Dr. O doll 3/21/16

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HI RSers! My name is Andrea and im a 24 yr old mom...

HI RSers! My name is Andrea and im a 24 yr old mom of 1 little girl. I've been "researching" for quite some time and finally decided to go ahead with my SX. I dont have a date as of yet but i have put down the deposit to hold my price. I dont expect any unrealistic transformation but i want to look better in my skin. I feel very dis-proportioned since i have big boobs and no butt to go with it. Runs in my dads side cuz my mom has all the booty lol. The worst thing so far is having nobody to genuinely support my choice. everyone keeps saying dont do it for one reason or another but regardless im going to go ahead with my decision. So im in the process of saving up for my extra items (garments,foams,recovery items). Also Who is gonna watch my lil angel? ugh so many things going on idk what to do exactly. its like i have everything planned out but still seems unorganized! Looking to have my surgery in march hopefully before my daughters bday(april15) so i can be somewhat normal to go do something with her,if not i will wait untill after.shes the most important thing in the world to me so i gotta make sure shes happy first.

Free boppy pillow!!!!!!!

Hey dolls!! So im a very strong believer of shopping for a better price. I found a few apps and sites and ran across a free boppy pillow. Go to retailmenot.com or download the app. Search nursing pillows and they have different coupons and things for free boppys! I only had to pay 14.99 for shipping. Thats a big relief. They have coupons for fajas on retail me not as well. Im still searching for all the stuff i need.....good luck to everyone on ur journey.


So i bought most of my supplies today. Everything except the lipoboard and foams,the 2 extra garments, more comfy clothes(i found a site with 4.99 maxi dresses btw). What are the maxi pads used for cuz everyone buys them? Im very hesitant on buying my garment nowmab/e ill buy it when i get to miami.....thats all for now.


Got all my supplies that i need. Now just waiting for the money! Hopefully i can get it in time to have aurgery on the 14th of march. Anybody going around that time?

Got my date

So ive decided to have surgery on march 21st. I will be down march 20th for pre op and leave that saturday! Thnx liz (my coordinator) for making sure my date was set :) ????????????

The boyfriend and the mom

So my bf is from jamaica and they like their women thick and healthy. I told him when i met him 7 months ago that i didnt like my body and he said he did and it was fine. But recently he told me im gaining weight. I told him about what i wanted to do (bbl) and nvr got a response. I nvr brought it back up so now its like im hiding the whole thing from him. I wonder how he will react when he sees it. Same goes for my mom. I asked her "hey ma what if i take all the fat from my body and put itbin my butt?" and she says i dont care long as u wake up. Lmfao so she doesnt think km doing it either. The two important ppl in my life are oblivious to my decision. Smh


Dr O isnt allowed to operate in florida now?? Ican still get the same date and price but i would have to go with dr sergio alvarez. Anybody seen his work cuz his website has one girl for BBL! Ughhhh i just got my time approved off from work and just got my lab paperwork and now this!!!!! FML!


So my boyfriend said im not allowed to have my surgery because i dont need it and i need to appreciate what i have and embrace and love myself and he loves my body the way it is. He threatened to take my money lmfaooo he would have left if i did it behind his back. Plusbi really need to fix my car for the safety of me and my daughter and this new dr i was gonna go to isnt so reliable in the before/after department soooo alot of factors came into play with my/his decision. Who knows maybe in the future ill do it. Good lick and happy recovery to all the ladies out there. Be blessed.
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