25yrs Old, 2kids,, Want my Prebabies Body Back

Hello everyone!! I am passed excited because I...

Hello everyone!! I am passed excited because I have recently scheduled my BBL for Nov 15. I had a rough year so I know I definitely deserve to do something for myself still have a few months but so far everything has been going great with my surgery consultant and I can't sit to become an #ortegadoll

It's Getting Real

Hello dolls I am becoming obsessed with this app and all of your journeys, I'm getting extremely excited for my own. My big day is Nov 15th but hopefully I can have it moved up one day to the 14th. I did receive a call today telling me I'll have a letter sent for my labs in ten days gave me one of those unreal feelings because this is really happening!! Hopefully everything goes well wish me luck ladies

The countdown

I had my blood work done today and EKG tomorrow which is now a requirement for all ages. Hopefully everything is fine and cleared for the surgery because I'm so close now.


I'm getting soooo excited I'm less than 30 days away got my EKG done today and everything was good waiting on my blood work results
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ortega I have seen great work and I'm really excited to see my own results

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