36 Years Old 4 Kids 7-17 I'm a Thin Woman and Started at 126 Asked to Gain 15 Pounds for BBL - Miami, FL

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I'm hoping for the Lipo to cure cellulite in my...

I'm hoping for the Lipo to cure cellulite in my legs (I paid an extra $700 for thigh liposuction) and I'm hoping for a fuller upside down heart shaped booty. I'm a thin framed person with cellulite on my thighs. My surgery is now only 4 weeks away and I'm ordering all my supplies now. I've previously had breast augmentation and want hips and booty to match!

Started ordering supplies!

Less than a month away now and I ordered my supplies! The BBL pillow is out of stock it seems everywhere ????. I have stopped all Tylenol and meds as well as alcohol and I'm going to start taking vitamin C and Iron now to make sure I'm ready for labs!!

Weight gain

Posting a before picture! This is me after my ten pound weight gain. It took me 6 months to gain. You can see the cellulite that I'm hoping can be moved upwards. I also added liposuction of the back of my thighs so I get the bubble look with a tiny waistline and thighs. I'm ordering my waist slimmer after I talk face to face with the doctor. Anyone know about Fajas? Size charts and where to order?

Wish pic

This is the booty I want!!

Items arriving for surgery!!

I started receiving my packages yesterday and I will take pics and itemize so you can see what I bought. Researching and reading personal experiences has helped with deciding which items I needed most. I hear that the pain gets worse on 3rd day plus you have to go to the bathroom which can't be fun! I added Colace to my regimen to take 2 days before surgery and 5 days after. Also you should stop iron pills 48 hours before (unless directed by doc) so you can lessen the chances of hard stool. Also pineapples before and after!! Bromide promotes speedy healing! I ordered Arnica gel and Arnica pills to lessen bruising (all natural) and I'm scheduling my lymphatic drainage massage on day 3 while I'm in Miami recovering. Anyone know a good masseuse?

Gaining slowly

I've never had this much fat on my back and thighs before and it's killing me not to work out! It's all for the greater good though! I lose weight with stress so I've been eating Gelato to get an extra 500 calories packed in a day. I have 3 weeks and some change and I'm trying to add at least 3 more if not 5. I've been depressed about non of my clothing fitting anymore so I decided to sell ALL my jeans and start over after surgery. I'm selling them online at Poshmark to make extra money for my new wardrobe. It's a free app if you are having similar issues. I've been pinteresting my new wardrobe for a few weeks too so I have something to look forward to!

Have potty plans!!

I'm setting my phone alarms to remind me to take stool softness 2 days before surgery and stop iron!
Also, while we are talking about it I have heard placing a pool noodle (cut and placed at thigh level) will help so no pressure is placed on your butt!
Pooping is a big deal after surgery!!!


I just wrote Jess an email to ask about labs but while I wait..anyone here know the deal? Do you go to the doc there for labs?

Pre and Post Op signed and sent LABS tomorrow!

Ok, my paperwork is in and I'm going in the morning for my labs. I'm pretty sure they will be fine as far as iron since I've been taking it now to be sure I'm all set as I'm a vegetarian and can miss out on some iron/protein. Heading to the lab first thing and just waiting there at 9 AM! I'll stop eating (and didn't take iron today) at 6 pm just to be super safe not to disrupt my result! I booked my plane tickets so I'm hoping my labs are perfect!
Update pictures of my weight gain coming soon!

Labs done!

Labcore is opened pretty much every day except Christmas and weekends. So, if you are freaking out about labs it's OK- you will get them done quickly if you use Labcore (its included in your fee generally) and you will get a blood and urine test. Usually for ladies over 35 from what I've heard. Lots of times if you are child bearing years you get a lab upon arrival. I'm waiting for result information now to make sure I'm cleared. It's Presidents' Day and the lab was open and fast so I now I just wait to hear if I passed!

Labs are cleared and tickets are purchased!

All cleared to go and I'm taking iron and vitamin C only now (and because I researched earlier I took them both for a month now) and avoiding all alcohol and herbs. I don't generally take a lot of pills but I drink a lot of herbal teas and I knew from a previous surgery that I had to also cut those out. Still gaining as much as possible until the 9th!

