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So have been battling with sooo so many decisions....

So have been battling with sooo so many decisions. I'll take my time and say all. Right now I've decided on Dr. Alvarez. Please if anyone knows any recovery house close to spectrum, please let me know. So far I heard of on that costs $135 and its out of my budget. This project is expensive enough, plus my $1000+ flight tickets


Hi guys. So my flight tickets cost me $1600. I'm coming from outside of USA. So I'll be more than happy to save a few bucks from anywhere possible. But the RH I'm seeing take over 100$ per night, massage not included, so by the time you add massage, you'll probably be paying 150$ everyday. I wanna spend a maximum of 80$ daily including massage. I have this lady on Airbnb , she happens to be a retired massage therapist, and she's saying she can offer me massage therapy. But her house is 22mins away. And spectrum advises that I stay not more than 15mins away. I know 5 extra minutes may not harm me, but I just want you guys to advise me. This lady offers as low as 40$ per night, and she's offer to give me $30 per massage. She's also offering meals and transport. Which might average the total cost to about $90 per night. I'll be there for 16nights. I think it's a great deal. My only problem is that, she lives 22mins away from Spectrum and I don't think she has ever massaged a BBL patient, but she's a retired massage therapist who know well about lymphatic massage. Is it too much of a risk?

Accommodation problem solved!

So my last post was about my accommodation dilemma. And the Airbnb lady kind of freaked out at some point and said the procedure sounds "complicated" so she was gonna call it off. Then I emailed Jessica from Spectrum and she actually replied promptly and gave me a list of RH and hotel options. So that was how I contacted this new place I've chosen. And William, the person I was talking to was great, seemed to have a lot of knowledge about the whole process cos their packages are divided into various options and I was able to choose the one that suits my needs and budget at the same time. My mind is very happy with this choice. The communication from them to me is detailed and prompt. So I couldn't ask for more. So I can say that the accommodation problems are off the table, and I forgot to add that the RH is within 15mins of Spectrum. I know September is a long time, but tic toc!

Help! Hemo is at 9.2! And it's 2 weeks to go!!!!!

I had to force myself to take a break from realself before I die of anxiety, lol. Who would have thought the 3 months would go by that fast! Looking like I took an overly long break. Anyways, I'm here now. And I'm happy my date is just around the corner.
So I got my lab sent in yesterday and found out that my hemo is at 9.2. And my sx is on the 20th.
I really don't know what to do. Haven't heard back from the clinic, maybe because of the holiday but I'm guessing I'll be hearing from them soon.
But just wanted to ask you sisters if you have any idea what is recommended when hemo is this low with only two weeks to go.
I know I can still cancel the whole procedure but that is my last option, I'm coming from overseas, have already spent almost $3,000 in flight and accommodation. And we know how we've saved up for so long for this, so I don't wanna just turn my back and walk away unless o absolutely have to.
Lemme me know what y'all think.
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Just booked my date few days ago, and I'm an out-of-country patient, so have had any form of contact with the doctor. Haven't requested any either. For now I'm talking with coordinator Jessica who communicates with the Doctor.

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