21, No Kids , in Need of a Breast Lift with Implants!

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So I decided to go ahead and starting writing a...

So I decided to go ahead and starting writing a review because I am set on a price and Doctor I like ! As you read by the title I'm 21 with saggy breast and no children for an excuse ! I've been researching tons of things about the procedures I want for over a year now and I finally settled on a doctor with the right price ! I first started my journey interested in going to Dr.Urmen Desai at Doctors Plastic Surgery in New York because he did my fav youtubers BA for $3900 (as that's there set price for saline implants) and hers came out perfect ! I set up a consultation without knowing I had to request which doctor I wanted to do my procedure (lol first timer) and ended up having a consultation with Dr. Robert Tornambe . He SUCKED ! The consultation was literally 4 mins long I felt really rushed and he came off a bit rude . I automatically didn't like him but felt it didn't matter because he wasn't who I wanted In the first place , so I spoke with my coordinator and she advised me dr.urmen Desai no longer worked there and went to California ! I was CRUSHED !!! So I decided to just research that doctor to see his work although he had a pissy attitude . And of course his work was HIDEOUS ! I still received a quote from my coordinator for his services and he was going to charge a womping $10,040 for cash or $11500 if financed !! I was seriously in shock . Like I can pay my whole car off with that ! So I asked if they had any other doctors and I seemed to only like Dr.Catherine Blaine's work . I had a consultation with her and she was absolutely fabulous !! But she still quoted me at $7140 . Which I wasn't willing to spend being that they promote a BA for $3900 I thought maybe adding a BL would only take it to about 5k MAX . I Was once again heart broken and feeling like this just wasn't going to happen until a friend of mine told me that one of her sisters friends got her breast done by a surgeon in Miami for 3k . I researched him and didn't come across anything so I automatically didn't feel comfortable but I decided to look and see if there were other doctors that were more known and charged around the same thing , and to my surprise 3k is about average for a BA in Miami ! I thought it would be soooo much more expensive . So I came across a few doctors but they all had a lot of bad reviews . And then I saw Spectrum Aesthetics which were homes for doctor Mel Ortega and dr. Rami gunrani. I automatically geared towards dr.rami because I loved how smAll his incisions were and I immediately called for a consultation! One thing I will say is that I absolutely hat unprofessionalism in a Buisness ecspecially a Buisness that could potentially be holding your life in there hands . I was first transferred to a call center were i spoke with a Spanish women who could barely understand me . She didn't no how to spell my name which is only 3 letters couldn't keep up with what I was saying (I don't speak fast at all . Ecspecially when giving out my information) and kept putting me on hold to type , but anyways I was so happy when she said she would transfer me to my new coordinator ANA RODRIGUEZ . When I spoke to her I felt much better although she was explaining everything to me as if I was dumb (But I rather that than you skip Stuff I don't know just in case) . Off the bat things were completely different she explained I wouldn't be able to do my consultation through a video chat as I did previously because the doctors are always booked and so everything goes through your coordinator. I felt thrown off but I went with it anyways of the strength of the doctors work and price (can't get everything you want for an affordable price) . I was told I can Have a consultation through her or through a email and looking through other reviews you don't meet your doctor until the day of or the day before so I want with it and gave her all my info and sent in my post op pics . And she said she will have the doctor do an evaluation and get back with me . In the mean time She sent an email with the prices for either doctor , I choose In there facility to do my BA Which was anywhere between 4,000 - 5500 depending on saline or silcone . So while I was waiting for her to get back with me I took a look at there Instagram and completely changed my mind on doctors . I noticed she Called 2 hours later but I was at work and so I got back up with her by the end of Buisness day and told her I wanted dr.mel Ortega she said it's no problem at all and she would get him to do my evaluation. I know this is a lot to read but I really wish some of things I said were included In some of the reviews I read. Btw I did rice sizes and I think I want 500cc high profile under the muscle also I'm a 36d in Victoria secret bras and 36c in no-name bras. And another big thing is that deposit is $500 which goes to your procedure and officially locks in your date. I plan on paying that dec. 9th so I will update you guys on anything new at that time !

Pre-op Pics !

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Going for fullness and honestly I like the "stripper" or fake look lol

Spoke with my coordinator again !

So I spoke with my coordinator again & im not sure if I'm not to fond her based off of the reviews a read before I got in contact with the facility or if I really just don't like her professionalism! Each time I call her she never knows what I'm talking about even after she pulls up my file which I think is a joke because even if your dealing with multiple patients a day everyone has a different scenario and if there refreshing your memory on things you have said and things you have claimed to do you should definitely remember . The last time I contacted her was Monday to see what dr.ortega said after his evaluation since I decided to switch , she told me he said I was a great candidate for a breast lift and implants and he suggested silcone . (Which I do not want ) so I advised her I wanted Saline and she acted as if I couldn't choose what type of implant I wanted to go inside MY body! So I did get a little snappy and told her the doctor can make his suggestions and recommendations on everything and he can tell me what he can and can't do BUT he can't tell me what type of Implant HAS to go I'm my body because that is ultimately up to me . And she replied and said she will go to him and see what he has to say about me having saline instead of silcone & call me back In 2 hours ! It's now Thursday and of course I didn't get a call back so I called her ! I give her my info to pull up the file and start refreshing her memory since she can't see why I'm calling by looking at my file and she interrupts me to tell me the SAME EXACT THING SHE SAID IN OUR LAST CONVERSATION . And I told her that wasn't why I called, you already told me that if you would've let me finish you would no that Im calling because you were trying tell me I had to get silcone & that's when she tells me oh it's up to you what you wish to get ???????????????? like duh! I know that but you were trying to tell me something different . So just to fast forward I ask her how much the exact price is and she quotes me at $2800 which is his price for saline implants WITHOUT a lift when I'm pretty sure somewhere on my file it shows I already requested a lift and both doctors in your facility said I needed a lift , so I finally got the correct cost and it's 4,600 with a $300 deposit to lock in the actual surgery or $500 to set my date . Ultimately this annoys me because I don't understand why they have a coordinator speaking on a surgery for the doctor instead of the doctor taking time to explain what needs to be explained to the patient instead of playing this game of telephone . I have a consultation on the 16th Dr. Tad Grenga here in Norfolk,VA and if I like his price I'm just going to get my surgery done here at home instead of taking my chances and going all the way to Miami just for there to be some type of miscommunication.
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