Still gaining

I've been gaining and fighting to maintain the fat I've been growing for 6 months. I eat 3,000 calories a day. I have an athletic body so I gain evenly (ironically not in my stomach) so here's some updated photos of my body! My hair is rainbow right now..


Most supplies have arrived! I'm going to get another compression garment the night I arrive in Miami after I speak with my doctor to approve the type (or just purchase another one there) so I can change.

Food lists for pre op/Post op

Getting my grocery list together for pre surgery and post op to make sure that I'm not making recovery any harder than it had to be.
Pre Op meal:
Fresh Crab with lemons
Greek Salad
Water and lemon
Post OP meals:
First Meal:
Miso Soup
Pineapple smoothie
2nd meal:
Whole wheat bun
I'm going to keep up calories after surgery by drinking smoothies. Tons of water to pass first stool and I'm taking Colace as soon as I get to my hotel after surgery.
I put together a full grocery list since I have a full kitchen in my hotel.
Grocery List for 5 day stay:
Clorox wipes
3black towels
Unscented soap
Tin foil
Water bottles
Coffee and cream (for caretaker)

Keeping the weight on after surgery

I'm following stories and I see that a few ladies went home from surgery and started dieting right away and suddenly they lost volume in their bbl. I am planning to eat lots of healthy foods but also continue to add whole milk and real butter to get the extra few calories that will feed the transferred fat. I see most girls starting the waist trainer at around 3 weeks and I just ordered mine to shape my waist after surgery. No yo-yo eating for me! I'm researching every step and really being patient with my recovery process. No exercise until the doctor says and I won't attempt to change weight until after 3 full months. I'll post before and after pics in the same dress and bikini from ALL angles.

Gaining weight pictures

These were the hardest to look at especially after gaining weight and no squats for 6 months but I wanted to really see my before and after results. I know it will help girls with my body type too! So here's the BEFORE surgery shots. 16 more days!!

Supplies store bought

I'm only about 2 weeks away now and I have to work out of state in between SO..I bought the rest of the supplies tonight at Walmart.

Pills/ Vitamins pillbox

I packed my vitamins & stool softeners in a pillbox so that my boyfriend who's my caregiver won't have to stress about getting me the 5 bottles. The only pills that will stay in bottles are my scripts. I got Iron,C,vitamin b-12,folic acid and stool softeners x2 per day to begin as soon as I'm back at the hotel after surgery.

Bbl pillows are sold out

I'm waiting for one to open up but I'm prepared to get a Boppy while in Florida if it doesn't arrive in time. Anyone know links?

Ordered the BBL pillow

My BBL pillow and extra garment should arrive on time!!

Updated weight gain pictures

I've been gaining a decent amount and I think I'm really ready!!

My BBL pillow arrived!!

Now I just need my extra compression garment and I'm completely ready!! 2 week countdown!!


Excited to get this over!!

Cleaning supplies for hotel:

-4 black towels
-Clorox surface wipes
-paper towels
-bleach spray
-dish soap
-garbage bags
-black body pillow cover
-pillows x4
-black pillow cases x4
I have researched the healing process and it can be really messy!!
I am preparing cleaning supplies upon arrival and I will include a picture so you can copy the list to sanitize your space.
Also I'm packing Clorox wipes and flushable wipes and hand sanitizer for the plane on the way home.

Hiding your figure as you gain weight

Gaining weight for a BBL can be psychologically difficult but you can make it fun with a few fashion tips and provisions..

Less than a week away!

Luckily I had an event in Florida this week (I'm here now) so I studied the plane and I'm staying in a hotel here this week so it's helping me realize what I need to prepare for next week. On the plane I feel like I would need a regular sized pillow or two for behind my back and added cushion on my thighs for take off. I'll try to take a picture of the plane set up so you can get ideas on how to sit for landing and take off and what to do in between to survive the trip! Leaving a body pillow in my car also so as soon as I get off plane I can get in the car on my belly. I'll do my best to document everything!

Surgery at 9:00!!

I'm here!!! Just finished payment and I'm checking into the hotel and going to get crab legs at Joe's Crab Shack!!!

My hotel

Got a kitchen so I can cook and I'm sending my BF out for food today while I'm in for 5 hours!

Heading in at 6:30!!

In a cab on way to surgery! I took before pictures that I'll share later! I hate not wearing deodorant to see a doctor!

Just out of surgery!

