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I expect to have a smaller waist, bigger hips and...

I expect to have a smaller waist, bigger hips and BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY! I have not yet spoken with Dr Alvarez and the staff is pretty nice. My coordinator is Mrs Liz at Spectrum Aesthetics. The communication is a little delayed but my opinion is that it's a cultural thing and they're very busy! I am staying at a recovery house with Mrs. Karla in which she use to work at Spectrum Aesthetics. For five days, her cost is $700. So far Mrs Karla has been really nice!

RECOVERY HOUSE_assistance4life

I have touched down in MIAMI! I am staying at Assistance4life RECOVERY HOUSE. Mrs Karla,, was my POC. When I arrived at the airport, I waited at the max 10mins. Mrs Karla had an uber driver, Mrs Eliana, pick me up. Mrs Eliana was very nice. Uber was paid for by Mrs Karla. When I entered the house there are 4 other women here and a care provider. They all were so welcoming! It feels as though I knew all the ladies all my life LOL! Mrs Anna is the caregiver currently in which there are two that works for Mrs Karla. From what I'm told from the other ladies, is that Mrs Anna is the best and Tatiyanna is not so much! The house is very clean and the food that has been provided (lunch) thus far had been delicious! As soon as I arrived lunch was prepared which was about 1245pm. The house is literally 10-15mins from the airport and also really close to Spectrum as well! So far so good!


My surgery date has been changed. I wasn't called until 6pm Saturday, Nov. 12 in which is he date before my flight. Luckily I booked my flight two days prior to my surgery. My RH was understanding and had space for me to stay the entire seven days. The communication there suck! I was told by 4diff ppl my date was 14 November to only be called on short notice that it has been changed. Though there's a lack of communication they're still very nice and respectful and I'm still able to at least have my surgery this week! It could have been a lot worse.

Spectrum Aesthetics

This medical clinic is the most confusing place I have ever been to. They will become slightly pushy but please stand your ground if you don't agree with something ask questions! When you are scheduled for surgery, you are scheduled in 30mins apart if there's more than one surgery for that day. So there's a lot of waiting. Luckily I was the first to have surgery. I went to the back was there for about 1.5 hours before going to the operation room. Within that 1.5hour I was dressed, doctor marked me and I spoke with anesthesia. I went to operation at 1240pm I was out of surgery and back at RECOVERY HOUSE by 235pm.

Dr Sergio Alvarez

He is straight to the point and will answer all questions! I told him what I wanted and Dolls this man has DELIVERED!!! He's amazing. He did throw me for a loop on recommending me to have a cell saver which mean at the time of my labs my blood count was extremely low! Ladies he will tell you that he will stop your surgery if you begin bleeding too much but he has also told this to all his patients. The cell saver will use what ever blood that was lost and will be put back in to you like a blood transfusion. The cost is $500 extra. So I'm not sure if this is a sale tactic or what to get girls to purchase. My blood count was a 11.7 which is low but I did not get the cell saver and was just fine. I'm sure my blood count has gone up since those labs bc I have been taking iron like crazy one month prior. Besides that I LOVE MY SURGEON AND RECOMMEND HIM TO ALL!

Before and After Pictures

4 days Post op (before and after Measurements)

Before Measurements
Natural Waist - 36"
Single Sight - 40"
Hips - 44.5"

After Measurements (4 days post op)
Natural waist - 33.5
SS - 36.5
Hips - 46
Doral Plastic Surgeon

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