BBL with Dr. Mel Ortega on 7/6/16!!! - Miami, FL

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Super excited and haven't seen many pictures or...

Super excited and haven't seen many pictures or results by Dr. Ortega for male BBLs....but all the other results, I am VERY impressed with! I like that he can and does a variety of shapes and projections. I want a pretty dramatic result with tons of lift and projection. VERY ROUND! My main concern is roundness, but I also don't want hips or that look when the hips are too wide for the pelvis or butt is too uniform with the thighs. Wish pics below!

Just more wish pics

:-) any positive input or advice is helpful

Hemo came back good!!

Hemo was really good, getting my EKG on Friday! Surgery is 3 weeks away! :-D

Another wish pic! Lol

Soooo excited! 2 weeks to go! :-D

Forgot this one!

This is the goal

Cleared and paid!

Operation is tomorrow morning at 11:30am....the nerves were strong this past week but when I gave that final money, for some reason it went away lol.

I made it!

I made it! Just super sore. Honestly the worst part of it was the anesthesia. The uncontrollable shakes, being cold, and trying to get the needle in my small veins. But my ass is huge!

What an emotional roller coaster!

Yesterday I was bawling in regret for a while. I didn't expect to be so emotional after. My swelling is down quite a bit today though. Soreness is to a minimum. Biggest annoyance is the swelling and he numbness. Also, waiting for the fluffing phase to kick in. Right now I just feel boxy and stiff. My lower back triangle is helping to increase the dip/arch. I've also been off work for about a week and a half, so once I go back that will take my mind off things and get my moving around much more. Any experiences similar that anyone has had, wit positive advice is welcomed. I will probably post pictures sometime this week or next. Right now I'm just not there yet.

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