I was switched to Dr.Alvarez and he was awesome!! So thoughtful and personal and my butt looks good already!! I'm going in tomorrow for post op check up and I'm asking about purchasing my compression garment and showering. I'm really gross and bloody but wanted to share my first pictures with you! I feel great and only took one pain pill and antibiotics (the antibiotic made me vomit a little) but I took the nausea med and it immediately helped. I ate watermelon and applesauce and next I'm having a bagel and I'm going to try and nap.

Just at dinner

I threw up twice from the medicine so I was grateful to have an appetite.
I cooked my own dinner and did dishes because it feels better standing and walking. I took a four hour nap and keep getting up walking around for an hour or more. It helps so much. I took Arnica pills also and I noticed my bruise on my hand looked clearer. I ate a piece of salmon and Mac n cheese with a dry salad for dinner and now I'm drinking a protein shake. I also took my colace (stool softner) because I'm petrified to poop for the first time. I've never been good with medicine because my stomach is so sensitive. More pictures soon!! I can already see he did amazing!!!!

My new butt!

I'm so happy with my results!!

Dress on today

Love everything!!! Dr. Sergio Alvarez is my hero!! If you are tiny like me and want a juicy peach lol he's the right doctor!!

48 hours

So this is swell hell..
Everything is swollen including my knees!
I'm getting up and walking today. I've had 9 bottles of water so since surgery and I'm chugging as much as I can.
I got my period today too so it could be another factor.
I'm so glad I made food lists and prep lists before coming down because it's helped so much to have fish and fresh fruits.

Incisions close up

These are the liposuction incisions

3rd day recovery

Rough morning because I decided to stop taking pain medicine so I could go #2 and I let it wear off all night but it was worth it because I went! I straddled the toilet and held onto the back while hovering. I took garment off beforehand so my liposuction on my stomach burned while I pushed. I had my BF get Tylenol and an enema (in case) and I forced myself to drink a bottle of water and a cup of tea and half an orange so that I'll have energy to try again. I took my shower and changed my bandages but I have very low energy today. I walked Miami beach yesterday for a few miles and I felt refreshed but I may have pushed to hard. That's why I also stopped pain medicine. My body needs to feel the pain so I know how to treat it.

Going home tomorrow!

I've had 2 massages and I feel like I'm healing great! I'm scheduled to see my doc in the morning then have my 3rd massage before getting on the plane. I'm nervous about the ride home and I'm hoping they don't make me sit down for take off and landing. I have 2 flights ugh. I'll update after the trip home. I'm not taking my garment off even long enough to take pics because I am hellbent on having a good result! But as soon as I can I'll post new pics!

The doctor never saw me after surgery

"Somehow" I was scheduled for 9:00 am yesterday to see the doctor and I'm told he won't be there until 12! I literally packed all my stuff and brought it with me to go to the airport! The PA saw me and. Never took out my stitches or gave me a back triangle and her excuse for me not seeing the doctor was "This IS Miami" - you can still run a professional business. It's about my health!! I'm disturbed by this entire process looking back now. After hearing all the receptionists as I waited for my massage they were just telling ppl whatever they wanted to hear and switching their doctors 48 prior to the surgery!! Thank God I wound up getting the style body I wanted from Alvarez because literally they are tossing coins for patients within hours of performing them.
I had to tell the PA that I had the back of my legs lipoed and she didn't even examine me!! I wonder if she's even qualified!! It's not about quality as much as it is about the health of your patient!!

My results are beautiful

I'm happy with my butt finally and I was upset that I had such a harrowing process to get through all of it. If you are scheduled at Spectrum just be firm with reception. The key communicators to your doctor are those ladies. They should've scheduled me correctly to see the doctor and they just acted like "whatever"!
I'm grateful that somehow I was switched to Alvarez and wound up happy, however my health and safety come first and it should be a high priority to any doctor that his patients are healthy as well as happy.
I am still keeping my garment on steadily but I will post pictures as soon as I can!

How to ride on an airplane after BBL

Traveling is the worst after surgery so go in with a plan! I bought a half of a foam roller and a BBL pillow and set the roller in the small of my back (creating space between the seat and my butt like a bucket) and readjusted it. I would occasionally place my neck pillow under my butt and I held myself up by the arms eats for take off and landing. Ask fellow passengers to leave arm rest down for you to use.

