BBL in Colombia with dr. Guerrero.

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So.. I'm another "newbie" on RS. I've actually...

So.. I'm another "newbie" on RS. I've actually never considered any type of cosmetic procedure. UNTIL I learned about the BBL! And now I'm obsessed!!
I'm a girl around 190 Lbs and apple-shaped ind the front and square/Y-shaped in the back! Yikes!! ':(
I've been snooping around on RS - but the thing I find difficult - is the fact that I'm situated in Denmark. .... This gives me three major things to consider in finding the right surgeon. (Of course licensed, experienced, certified etc.!!)
1. Results. (Former patient reviews. Before and After. Consultation. etc.)
2. Price. (Not a milionaire - unfortunately. I've gotten a quote from dr. Aslani in Marbella on 6200 euros).
3. Travel. (Safety. Duration. Distance. Comfort.).

So. I've gotten the quote from dr. Aslani in Spain. It's a good price. The travel and accomodation aren't included in this. But of course I've read the reviews and prices with going to ex. DR. But I must admit - my standards around doctors, hospitals and service are very high and the things I've read aren't that appealing. But the results and the price are!
Oh - back and forth in my mind.!!
I would love some recommendations and experiences on travelling abroad. DR, USA, eastern europe, Thailand???

Looking around for doctor..

So I've already gotten the quote from dr. Aslani. But I have also been looking into doctors in the DR. I've contacted Baez and Fatima Almonte. Baez answered fast overnight(!). Great plus - but unfortunately it was an auto answer so it didn't really answer my questions and the quote I got was on a Tummy tuck, lipo and bbl. And I don't want a TT!! I haven't had any children yet and I have never been interested in that surgery in any way!! So I have mailed Baez back asking for a quote without the TT and what kind of result she thinks I could have (preferably with a picture of a former patient).
So now it's back to the waiting game... :)

Any "bigger girls" with good results with Aslani?

So. Still haven't heard back from DR doctors. But one thing that concerns me with going to Spain/Cirumed is that I'm afraid that I won't get that waist that I see people getting in the DR.. So are there any of you other rs'sies that have been to doctor Aslani who have been over 180 lbs?? Need to see some results so I can have a better idea as to what result I can expect..!! :)

Now looking into Miami based doctors. Any recommendations?

I've been looking into going to the states as I could possible save around 1000$ on the procedure in Miami. I have gotten a quote from Vanity Cosmetics Surgery 4500$ for lipo on back+stomach+inner thighs. I think I will get a few more quotes from other doctors in Miami. My biggest concern is that I won't get a good result (no visible loss in fat and no curves). So I really need your recommendation plus size ladies!! :)

Miami doctors. Vanity vs. Spectrum. Dr. Omulepu?

So I've gotten some quotes from spectrum and vanity. I'm a bit concerned with the bad reviews - but I guess - I can handle some bad service as long as my result is banging!! Spectrum's quote was with either Ortega or Omulepu. But Ortega is booked until 2016. So I started looking into Omulepu and with what I've seen - he is great at exactly what I want : an aggressive lipo and natural heartshaped ass! The coordinatior did - as other doctors - say that I would probably be needing a tummy tuck. But I am in no way looking for a TT. Still haven't had any children and Even though I would love a completely flat stomach I don't think it's worth the scar for me. So any you girls got any thoughts on going to either spectrum or vanity?? Or any other advices on places with a reasonable price??
Second: do you think dr. O is the right choice?? I know dr. Fischer and Ortega could also be possibilities..

Before pictures

So.. Here goes nothing. That flat ass!! Absolutely no projection!! Flanks for days! And also my stomach - which I don't think needs a Tummy Tuck.

No more appointments with Baez this year??

Baez answered me two days ago - that she doesn't have any more appointments for this year.. Others of you bbl dolls got that message??

Any reviews on Broward Cosmetics in FL?

Saw that dr. Omulepu is also listed as a surgeon there.. Any recommendations on that clinic?? :)

Vanity or Spectrum?!?

What do you dolls recommend?? Pro's and cons?! Need help.. :)

Medellin, Colombia!!

So, as many of you other girls on here - I've changed my doctor.. I am now planning on going with dr. Correa in Medellin. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of reviews here on real self - but I've found enough info on Instagram where I've gotten contact with Tabatinga Consultants. She is so sweet and will answer all your questions, get your quote and date without commission!! She only charges if you want to use their services in arranging your trip! Which I find amazing! So great! They are opening a new rs in August - but as I am traveling with my boyfriend we are thinking about getting a hotel room for the privacy and luxury.. ;-)
I am planning on having sx in September - will lock the date within a week or so. So if you have any recommendations or notes - PLEASE comment!! :-) love ur tips, dolls!!!

Help!!? Spanish speaking ladies!!!??? Youtube video from Colombia..!

Can anyone help me understand what this video is about? And help me with the legitimacy? Need help since I am not fluent in Spanish!!! I only understand the most basics - enough to get me concerned.. :-/
Please let me know, what you think..!!!?????

Decicions: which Colombian doctor!??

So.. I've been obsessed with finding out as much as possible on doctors in Colombia! Even though I found that video on dr. Correa I am not worried.. But! I also found these two other doctors who have posted some nice results on their insta/homepages. Dr. Liz Vicent and dr. Dario juris Lopez. (I've taken some screenshots, I hope it's okay, that I use them as wish pics on here?) *wipes nervous sweat from forehead*. Should I just stay with correa? I am a little bit frustrated as he hasn't answered my latest whatsapp ;-P ugh! Want to secure my date now - so I can start planning!! But whoooo!?!? (Yikes! I sound - and feel ! - like a split personality). :-)

Crunch time.. Need to book my date!

