23 Years Old, No Kids, 34A to 421cc, Silicon - Spartanburg, SC

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143lbs. 5'9" Not sure my "after" cup size, but I'd...

Not sure my "after" cup size, but I'd say they'll be a large C. Maybe a D depending on the brand.
I've had a really great experience so far. I'm on day 3 post-op. My goal was to be a D or even DD. I wanted to look like Katy Perry. In my pre-op discussion with my doctor though, he found that I have a small frame, and tight youthful skin, with almost no breast tissue to start with. He had me sign off on both 421cc and 457 (i think) cc and he would decide which one would fit best once he had me in surgery. He went as large as he could feel safe with, which was the 421cc. They definitely feel tight and I'd be scared to know what it would feel like to have anything larger in there. I've had pretty tolerable soreness. Night one and two I didn't get much sleep, and I woke up within 2 hours of my next pill allotment (only one every 6 hours). Last night I saved my muscle relaxer til the very last minute and I slept through the night no problem. I'm surprised I've felt almost nothing around the incision (in the crease of my breasts). The most pain I've experienced has been from the compression band. It feels like wearing a corset and is really taking a toll on my back and ribs. So glad it's only a two week ordeal with this thing. I'm so happy though and so excited to be healed. My boyfriend held up some of my old bras and swimsuits against me earlier today and the ones that I had never filled out before are now much too small. It made me cry I was so happy. I feel like a woman.

Update: took my bandages off today!

It seems really early to have been able to take them off (had surgery 9/1, took bandages off 9/6 even though I was OK-d to take them off 9/5) but they feel fine and look.... Good? I put some new clean gauze over the [dissolvable] sutures because the idea of my sports bra touching them bare gave me the heebie jeebies. So far so good!
This is also my first day back to work and therefore my first day on non-prescription pain killers so I could drive. Work wasnt great- not gonna lie. The compression band makes it difficult to breathe deeply and i have to use my body weight rather than my arm muscles to do anything (I work in a coffee shop and couldn't even pump syrup bottles without pulling them close and anchoring them against myself). So I got stressed, and out of breath whole customers were staring at me like I was a slow weakling for struggling using two hands on syrup bottles.
My back and ribs feel a bit better today- I think it's far worse at night for me, even though I sleep in the compression band, so you'd think it'd be constant.

Notable mentions: My right boob hurts much worse than the left, but it feels like muscular pain toward the middle of the boob. Nothing that feels like I should be concerned, just painful. She's a troublemaker.
I haven't noticed any bruising except for the bottom tip of my sternum. It's definitely a bit swollen (I'm sure only I can tell) and I noticed for the first time in the right light today that it's yellowing (bruise yellow, not infection yellow).

Yesterday I was able to dress myself, put my band on myself, shave my armpits (well, one armpit...yay!!!), Put on deodorant, and blow-dry my hair. Very exciting!!

I think overall I'm pretty lucky in my recovery, though it's still early. The meds don't make me nauseous (but they have constipated me!!! I've only gone once in almost a week so I feel really bloated and blegh), I feel great when they kick in, minimal bruising and swelling, no complications, knock on wood. I'm really happy.

Also, not going to lie, when I first woke up and saw my boobs I was a bit bummed by their size. I felt they were smaller than I imagined, even though I couldn't picture fitting a bigger implant in. But the more they settle and I see them from new angles and get used to them, they're perfect. They really are big and full from every angle- not just a top bulb, side bulb, or bottom bulb, but all 3 at once. I'm very hopeful and very happy.

Update 2: day 7

I'm allowed to start massaging today! I'm nervous but excited. I haven't started yet because I kinda had to rush out the door for work and I want to be able to take my time and be careful about it. And the nurse recommended doing it in the shower so I'm even more relaxed.

I think my boobs are "waking up" today. They say the nerves will start reconnecting and that some people have described it as feeling like electricity. Mine feels like tiny little pricks, like when you have a crumb or short hair stabbing you from in your bra. I don't mind it at all though. Just thought I'd share my opinion/experience :)

Update: day 11

I've come up with a little piece of advice: especially if you're going from tight, small boobs, start moisturizing your chest! Just like people prep their bellies, (and other places about to stretch out) for/during pregnancy, your skin is about to get stretched! Mine is feeling incredibly sensitive and almost hurts to the touch due to the tightness. Also, because of my age, I still have acne prone skin- my chest is not an exception. I think having acne prone skin being pulled tight has caused it to feel kind of rough. i tried exfoliating one time in the shower, but the sensitivity afterward was obviously in hyperdrive, and it didn't improve the texture much anyway. Oddly, I haven't had any actual acne since surgery.. Just the rough skin.

Also- massage is definitely helping them loosen up and helping me feel more like they're "mine" than these alien bulbs I'm not supposed to touch or hurt. I'm feeling more hopeful now than ever.
I'll include updated pictures- I tried on a new dress for the first time since pre surgery (I have before and afters with it!!)

Update: Two week post op appointment

JUST left my two week post op. I'm literally still in the parking lot :)

Dr. Orseck INSTANTLY said "they're perfect. They're beautiful." which made me feel great. Even if you feel find, doctor appointments are scary- I was secretly nervous I'd worn the band wrong or took it off too many times and ruined everything.
I'm allowed to stop wearing the band! Just gotta massage like crazy and keep them loose and flexible. I'm so happy about the band- probably everyone I work with knows how excited I was to take it off for good.