Bring food on your flight home

Make sure to pack a piece of fruit and protein bars into your travel bag especially if traveling soon after BBL because your medication can make you sick. Drink water as much as you can and teas help with anxiety.

Day 6 healing

My lipo areas are itchy and I read that its nerve endings rejoining so I guess it's a positive thing and my butt randomly will get sensations so I can feel the fat kind of molding to my body and I feel my body healing. If I bend to far my sides will burn for a minute and calm back down slowly. I'm no longer taking pain medicine except Tylenol extra strength and drinking a glass of water every single time I get up and I'm drinking protein shakes at least 3 a day and I add another scoop in because I need it. I'm also walking a decent amount which helps. My results will be magnified because of the amount of time I spent researching the recovery process. I encourage you to do the same thing. Just know that this whole operation isn't some vacation and you need to dedicate time to heal. My bruises are still very obvious and I'm randomly tired or noxious so I'm carrying food with me everywhere.

Butt pics day 6

I feel good and I'm loving my new shape! Here's me on day 6!

Before and after

Here are my results so far!

Wearing my faja

I'm wearing my faja today and it's really comfortable. My lipo foam was leaving marks so I put it under my breasts to cover my ribcage because I'm bony. It's leaving no marks and its flattening my ab area. I need to schedule a lymph massage here. I did 3 so far and want to do about 6 more. Tomorrow it's been a week!

Itching means healing nerve endings

Random itching after lipo and BBL is indication that the wounds are healing & nerve endings are being sent to the new fat. I'm not a doctor but if you are swollen or have a rash or obvious signs of an allergic reaction then seek attention but with lipo surgery our nerves have been separated from our muscles and the itching is them growing around the injected fat. It's actually a good sign that the fat is taking and that you are getting feeling back in your numb belly and thighs.

Surviving my period the same week as BBL

So I researched this beforehand but never realized the garment was going to be in the way (or that my vagina would swell x3) so I was actually hanging out of garment- I brought huge pads however I remembered the antibiotics and using pads on my period could end in a yeast infection so to avoid this I used paper towels and changed them every hour and walked 10 mins and drank a full glass of water and this is my first surgery that I have avoided a yeast infection. I used tampons 3 days after so I could walk and feel clean. Be careful using pads because they don't breathe. Gross but paper towels and tissue made into pads that can tuck inside the hole of your garment. I saw make surgeons answering a female and none of them realized her itching and swollen labia was due to using pads that were causing her to create bacteria. Only girls know this stuff!

Day 7

My butt on day 7! I survived the first week!!

Incisions 1 week post op

These are my incisions after a week

Bruising going away

I had back of legs lipoed and I'm very bruised and swollen still

Day 9

Last night was rough with swelling but I feel better this morning and I'm planning a walk today! Compression socks are off and my swelling and bruising is clearing up!

Before and after

Here I am totally fit and at my best before surgery
& here I am after!! I love the subtle difference in my shape!!

Bruising is clearing

I love my thigh gap! Alvarez carved out my cellulite down to my knees and it is starting to look amazing! Pics soon!! I'm spending 23 1/2 hours a day in my garment and I'll post a lot more in 12 days when I get to my stage 2 garment!

Day 10 feeling awesome

Washed and shaved and I'm going shopping! I went for a mile walk yesterday and today I'm going shopping for stage 2 garments! I've been researching like crazy!!

My waist is shrinking! Day 11

My butt looks even better as the swelling goes down all over!! Wearing my board fans for my abs for next 10 days!!
I had enough energy to clean my kitchen (I asked my boys to help with floors) and I made lunch!! Woo!! Baby steps!! I even danced a little this morning!!

In my favorite bodysuit day 11

Bodysuit pic day 11

Before and After

My after photo is making me so happy!!

New pics

Liposuction stomach pics
Liposuction inner thigh

Day 12 liposuction

I started massaging 3 times a day with moisturizer and my lipo areas are getting softer and most bruising is gone. Still lots of swelling but my energy is back!

Before and after

12 days post op

Thigh gap love!!

Swelling is going down and I have a cute little thigh gap!! I love my new body so far! I can't wait to work out and cut up my abs! I'm drinking at least 2 protein shakes a day and taking all my vitamins and drinking a lot of fluids so I'm recovering nicely. Taking my kids for walks helps too!!

Looking for waist trainer!!

