Finally Getting the Body of my Dreams - Miami Beach, FL

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After stalking this website for only a couple of...

After stalking this website for only a couple of weeks I have become totally obsessed and decided I need to book this surgery asap! I'm pretty short only 5 feet tall exactly, and about 141 pounds. I had 2 kids and my last one only 7 months ago so my tummy and back area look horrible and I've always had a flat booty so I want it to be plumped up alottt!lol I had my consultation with dr Alvarez yesterday and he's such a nice guy. He kept it real with me with what he could do and couldn't do..for example I have loose skin from my babies and I would need a tummy tuck for that which I plan on getting with him 3 to 6 months after :) right after the consult I told My hubby lets go book this now! Lol so we went upstairs and I met Liz, my coordinator she told me they are running a special of $4100 for everything included. Also there's at $300 deposit if you want to book and a $500 deposit to book the date. I wanted the date so we paid the $500 and my date is May 6th !!! That's so close now that I am thinking about it ..I'm so nervous/excited and hope I get the results I want..he told me I didn't have that much fat so I plan on gaining 5 pounds ughh :/ I'll be posting some pre op pics soon :)

Pre op pics

Yuck hate my body!!! Hope dr Alverez hooks me up!!! ..can't believe he says I don't have that much fat does he see what I see?!!! Lol

More pre ops

Booty buddy

Just pre ordered my booty buddy!! Can't believe that ish cost like $100, why didn't anyone tell me your paying for so much more than just surgery!! I known it'll all be worth it though :) I'm praying to the booty gawds my pillow gets here before May 6th !!

3 weeks

Wow my surgery is 22 days away! I'm getting so nervous and just praying Dr Alvarez works his magic and gives me awesome results :) also I'm thinkin about this pain im gonna be enduring and I'm so Scared tbh lol any of you guys know of nurses that will come to you? I'm getting a hotel for 3 days after sx and need a nurse


Ordered my extra faja! I heard Maria E fajas are expensive but one of the best :) Like I said once before Alvarez better come thru in the clutch cus all this money I'm spending is crazy lol

Abdominal boards

Someone please give me the run down on these I'm so confused on what to buy or if I even need to buy one. I'm on pink room online and I see they have lower back ones,ones for your tummy ..all diff shapes I need one for my back and front ??, Which ones are you lady's getting/gotten??

17 days :D!!!!!!!

Omg a lil over two weeks to go! Can't believe time is going by so fast. I still have to do my labs tomorrow morning ughh..And I would just like to say I was having some issues with getting the docs. That are needed to get your labs done So I called the nurse at spectrum and left a voicemail she got back to me with in the hour and was so helpful and patient and we solved the issue. I read horror stories about places like vanity and even spectrum with sloppy staff but so far *knocks on wood* their customer service has been great. Oh I gained 3 pounds which I'm very proud about lol Here are some new pre op pics.

Recovery kit

Has anyone bought just a full kit like this? Surgery is in 2 weeks and I haven't bought any post op things needed except the bbl pillow lol I feel like it will be such a hassle to have to get everything seperate.

11 dayzz

Less than 2 weeks to go! I just want to get this over so scared of this pain,and I had two c sections lol if you guys have ig add me! Alvarez_beauty sucks alott of the dolls don't accept new request I guess because of lurkers and shit talkers but it sucks for us newbies who are good ppl and really wana connect with some past & future dolls! So add me lol oh here some new pics I've gained like 6 pounds Yayy! I don't wana have to much fat so I think I'm gonna slow down on the food lol

4 daysss!

Omg guys I can't believe by the end of this week I will have a brand new body! I'm so excited I can barely sleep. I have all my supplies except a damn abdominal board so I hope spectrum sells those! I'll be staying at a hotel for a week and will be having a nurse come to me. If you guys will be down for sx this week or next I would loveee to meet some of you dolls! :)


Omg tomorrow is my big day! I'm so nervous not so much about the pain anymore but about my results! I just have to keep faith the my doc knows what he's doing and I know he does! Dr Alvarez is a perfectionist and I haven't seen one unsatified doll yet! Pray for me girls this will most likely be my last update till after surgery ..Ill see y'all on the flat side!!!!! :)

I made it!!!

Sx was successful thank god!! I'm in so much pain I wasn't expecting it to be this bad lol. My results are amazing dr Alvarez really did his thing. I literally can't move ladies so give me a lil time to post pics

1 day post op :)

Love my new shape

Pictures do my booty no justice ..I'm In love! DrAlvarez def created a monster over here lol

Recovery mode!

Hey dolls! First let me say this recovery process is no joke! Like you need to be prepared mentally for this pain lol I'm 4 days post op and it gets a lil better day by day. Can't wait to be completely healed so I can be myself again lol still loving my results though here's a new pic for y'all :)

I love me some DrAlvarez lol

11 days post op!!

People have been asking for a front pic so here you go :))

Almost 3 weeks post op :)

these are some before and after pics (same dress)...Alvarez is king y'all!!

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