51 Year Old Single Mum..... Think It's Now Time to Fit my Body with my Face..... Very Anxious, but Excited - Spain

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To start with am a black woman, who need her body...

To start with am a black woman, who need her body to match her face.....Am so tired of being told how much younger I look for my age, but to me when I look at my self in the mirror, especially after giving birth, my body changed so much, because I had caesarean, I now have this permanent sack below my abdomen, not happy with the shape and size of my boob, and for as long as I can remember, I've always wanted bigger but, even though they are perked, they are very small and more annoying no roundness on the side that gives you that nice shape at least to disguise the small size. On top of that.... all these fat bulges( luv handle area, bra strap area big looking arms, little fat deposit under my chin....rrrh I could be here forever with list as long as my whole body..... Anyway you all understand where am coming from.... So time to do something about it, tired of putting it off because of fears and some bad reviews, now think I should start the first process.... Book Consultation, then I guess I go from there. My goal date is August 2016 and it's now the beginning of April, so almost 5months to go....oooooh. 1st stage I've sent email to two surgeons Ive read a lots of good reviews on, and compare and access prices, location, putting into consideration that I live in London England, and don't want to fly too far after my procedure, I heard it not a good idea...... Anyway ladies and Realself friends, I would appreciate any advise you all have on my procedure, right from advise on medication, vitamins, exercises, garnets, basically all the things I need to know and do before and after the procedure..... Help! ....Nervous!

Choice of doctor and why

Ok Realself friends after reviewing all the information I could get about the two surgeon I was thinking about, I've decided I would go with Dr Aslani of the Quiron hospital in Marbella Spain going through all the reviews and and videos I've seen, and he comes highly recommended also is goo to know that he has 20 years experience an expertise on the procedure I want to do, and goes round the to other countries teaching and giving knowledge to surgeons all over on fat transfer grafting and other cosmetic surgery procedures. The added bonus is he has performed surgery on a wide range of different ethnic background including Afro/Caribbean like me, plus I don't have to travel far, only 1.30mins flight away in a lovely sunning beautiful beach location, so while recovering I can have a holiday at the same time????.....yeah!!!! So choice of Dictor make????????.....so that's a? off my wish list. Next book date for consultation..... Will keep you posted

Pre operation

Hello Realself friends, finally got the courage to put up some photos...... Wow! Now it feels really real, still can believe am finally going to do it...hm.... Let the countdown BEGINS!!!....4 months to GO! Realself friends. Pleaseeee! Help me with things and tip I need to do to prepare myself... Eg vitamins advised etc


Hi dolls.......hm 1 month to my op(mummy makeover, TT, Lipo, breast aurg, fat transfer) ...wow! Please! Please ! Any advice would be greatly welcome, so so nervous.... Hope I will go through with it, but I have left everything in the hands of God our almighty, and pray he guides Dr Aslani through my whole operating time and recovery In Jesus Name Amen

Pictures taken at my consultation 16 May 2016


Hi dolls, a bit of a set back, had my ECG test, not the best result, my electricity transmission rate to my heart for my breathing is a bit slow, now being referred to cardiologist..... Bummer! Hopefully it would be sorted before my surgery date.... Arrrrrh
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