Excited to have made it almost 2 weeks! Only one more week to drive!!
Anyone have a favorite stage 2 garment?
Waist trainer?

Can't wait to drive again

I can't wait to sit down like a normal person again!!!

Liposuction areas getting feeling back

It feels good to massage my legs now! Like sore muscles from a hard workout!

Take probiotics while on antibiotics

I got really sick from antibiotics!! Take probiotics and yogurt!!!

Healing 3 1/2 weeks

I'm healing good I can't wait to work out!!

Projection 3 weeks

Dents filling I week 3

Still wearing the garment religiously

I'm so ready for the Summer to be here already! It's been snowing and cold so I haven't been dressing up much and I've been wearing my garment at least half the day or night and I started using the foam again and in a week my liposuction areas look smoother! I wish I could bean myself ahead in time and just be on the beach!

Update 7 weeks post

Feeling good and working out again!

I want round 2!!

I'm greedy lol I want more!! I'm looking into September now! Filling my face with fat at the same time! 37 birthday gift to meeee!!

Booty 2 months

After 2 months

Trying to keep weight on


2 months post

I lost some weight but I plan on getting it back! I'm heavily debating round 2!!

Golf ball sized lump

I've heard of this happening and I'm praying it's an oil cyst and will go away. Thank god I decided on round 2 already and if I need intervention I'll be in the office. I hope t goes away so I can enjoy my Summer! Anyone else know about these cysts?

It's necrosis

I got the call from the snotty nurse Angela and when I asked her what I should do she suggested aspiration!!
Never touch fat necrosis until at least a year unless you are getting more fat!!
It's not harmful unless it's hurting you and it will dissolve with heat and massage- anything hot body doesn't absorb is scar tissue but please research before believing a nurse!! They should've put the doctor on the phone!!
Thank god I know about manipulating fat with heat and RF. here's my picture today

Progress with heat and massage in necrosis

Day #1 of heat and deep tissue massage on necrosis on right cheek.
I've also taken a piece of paper and circled the mass to compare it every few hours.
Dead fat can be manipulated and I believe in my body and think that the power of touch will heal me.
I'm going in for round 2 ASAP and I'm going to try and book Alvarez in another office.
Spectrum sucks!!!
I do have a depression from the massage breaking necrosis but I'd rather create my own dimple in place of a round nodule.

Day 2 of massage and heat NECROSIS

The heat is definitely working more than massage alone and in less than 24 hours I'm reducing it by almost half.

Necrosis with heat and massage

I'm breaking as much of the fatty deposit as I can until I return for second BBL. I think I would opt to break it up and then have fat re injection into the depression. I've seen cases where you stay awake and its in and out. Still massaging until then and I'll keep you posted so anyone else having similar issues has info and knows they aren't alone.

A week later

I'm going for an ultrasound to rule out infection but I've continued to monitor the lump and I'm waiting for a response and plan for what Alvarez would like to do to fix this issue whether its aspirate and refill or do round 2 and fill in the surrounding area. I wanted another BBL and under different circumstances I would've waited a year but I'm going to try and book him in a different office hopefully he can find time for me. I'm writing a separate review as the doctor title won't allow me to change the name without create a new review.

Ultrasound said it's a hematoma

I got my lump looked at under ultrasound and it's a hematoma- which can resolve on its own but I'm still going to get my dents filled and I wrote Alvarez to make a plan. I hate dealing with Spectrum and I dread going in there to get fixed.
I'm taking probiotics nonstop so I don't get C-diff again from being exposed to it in their office.

Hematoma is shrinking

Ok so after heat therapy and no massage I can see a difference and I'm hopeful that it will resolve. Making plans tomorrow for revision or possibly round 2 (not sure if it's the same thing lol) hopefully I can go out in the next month and get this over with and move on from this and start my life without stressing it!

I'm happy with my butt still

Regardless of the lumps I'm still happy with the result and I had a lot of cellulite so I expected that I would have to go in again for plumping up.
I'm going to go for round 2 and start another review for the revision but until then I'll stay here and update. You can't see the bump unless I'm bending over (I feel it which is annoying) but here's a shot of my booty. Yes I'm skinny again and not exactly thrilled but I have more than I had and I'm not gaining weight this time- they can still take stable fat from my arms. I can't eat unhealthy like that again even if I don't get a huge butt I'm happy with smooth and round lol

Here's a picture of my butt 3 months post

You can't see the hematoma unless I bend over. I'm still loving my results because my cellulite is gone off my legs and I have a thigh gap and a more shapely butt- I just want dents and lumps filled up and a little more fat added. Anyone go for round 2? Where do they take fat from?

