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I've been researching for about a year now and...

I've been researching for about a year now and have put my deposit with Dr. Rami G. for a bbl. His before and after pictures look amazing and the reviews for this procedure are wonderful. Nonetheless, I am so NERVOUS. I don't know what to expect, some reviews make it seem like an extremely painful recovery but some people seem like they are good to go 3 days later. I feel as if my heart starts racing by just thinking about it.
The scheduling process has been easy and I haven't had any problems with staff like some people claim they have had. Maybe I got lucky with my coordinator, Liz, or maybe people just expect quicker responses when they are anxious about something, but she has always gotten back to me the same day I call or email her.

These are my before pictures

I'm trying to lose extra weight before the surgery date. But I'm getting nervous that I won't lose anything and the coordinator asked me to lose 5lbs.

Before pictures

Say bye to my floppy body everyone :-)

weight loss is not happening

So. I'm pretty bummed out today. I've been working out HARD this past week and eating extremely well, even drinking more water than I normally would. I weighed myself today and I gained 2 lbs!! What is going on? I was almost positive I was losing weight. Can that time of the month cause a 2lb weight gain?

Im stressing a bit

I just recieved the paperwork asking for medical clearance and an ekg. On it it says that it must be done 15 to 30 days before the procedure, which is in 15 days, to avoid cancelation. I hope this doesnt apply to me, since i just today recieved the email.
My doctors office sucks with appointments and ive been calling all morning to try to get an appointment sooner than next week, so i can get a referral for the ekg. I just called again and said i have a cold and they gave an appointment for tomorrow. Hopefully they wont be upset about my little lie lol. Im so nervous that i wont be able to have all the necessary stuff done and wont be able to get the bbl done

I went and got ekg, bloodwork and medical clearance yayyyy

So I got everything they required done. Now I wait for the next step I guess? Should I be taking any vitamins or supplements? What do i pack? I bought 2 maxi dresses and couple sweats and tshirts and sports bras. I'm only going to be in Miami 3 days, since i live 3 hours away. The day before the day of and the following day. should i buy a faja now? Or wait until after? Are the foam or boards necessary? Is the bbl pillow necessary? What did you ladies pack?

my day is soooo close!

So I was told to lose 5 lbs. But I've only lost 2. My medical clearance paper (which the nurse recieved today) says my weight and bmi so hopefully they won't say anthing about it lol. I'm so excited and so nervous and OMGG it's only five days away. I've seen that some girls are told what to take in advance. I dony know if spectrum doesn't want their patients taking vitamins or if I've just been kept out of the loop but is there anything I should take post op to help with the healing or will they tell me while I'm there? Is there any like secret advice any of you ladies could share with me?

Also, Liz told me Ghurani doesn't use drains. But I've seen post op pics of Ghurani girls with drains. Did he just recently stop using them or something?

Rosa Acosta is my butt wish pic

I know she's skinny, I know she works out a lot whatever.
I want a but like that. Not too big not too small.

it's time!!

I'm in spectrum. Iv is in. I should be gutless any moment now

Ok it's over

Everything was ok until I got to the hotel. They gave my sister the prescription for pain meds AFTER everything was done. I left spectrum at 430 its 630 and there's no fucking vicodin anywhere I'm I'm so much pain I can't stop crying where can i go get the vicodin

Why does my tota hurt

I don't think he lipod my tota and it hurts like terrible tiny little knives all of the top my tota.
My sister has been so supportive but I feel like if I was in an rh this wouldn't have happened. They most likely would have made sure to get me pills before hand.
Can y'all believe my sister, her girlfriend and my bouyfriend all went to a combination of 11 phamavies cvs,publix, wapgreens, NO ONE had vicodin!!!

But finally they got me some tramadol. Dr. G. Called it in and they just brought it. I hope it kicks in quick

ugh - everything hurts

I feel like I was so unprepared. Had my sister been here from jump she would've been able to make sure I had meds. I feel like I was unorganized And stupid :-(
She must ve called Ghurani like 10 times. And all 10 times he answered he was very helpful in trying to get me some pain meds. Now that I'm on the tramadol I feel alot better

Pics and stuff

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes I really appreciate all the payers and good vibez.
So this is how everything went down from the moment I got to spectrum yesterday morning.
I went into the consult room and undressed. Ghurani came in, presented himself and marked me up. I told him how I wanted to look and my concern areas and he wrote it down. The anesthesiologist later came in and asked me some questions. He was absolutely amazing, very comforting and very warm. He did everything he could to calm me down and assure me that I was in good hands. There was another male there, in the or, I think his name was chris, who tried to keep me calm as well. Then I remember waking up while they got me dressed. Nothing crazy like some of the horror stories I have heard. My only complaint is them not giving me medicine. They were aware of pharmacies "not having vicodin" and not selling to people they don't recognize supposedly because of the drug abua e in the area. So I feel they should have let me know Monday that I should spend my afternoon trying to get them.
Today I got a massage and it was ok. I showered and washed my faja and put on the foam. I'm not draining as much. The tramadol only works for about 1 hour which kinda sucks
I hope the butt goes down soon cause I didn't want a big butt :-(

post op visit

So i saw Ghurani today. Appointment was at 10, saw him at 11:50.
My incisions close to my hoohaa closed up and he told me to open them myself with my finger and I was like HELLLLL NAAW you do it. So he did, he was squeamish about it lol. But it felt way better once stuff started draining out. He told me to go upstairs and get a massage, but jazna wasn't there, and he started freaking out at one of the girls saying she needs to have a replacement if she will be taking days off. They are a bit unorganized.
Someone asked me if my stomach would be all smooth and retract. No, he's adamant about a tummy, my skin was too loose for about 3 years before getting this done .
There's more stuff but I don't really remember right now lol.

