23 Yrs Married No Children (Spectrum Astetics) Dr Sergio Alvarez. Miami, FL

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I am very excited!!! The women in my family all...

I am very excited!!! The women in my family all have curves...I took my dad's stomach area. Even when I was small I still didn't have a defined waist. I got married two years ago and after it i became very depressed I no longer look like myself. Tip: When you get married keep your expectations low. Now everyone may not agree but let me paint a pic for you. The start of a marriage is a beautifultimate but it's also a transition,with that being said when your expectations are low that means you don't expect much when you don't expect much the things that are done will be better appreciated don't try and change anyone marriage is to grow together. Anyways I was depressed because I wasn't getting what I deserved my worth was not known and while I'm depressed sleep deprived he snoring I learned if I'm not looking for it i won't be disappointed when I don't find ithe. Therefore I picked myself up and now ofcourse he'said all over me again....confidence from within I had to gain back which I can't believe I lost it but my inner confidence is back and I am ready for my outer appearance to match me on the inside...balanced. in the process of working on me the bbl surgery is something for me will my husband benefit yes anything I do or he do affects eachother but it's for Me I always give myself to people and never get anything in return not even from myself well I've made up my mind to do this for me. I have no children we don't plan to we like to travel. See now that I'm taking care of me 1st I have strength and am able to properly give to others. So I have chosen spectrum astetics Liz is my coordinator and she's been extremely healthy my surgery Datell is July 7th 2016 with Dr. SERGIO ALVAREZ the reviews on him are good so far that I see not a lot of reviews but his license is valid and the work I seen is great! So I'm extremely excited and can't wait to get it done and be ME!!! IF anybody has had surgery at spectrum or with Dr alvarez please tell me how it went I'll post my post op pics soon

Wish pics front,side and back

I love realself because I like being able to vent and just be supported here's some wish pics. For anyone having the bbl soon and want a natrual recovery check what aloe vera juice does its amazing! Natrual that's what I like booking my flight today!

More wish pics

I am only required to lose 10lbs but want to lose 20-30 I want my face to come down and my arms to as well I wanted my arms lipoed and it's only 800 more but I atleast need my arms to move around but I'll lose a little more weight to get that I need proportion. I have naturally big arms so probably after I heal like around December I'll probably look into laser lipo for my arms. Here's some more wish pics

Something for me

I know I keep saying this somethin g for me. I used to view anytime with my husband precious....lol he will be taking care of me post op. We were getting along for a while and then I started looking up bbl surgery early last month. He wasn't really bothered by it but then I was trying to calculate in my mind to pay for it i guess he seen I was serious and that's when it went back down hill it was like he was stressed my mom said he don't want nobody looking at me idk but he wasn't supporting me. I never really get support from anybody family nothing only people who know about my trip to miami is my mom and husband. He tryst to act supportive but anything that makes me better he makes it hard smh I ain't complaining I just want to encourage anyone out there that the y are not alone. Idk my thoughts for today. Monday I start my diet!! Excited for my future

Wish pics

Just bought our plane tickets becoming more real everyday!!!!!

Plastic surgery app!!!

This app brings my wish to life!!!

Front view

Front view plastic surgery app

Adding arm lipo

I've decided to add arm lipo for an extra 800. So I'll go down to 175-180lbs and get my whole upper body lipoed except my breast and transferred to my butt and hips. I decided I might as well get everything done all one time because I don't want to do anymore surgery after this

6 weeks away!!!

I just got my ab board,back board,arm compression sleeves, arnica cream and a lot of other things. Not only will I be using neosporin excuse my spelling for my wounds but aloe vera gel read up on it i love taking the natrual route. And to aid in my inside recovery along with water pineapples aloe vera juice read up on that as well u will be surprised I'm so excited! I called and requested my arms get lipoed and they have not sent me my new contract a little irritating but it's ok I can always do it when I get there....I very excited and scared I know I won't be able to sleep starting two nights before it's my 1st plane ride ugggghhhhhh happy though!!!

The military Diet

I am starting the military diet on Sunday. I absolutely love this diet because it works even if I don't work out I lose 7lbsvin 3 days if I don't workout light exercise if I do light exercise I lose ten. What I also like about the diet is that the four days off my metabolism is faster and I lose an additional 7lbs with no exercise so that's what I'll be doing starting Sunday very excited will update!

4weeks away!!!

So...I didnt start the military diet till today. I know I said I was gonna start it before but I was lazy...now the sun is shining and that's definitely motivation. So I've already had my breakfast and lunch.
Breakfast: 1slice of whole wheat toast and some peanut butter on it a half of grapefruit and some coffee
Lunch:1 slice of whole wheat and half a cup of tuna which I hate lol and some tea.
Lots of water lookup sassy water it really does work I'll have some diet pop with dinner which I'll take a pic of so u can see what it looks like. I forgot to take pics of breakfast and lunch but I will next week it is a three day diet and the 4 days off I will show you all my meals and exercise plan
I'm suppose to be getting blood work done soon will update u on that as well

Changed the date

I had to change my date to 8-4-16
I'm irritated really wanted to get it over with but that's ok it's worth the wait .ive b only seen my stomach flat when I was 135 lbs I never want to be that small but my waist still was not small. My goal is to be 160-170 lbs. I've been walking and today is the last day of the military diet. Can't tell weight-loss on me until it's dramatic but here's some more pics!!!

Surgery app

4 days post op!!!!

I am very happy with my results...will I ever do this again hell NO hunny this is a pain I do not ever want to experience again I mean OMG but anyways....I have hips n a waist drainage massage is super important!!! It looks good but the garment definitely making it better I love dr. Spectrum-aesthetics was cool. The 1st couple days are horrible but gets better. I sleep on my tummy in bed and on my back on a long lawn chair with butt cut out everyday is better I'm satisfied though will post pics soon
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