3 months post

Happy with my little booty I just hope no more issues arise and round 2 is to fill in dents and smooth out rather than enlarge

Liposuction is perfect

I'm really happy with my tummy

Booty at 3 months

You can see my scars fading mostly

Random pics 3 months post

My body has a hard time keeping fat on. I'm hoping my arms are good enough for round 2. Any thin girls do 2 rounds of surgery? Where's the fat harvested from?

Loving myself is the hardest thing to do

I thought this surgery was a physical journey alone but I was wrong..after splitting hairs about physical beauty I'm reading stories of hope and inspiration and encouragement from ladies and gents going through this process and I have to say I think I've learned to love and appreciate myself and I want to thank everyone who's been my prayer angels on here that have touched my life during my journey..I hope that my story both inspires and is real to others so i can inspire or save someone heartache.
Surgery isn't a guarantee that we will be perfect but hopefully we can see improvement and be happy with ourselves in the end.
I'll be starting a new journey soon and I'll post here until then!
Thank you ladies!!

Doctor Alvarez Review

I went to Spectrum in Florida and I've had issues ranging from C-diff to a hematoma that I'm currently trying to schedule an appointment to fix.
Dr. Alvarez is a nice and handsome doctor and I believe he gave me an amazing result.
Hopefully he can fix the small contouring dents and my hematoma next.

Found this graph explains the healing of hematoma

My hematoma is shrinking slowly but leaving a dent behind. Planning on revision as soon as I'm given the plan.

Spectrum never called me back

It's been a week 3 emails and 2 messages later and no one is answering the phone! I wrote Alvarez here and I'm hoping he answers me in the next 2 days or else I'm finding another surgeon and I'll post pics of my hematoma and revision with a new review. In a way I'm kind of leaning towards not even entering the Spectrum building. They are rude and the office smells like body odor - even the exam room I went into the morning of surgery. Maybe it's a godsend that they aren't answering and I'll be in better hands somewhere else.

36 Years Old Looking for Fuller Booty

I love my results for the most part but I'm planning to return over the summer for a revision. I had an issue a month ago with a lump that I found out was a hematoma. I've been emailing for over a week and no response from Spectrum on booking another date or consultation. I really would like to be under the care of one doctor but if they keep disappointing me I'll just search elsewhere.

My hematoma is gone

Just a bruise and small indent in the place of the hematoma. Still waiting to hear from Alvarez on a plan for revision but if he doesn't respond I'll just find another doctor. My first question will be "If anything goes wrong with my revision will you take my call and help me figure out a plan?" My thing is communication.

Where else does Sergio Alvarez work?

Spectrum is basically not answering me at all and I'm going to contact Dr. Alvarez on here and try to go to another office. I'm not begging anyone to take my money. I want a revision and I'd like Alvarez to perform it so hopefully someone will tip me off where to track him down.

Finally booked revision

Whew!! Revision August 12!!! In the meantime I'm going to decide where I would like him to take fat from!!

Round 2

Happy with my second round with Alvarez!
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alvarez wound up taking over my surgery because he does best with little girls who want bigger butts! I am not disappointed! I love my hips and the way he reshaped my hips and legs! However he never saw me for a follow up and his snide PA that was sent in to examine me never removed my stitches or gave me any drain or triangle to lessen my swelling. You can take people's money and run a surgery office like a salon in Miami. I'm happy with my results so far but they are running a sloppy operation over at Spectrum and really need to stop scheduling SO many surgeries. It's about patient care and they will learn that treating people like fast food isn't going to get them 5 stars. Running a shoddy business will eventually catch up to you and word of mouth is still the best way to get business. Going to Spectrum you are taking the risk of having doctors switched and steps missed because they are pumping girls out of their office like a machine. If you want more tender care and personal attention I suggest you search elsewhere. Hopefully Dr.Alvarez will just open his own office or you can find him at an office that cares more about you as a person. Dr. Alvarez is a nice doctor and I hope to see him in a month to get the result I had hoped for through s revision.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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