*25 Years Old*, No Kids, A Cup Seeking Fuller Larger Breasts - Spartanburg, SC

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Specs: no children height: 5'6" weight: 132lbs...

no children
height: 5'6"
weight: 132lbs
under breast: 30"
nipple line: 33"
waist: 27"
hips: 34"

Ever since I was in middle school I looked forward to the day that I would have boobs like my older sister. She is 9 years older than me and was a size 34DDD. As the years went by, it became painfully apparent that I had not inherited our mothers equally large breasts, but took more after my dad lol... I've always been very involved with soccer, swimming, and running with a true athletic build; muscular with tiny boobs. I've always worn size 34B padded bras just to give me more shape, but don't fill it out. I have just recently gotten engaged and went wedding dress shopping!! At first I was excited, but quickly realized that I felt like a 12 year old boy in every dress :( The stylist suggested the inserts, or sew in cups and the idea of stuffing my bra on my wedding day was almost enough to bring me to tears. That's when I decided it was time to finally get the boobies of my middle school dreams! So I made my consultation appointment and set my surgery date :))) The consultation went really well. I brought along my fiance who actually served as some comic relief, when the surgeon walked in and saw him sitting in the room he said, "No, no, I'm not the one getting the boobs, she is," he got everyone laughing and putting me at ease. I told him that I was looking to have a full C, natural shape, not too big, and definitely dont want a fake look. He did some measurements and suggested 400cc high profile silicone under the muscle. This was pretty much what I was already thinking I wanted so it was good that it seemed that we were on the same page. I tried on the sizers and surprisingly enough the 400s actually seemed a bit large, but he reminded me that they feel a bit larger outside the body in the sizer bra than they do once they are inside and under the muscle. He said you lose about "25cc" of size once they are placed under the muscle. I then spoke with the nurse and set my pre-op for 9/07/16 and surgery for 9/22/16! Since then, I think I've watched every single boob vlog on youtube and read what seems to be hundreds of realself reveiws. Surgery day can't get here fast enough!

Pre op appointment

Went to my preop appointment on 9/7/16 and it went really smooth. I paid the remaining balance in full and received vitamins, prescriptions (nausea, pain, muscle relaxer, and antibiotic), and the breast band. Everything came in a super cute canvas bag with the name of the clinic written on the front (it's the little things). My surgeon doesn't provide a post op bra, so I was told to buy a front closure sports bra. I went ahead and bought the wire free VSX sports bra from Victoria's Secret size 34D and a fruit of the loom one size L from Walmart. My doctor looked at my breasts again, took before photos, and we confirmed the size I will be getting. I asked him about recommended scar treatment and he said silicone sheets and or silicone gel from the drugstore after the stitches come out (2-3 weeks). I also decided to pick up a new zip up hoodie to wear on surgery day from the Nike outlet and I'm not letting myself wear it till then haha. I'll post a photo later of my "preop haul"

Pre op haul

Obviously I am more than ready for this surgery!
-2 wireless VSX front zip sports bras
-1 fruit of the loom front closure bra (walmart)
-silicone scar sheets (target)
-hibiclens for pre op shower (target)
-Rx: Norco, zofran, keflex, and valium
-cough drops to soothe throat after intubation
-bromelain and arnica provided by my surgeon to aid with bruising/swelling
-support band also from my surgeon
-and also the cute canvas bag my surgeon gave me
I also decided to get myself a new hoodie and PJ set for the day of. I always feel better in new clothes and I figure I want to feel my best that morning! I made sure to get a button up top to make things easier.


Only one more sleep till I'm on the other side! Went and got my hair done, manicure and pedicure with my friends today to put my mind at ease. Then my friend surprised me with a "recovery package" including a bunch of books, movies, and her husband pillow! It's really great to have awesome friends and family for support. Got the call from the surgery center and we have to be there at 6am. I'm actually glad it's really early because I usually wake up early anyway and I would just be super nervous with anticipation. Can't wait to post my first post op pictures tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be feeling up to it :)

So happy

I'm on the other side! Can't believe this is actually real right now. Everything this morning went so smooth and fast. The IV was painless and before I knew it, I was waking up to my fiance by my side :) my pain was 8/10 I'd say, but oddly the pain was radiating down my arms and into my elbows ... Haha who knows..I feel like they look super even and symmetrical aand am looking forward to feeling better. I only felt nauseous once when I got up to go pee, but I put the dam in my face and took a zofran. Feeling alot better. I took a Norco about 45 min ago, so about to pass out again. I love you guys! Cheers to "Tig ole Biddies"! #BoobsMegee

Morning of surgery

Here are some pics I snapped before we left for surgery

Boob card

Day of surgery pictures

Front view day of surgery


My nurse told me to take my dressings off today, so I got to see my incisions for the first time today. The left looks a bit worse to me than the right. Also there was a small amount of blood on the inside of the dressing from the left side. But my left boob has already dropped more than the right also so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Side by side pics

Here are some quick side by side pics of me on day 6. It was literally an act of God getting into my old Nike sports bra and obviously my purple bra barely even covers the bottom half of my boob lol. My left boob is definitely dripping faster than the right but my PS said that's totally normal. He just suggested to do more massage on the right side to help it catch up.

1 month

Here's a quick 1 month picture. My right boob is still being stubborn. definitely higher and fluffing sooooo slow. It's weird because my left literally dripped and fluffed withina couple of days....I've been wearing my strap almost all the time except when I'm wearing a shirt which it would show which is hardly ever to try to get the right to drop. I'm hoping with time it will catch up so that they will look more symmetrical. All that being said I am still so happy with my decisions. I feel like they are the perfect size for me. Big enough where I can show them off, but I'm still able to hide them if I want to. And literally my fiance is so in love with them it's hilarious. He'd more obsessed than I am lol.
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