Regret After my First Tattoo?? - Spain

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Okay, so I had this tattoo done about a month ago....

Okay, so I had this tattoo done about a month ago. It is a symbol from my favourite videogame saga, Silent Hill. I got it just because I really liked the sigil and videogames are a important part in my life. Whatever, I got it done, and wasn't sure about it, it looked soooo big in my back! (Although it is about ten cm diameter) the day after I forgot about it and loved it until two days ago, when I noticed a small symbol (the one in the upper part) was wrong. I spent this two previous days consuming in what to do until I talked to my artist and gave me a solution. I spent these two days searching for ways to erase the symbol that was wrong, and they told me, because it is dark red, that it wouldn't dissapear completely. After my tattoo artist gave me a solution, I got a relief I can not explain, but right after I have been wondering if I did okay tattooing this in general on myself. Asking me things like, "why would you tat that on yourself, you can only say Silent Hill is your fav videgame?" "Is the color shitty?" "Is it postioned too up?" "I screwed up my skin forever" (because of what they told me in the removal shop). I think this might be influenced by my behaviour this last days (searching for laser removal 24/7, not sleeping etc) and tonight I puked from the anxiety thinking I made a big, big mistake. Couldn't barely sleep, I can't get it out of my head. And it is so weird, because until this days I loved it so much, I thought it made me look so badass. Yesterday I even tried all my clothes to see how much you could see of the tat. (1/4 aprox if the shirt is loose) and seriously, SO CONCERNED ABOUT IT. It looks cool, but for some reason it is annoying me and I don't know why. And plus, before that I just thought that it was tattoo, not such a big deal, but omg, reading all these people opinions made me feel sick of myself. Btw, I also would like to know if it is possible to completely remove the tattoo, any experiences with the color? I am so concerned and yesterday I loved it so much. What do you think/recommend? I want to love it again and stop concerning about it. Heeeeelp, I am dying.

Almost gone!!

Well, I ended up wanting to keep my whole tattoo but I still wanted to fix the small detail, so I went to my artist so he could do the saline thing and stuff. I read on the internet that the saline solution thing is a really rare practice, and there are few artists who can do it properly, and still, it wouldn't erase it, but only fade it (maybe dramatically.) I only had 2 sessions and it did wonders. In the picture you can appreciate the fading next to the other line of the tattoo. I think maybe one or two more sessions will absolutely erase it and I am so so so happy :) If you know someone who can use this technique properly, I would suggest you going to them, mostly if your tattoo is really small and it has difficult colors.

I Am Scared to Death

Hey again, realself. I used to post here as "oopswth" but sadly I forgot the email I used with that account. For those who don't know, basicly my tattooist did a small symbol in my tattoo wrong (The design I provided was right) whatever, he told me he could tattoo over the tattoo with saline solution and it would erase it. So yup, I said yes and stuff but now I am freaking out. All the ink isgone, but he left a scar behind. We had 4 interventions and the last one was brutal. I think he went deeper than he should to make it gone faster. Whatever, it has been 2 months and the scar won't lose its colour. It is still red and I would even say it is expanding? It is flat, though, but I am so concerned about this, how do you see it? I am supposed to tattoo on top the right symbol (which is ten in roman numbers). In case you were wondering, the symbol is around 8mm diameter?

Oh well...

It has been about 4 months since I got the last "intervention" and now I am a bit upset since it became noticeable touching it. That means it became hypertrophic? I don't know. In the picture (as always) you can not notice anything but when I touch it the skin feels loose somehow.
I am seriously depressed about this. And I am not sure if it is going to heal ok after some more time.

What should I do? I can't tattoo on top of this now, and thank God I didn't when the artist offered two months ago.

And worst of all, not even the pinky tone vanish.
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