25 Year Old Nurse with One Child, Needs Body SNATCHED for Wedding!!

So tired of lurking this site that I decided to...

So tired of lurking this site that I decided to join the bandwagon lol. I have been longing to have some ass since who knows when ???????? Im am getting married next year and I need my body to be SNATCHED for my wedding and there after. I have one kid and I have a very small frame so 133lbs looks horrible on me. All my weight goes to all the wrong places and honestly I'm tired of looking like a can of busted biscuits lmao!! Im scheduled to have surgery with Sergio Alvarez on December 15th and I am beyond excited!!

Before BBL

This is my butt before BBL. Not completely fat but it's just not enough ass for my thunder thighs!! Hurry up December!!!!

Biscuits anyone??

Here's the can of busted biscuits I was telling y'all about lmfao!!! I don't wanna be a pillsbury doughboy!!!!

Stretch marks

My stretch marks don't bother me, but I am so eager to know what they will look like on a flat tummy after surgery. Hmmm....

DemiRoseMawby equals GOALS!!!

Almost there!

6 weeks and 3 days! Found out that I'm scheduled at 6:15AM December 15! Just waiting on my lab paperwork. I have my bags packed and ready to jet tf off lmfao I'm currently around 130lbs. Very petite carrying this new, unwanted weight in all the wrong places! Ugh!!

Sew In???

So I am 10 days shy of surgery and Idk how to feel. Is it ok for me to have a sew in while in surgery??? I feel like I should know the answer to this question since my surgery is right around the corner lmao. I need ANSWERSSS!!!!!

I'm here!!

So I arrived in Miami last night around 10. I'm super close to the airport and less than 10 miles from Spectrum. Im just waiting to go in for my pre-op appointment and to make my final payment! This will be the last pictures I personally take in this body. Chucking up the deuces to this awful bod!

I made it!!

Just wanted to update and let y'all know I made it. I just woke up and I actually feel ok besides the face that I feel like I'm carrying around an elephants ass lol. I got to Spectrum at 11:30 his morning and I went into sx around 3. He had two people scheduled at 11:30 so of course I got the ass end of the stick. I'll let y'all know if I forgive him or not once I see this ass lol. The traffic is fucking stupid in Miami. We rented a Toyota Corolla and bitchhhhh, I was bundles up in the back seat like a baby because the car was so small! Worst pain ever bruh!!! I'll try to post pics tomorrow! Go in for post op at 10:30! Thanks for the well wishes and prayers!



3 days post

I can't get any good angles. Man oh man. Thus recovery is rough! I have a high tolerance for pain but a low one for discomfort apparently! The discomfort is unreal!!! I wish I would've brought more clothes to try on for post op. I do feel my body loosening up as the days go by which is good! Im open to questions/concerns.


I just got home and the first thing I did was run to my closet to try on clothes!!! It feels like Christmas!! Everything fits so well and hugs in all the right places!! Im so happy I did this! Life changing, it really is!

Lipo foam

I'm afraid that I'm not getting enough compression. My sx garment is a large and is almost falling off. I have other garments but I need to know is it too soon to change!!!???


Is it too early to say if I've developed fibrosis. I am so hard and swollen in my abdomen and back. I know I am only one week post op today and it's probably way too soon! I've been massaging everyday in the shower and with the Wahl massager but I am so hard and lumpy! Is this normal this early on?? I freaked myself out today about the lumpiness to the point where I cried lol. I guess I'm so concerned because me and the lipo foam has not gotten along AT all!! Hope I can find answers upon you ladies!

Before and after! 9 days post OP.

I am still very swollen. The top of my butt cheeks have softened out and it's so squishy and soft. Can't wait for the rest of the softening plus a lil added fluff from the fluff fairy wouldn't hurt anything either lol. Ps: my nipple rings closed in the process of having my BBL. I went to put them back in two days after and it was a no go :(


Why have I never seen anyone complain about how much of a nuisance the lipo foams are!!!!! My god they are so effing annoying. I just ordered the one piece lipo foam board from shapedcurvy.com per another doll on here! So I am waiting for it to come in the mail. I'm so over these three white demons!! Ughhhh!!!

Happy New Year

When did you dolls discontinue the lipofoam! I'm about to kick these bastards back into 2016! Lol. I was two weeks post on Thursday so 17 days post! Is it too soon just only wear the garment with no foams???


My side projection is very natural looking... but when I turn around....!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's just say there's a lot to look at from the back lol still swollen at three weeks. I have tenderness and hardness in my lower abdomen but each day I notice softer spots. I've been sitting on and off on my thighs since 1.5 weeks post op. No dramatic change in my results. I'm so over the itching and swelling. My birthday is coming up in two months and I need to be bikini ready lol! Anywho, I'll post more pics at 6 weeks! Stay bootilicious!
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