I'm still sore, mostly around the incision- it feels bruisey more than anything, and only stings if I reach too high or something and accidentally stretch it.

My abdomen is finally unbloated and most swelling is gone or low enough that I can't tell.

The shape of my boobs from the front is just beautiful. I'm in love. I can't find a good light to make them show up as well on camera though which is one of the only frustrating things in this whole experience. I'll include the pictures I took in the exam room anyway.
They're still definitely round at the top, but I think it's just swelling, because i can feel where the implant is, and it's lower than where the top bulb starts.

Update: Almost 2 months post op

I bought my first bras today. My doctor achieved my dream size: 34D, both lightly lined and push-up. I might cry if I think about it too much. I'm so happy. They look so perfect. They FEEL perfect. They feel like they're my boobs. They even look like my boobs, just bigger.

I've been using the scar treatment silicon strips for about 3 weeks now. The incisions look about the same but they feel much smoother and softer. I'm not worried about it. The bottom halfs of both boobs are still pretty numb. I read that it's perfectly usual to be numb up to a year- again, I'm not worried. My left nipple feels almost bruised sometimes- like hypersensitive in a painful way. It's not horrible though, and the nipple is responsive and normal in color so I haven't thought much of it.
Both boobs are as symmetrical as I could hope for. I'm so happy with them.

The pictures I'm posting in this update aren't meant to be raunchy- I just want to show what my boobs look like. I got several types of bras and I'm in love. My boobs are super perky, with and without support.

7 Month Post-op Update

It feels like it's been more than 7 months- I feel like these have always been my boobs in my ways. I'm still so happy and so excited about them though- my confidence is booming, I feel content with myself and less competitive/insecure toward other girls who were born as "blessed" as I now look ;)
I'm proud to tell people my boobs are "new" or "fake" partially because of how surprised people are (I work with an all-female staff so we can talk about these things) to find out they're not natural boobs.
I can't believe how much better they look even in my last updates when I felt so good about them already. They are totally real-feeling and just as squishy and lovely as the real thing. I sometimes lose myself just poking at them or staring at them, haha. I have not continued scar treatment since my last update. The texture of the incision areas completely blend in and you'd never know they were scars by feel alone. They are still visible though which doesn't bother me too much because the only time that part of my boob is visible is with my boyfriend who knows how they got there.
I almost never experience any pain- there's occasionally random mini-cramping that feels like another nerve is waking up or a vein or muscle fiber is being weird or something. Never worth concern though.

I have full feeling only in the tops of my breasts. The bottom portions (but less than half) of my boobs are still mostly numb. Not a full-dead-zero sensation numb, but definitely not all there. I'm okay with that. My boobs were never an erogenous zone for me so it doesn't really change much in that area. However, on that topic- my nipples are much more sensitive. They are almost painful they're so sensitive. They often feel bruised when brushed up against or touched, but in a bra or just leaving them alone I'd never notice. Maybe that's normal? - again, I had almost no sensation in my nipples before surgery- I've even had them pierced and it still didn't do much.

I have full range of motion in my arms and everything. I've had that back for a while. I can still definitely tell that things are different though with certain exercises. I still cannot really do push-ups. I've always been weak in my upper body, but this feels more like I'm about to injure myself or pop something rather than just weakness. So I just do very minimal, light weigh arm/pectoral workouts to slowly build that strength and stability back up.

I can run just fine- with a medium-high performance sports bra only. It really does not feel good to do so without. Don't try it. It was a really interesting experience the first time I did a full fledge RUN after healing. My boobs got very tingly and warm. It was probably just the first time I was feeling blood pump hard through those veins and in slightly numb skin. It felt really cool actually.

I think they loosened a bit more from when I bought the first round of bras. They all still fit, but in certain levels of push up I could definitely wear a cup size up- 34DD, which just sounds ridiculous as I still "identify" as a girl with "12 year old boy bod". That's who I still think I am instinctively so seeing all these huge bras in my drawer and then having them fit perfectly is just crazy to me still. Looking down at them I almost still see the same boobs- they aren't that big from my view, but in the mirror they're just beautiful.

In my before stage, I knew my boobs were kind of wide set on my chest and I briefly mentioned that concern to the surgeon. There's only so much they can do to the body without doing a more intense surgery so my boobs are still just as wideset. What that means for me is that without pushing them together, I have no cleavage and almost no middle volume. That's part of why they look smaller to me. But in the mirror I can see the side boob and bottom fullness and then they look perfect. Kinda sucks, as cleavage is what it's all about sometimes, but that's just how it is. I'm still happy!
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Orseck was so knowledgeable, quick to answer, and very sure of himself. He made me feel very confident in his decisions and safe in his hands. I chose him because when I first started really researching, he was the top rated doctor close to my area, and for very good reason. He and his staff are top notch and I couldn't be happier. EVERYONE was so kind and caring. Brandi, the patient coordinator that I was mostly in contact with was so sweet and helpful and quick to answer my constant flow of questions over the course of almost a year. It was such a pleasant experience.

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