About a week post op.

So i am about a week post op and basically i kinda love my results. I showed one of my coworkers and she was all "aaaoooh but your belly isnt flat" I know that, because i didnt have a tummy tuck, stupid. I dont care if my stomach isnt flat, i no longer look like spongebob lol. Yes the stretchamarks are still there, but i had them there before the lipo. The back fat isnt completely gone, but i no longer have back boobs. There is still lots of bruising all over and my butt looks like a dalmation from the bruising. I am pretty pleased with how i now loow and know this will be motivation to continue working out even harder than before.

I feel like Dr. Gurani did a great job. I feel like his staff, (with the exception of the coordinator) all did their jobs well. I was in love with the anesthesiologist. He was so reassuring and calm.

I feel like the office needs either more staff or some type of organizational help. I dont understand how there is no type of briefing of what to expect. My sister was given like 30 seconds of post op instructions while we were in the ELEVATOR!! THATS IT!! She was told "the medication is in the bag" So we go back to the hotel room... but the prescription only was in the bag. At the follow up the following day, i mentioned to the girl about not being able to get pain killers. She said yea it happens ALL the time. She was insanely sweet and informative and everything but i feel like perhaps she is overworked or something. Wouldn't you want to mention that to the doctor so he can perhaps start prescribing something else? I shouldn't have to go on google while im fresh out of lipo to find out what over the counter pain meds i can take. But whatever, its a "you get what you pay for" type of thing.

back fat be gone!

Ghurani says he is no magician, but I'd beg to differ. Look at this. My poor bra was fucking screaming lol. I have a lil bit of back rolls left, but I'm going to kill those once I start working out.

Ghurani does the body good

The last time I enjoyed looking at myself this much was 2011 before I got pregnant. I'm finally in love with myself again, even tho I currently have a freaking fupa

2 weeks post op today !!!

I'm so in love with myself ! I've been eating really well and drinking 100oz. Of water a day. My butt is exactly what I asked for but after seeing a nice size of it being swollen I kinda wish I would've asked for a Kim k butt lol. I have a couple of extremely hard lumps near my ribs, but the message girl said it will go away. The itching, Jesus the itching!!!! Omg why didn't anyone mention the itching! It won't stop unless I'm naked, but within like 20 minutes of being without my faja I get crazy swollen and hard lumps like I'm a sack of rocks. I dunno what to do about this itching. If anyone has any advice I will gladly take it!

3 weeks post op!

I wish Android had an app for realself! So I can scroll through on my phone while I'm at work lol, it would make it so much easier!

I'm three weeks post op (I'll post pics in a bit) and the itching is finally gone! Yesterday I had a bout of like depression or something, I just got insanely sad that everyone I looked at was so thin and perfect and it made me then look at myself and still feel floppy. But I'm over it! Lol I feel good, I'm eating very healthy and I began working today. My hair has been falling out since about 2 weeks ago but I don't know if it has anything to do with the procedure, other than perhaps stress?

I got my faja taken in, it cost me $8 and the lady did it in like 20 minutes! I'm still wearing the foams, but haven't worn a board. Angela from spectrum called to see how everything was going last week and told me not to wear a board of switch garments until 4 weeks post op, but my faja was soooooo loose I had to get it taken in.

All the stitches are still there and I forgot to ask her when they would "fall out" or whatever it is they do. The one under my boob is REALLY long and uncomfortable and I don't know if I can trim it or if I should just leave it alone. when do they fall out? Am I supposed to pull them out?

The FUPA! I am happy to say that the fupa has FINALLY gone down some lol.
My bf slapped my ass the other day and, even though it didn't hurt, I flipped out on him as if he just slapped my brand new puppy lol. I feel like if anything even touches it it'll just deflate lol. I have an over active imagination I guess. I haven't seen many updates from the girls who got their BBLs recently, or maybe I'm not looking at the right profiles. Where are you ladies?! I wanna see your buns! :-)

where is Ronny20?!

Ronny20 where are you?!

4 weeks post op!

Soooooo. It's been a month and I'm so excited to get myself into another faja. I'm not sore anymore, and I feel good. My skin is still a lil bit tender but other than that everything feels ok. I don't swell up as much anymore when I take my faja off except on the right side of my stomach. It swells big and get a hard lump in it. I stopped getting massages because I didn't feel they were doing much. I bought a massage thing from Amazon and use it 3 times a day on my torso.


Up close and personal

Reas self please make an android app

I think I know how to shake these buns now

I can have sexy time with the light on now

I know I'm not the only one who waited for it to be pitch black before bumping uglies lol. Now I can be nakey!!! (And then jump right back into this damn faja lol)


I've been forgetting to oil up my belly. I've been putting in so many hours at work since my son's bday is in a month and I haven't had time for nathan! If any of you ladies have lots of stretch marks and wonder what it'll look like 6 weeks p.o. this is it lol.

my belly today

I wore this stupid thing faja all day at work. It was killing my buttcrack but I love who flat it made my stomach look!
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