALLY what's going on, but I know when its time to put me to sleep is when I'm gonna freak the heck out!!! Lol, smh...

I Love Vanessa from Curvy Angels Recovery House Already!

So I had changed my RH last week when I came across a post on Instagram with an offer I could not refuse.... BOGO on nights at the RH was the Black Friday Special!!!!! Also corresponding with Vanessa has been Absolutely Awesome!!! She's very warm, friendly, and personable n welcoming... I felt like I was talking to a close friend, and can't wait to meet her!! I'm Excited

Alvarez Dolls On YouTube Giving Body!!!????????

I saw 2 recent Alvarez dolls on YouTube, n when I say that man did his thing on those ladies...... I mean HE DID HIS THAAANG!!!!!! That man is definitely a PS Artist!! I am amazed and excited to see how he transforms me with his gifted hands

I'm Here!

Made it to Miami safe and sound.... Pre-op at Spectrum tomorrow.



Yummm... Curvy Angels Recovery House:)

Pre-op appt

Sitting here patiently waiting to meet the Doc! :)
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

I was originally scheduled with Dr. Llorente, but since he is no longer at that clinic I have been assigned Dr. Alverez. It's been pretty hard to contact the coordinator or get a reply, but now that I finally have everything is set in position! I'm Super Nervous yet More so Excited...

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