I haven't posted in a while as I have been having trouble deciding on a surgeon. I didn't want to do one of does reviews where the doctors keep changing before actually getting to the sx details. But then, I figured, you guys probably go through the same process. (Although I have edited a lot in all of the back and forth in my decision making. Lol!).
So.. Since last time I decided that I needed a consultant. I decided on c'estlavie consultants - and I have been so grateful for Melissa's help!! She has gotten me my personal quote from "thousands" of doctors!! Lol. At least feels like it! And she is happy to do it! She is opening her own RH in Medellin on the 20th September - but would let me check in earlier! So sweet! Unfortunately I am probably having my sx in Cali. I am narrowing down to dr. Carlos Guerrero. Melissa send him a long list of my questions - and I am waiting for the answers. I would like to book the surgery asap! As I also need to book the flight (and there's not a lot going from Denmark!).
I still have a few other Dr.s up my sleeve - but hoping that this is my final choice. :-)

Wish pics

Want a waist!! And a youthful looking curve!

SX date booked!!!!!

Dr. Guerreo in Cali, Colombia on the 17th of September!

Getting anxious on Cali..

So we're leaving Denmark on Sunday.. Traveling through US with one night in ft. Lauderdale. Then we'll be traveling to Colombia on Monday.. Ugh, have been reading travel advice on Cali and Colombia ..... Bad idea!!
Even though I feel that we have common sense and are traveling with precaution. Have any of you dolls been and what do you say?
I think everything is getting so close and it all still seems so unreal! Seriously can't wrap my head around the fact that I am traveling this far for cosmetic surgery...! *feels like a blank space*

Arrived in Cali!!

We've reached Cali, Colombia!! Finally! It's been a looong trip from Denmark. Had an over night lay over in ft Lauderdale and a change in Bogota - but we're here now.. Arrived in the afternoon so I will be getting my blood work done tomorrow morning and after that I am meeting dr. Guerreo for my first consultation.. Still can't believe I am actually here and have gone so far.. Still excited but it's getting more and more difficult to fall asleep at night.. Some nerves are kicking in! Please keep me in your prayers! Hopefully my blood level will be perfect tomorrow.. :-)

Bloodwork and consultation with dr. Guerrero today.

I had an appointment at 08:00 for getting my blood tests. Jessica his assistant had written to me on whatsapp that I should "go to the left when I entered the reception". unfortunately that left led in to what seemed like a little hospital that we walked in the back door to. So a little confused we tried finding the place to be. (Firstly, I hadn't realized that it wasn't the doctor or his nurse who would do the blood test). It was apparently at a the "public hospital lab". (Can't remember the English word - hope you dolls understand!).
When we finally found it (through various gestures of trying to describe "blood test" and not junkie! Lol!) the assistants didn't understand a word of English!! And apparently I don't speak one word of Spanish!!! I thought I knew some basic words and sentences... But whenever I try speaking it - they all look at me with a very puzzled look on their faces.... Guess my pronunciation is a bit of!! Lol!! Anyways - that made it quite difficult to tell them why I was there in the first place...!! I didn't have any papers or a confirmation on an appointment or anything.. But somehow after a while, they found out, which kind of tests I should get.. Heck would I know, right!??
While I was in getting my blood drawn Jessica, dr. Guerrero's assistant had shown up. She doesn't speak any English either but she took me to the cardiologist across the hall.
Since I haven't heard from my doctor I am hoping all of the tests were fine.. *finger's crossed*.
Afterwards we went out and across the street where we had some breakfast and some kind of juice - with a fruit I don't even know - but it tastes sooo good!
Then it was time for my consultation with dr. Guerrero. We had a long talk where he took very good time to explain and answer all of my questions! Fortunately he speaks good English and we understood each other! Luckily he said it was okay that I didn't want a tummy tuck - although he told me that I already have loose skin and I would have that after the procedure. But I don't want a TT because I haven't had children yet.
He also explained a lot of post op care - some of which was the opposite of what I've read here on RS, but I will try and follow his advice - as I could tell his concern was the correct and safest way to heal - and especially avoiding blood clots!! For which I am very glad. :-) all of you doll's great advice must come in second place for now. ;-)
Well, after the consultation I got a tote back filled with post op remedies and medicin. And also dr. Guerreo gave my be and me one of his homegrown watermelon!!! So sweet of him!!! As we had talked on the different fruits of Colombia and he had told us about his yellow watermelon!!! Then as he was shoving us which way to go (we wanted to walk back to the hotel to see some of the city) he decided that he would rather give us a ride home.. Again - not necessary - but shows a very kind and considerate human! :-) This would have never had happened in Denmark!! Haha. So fun when I send a pic of the watermelon to my friends back home and said it was a gift from the doctor!! :-) LOL!!
Tomorrow I have an appointment with the anesthesiologist and then sx after that. I'll keep you posted! :-)

My body two days pre op

As the doctor said "we need A LOT of fat for that flat ass!!" (Or at least that's what I heard!!) lol!!!

Wish pics

Not that realistic but it gives an idea of the shape I want.

Three days post op

I. Am. In. Pain.!!!! Can't really get it together to write that big of an update: but I am alive and no complications so far! But the pain!!! I can't bear it! Ever-ry-thing hurts!! And unfortunately the results aren't worth it yet. I still can't stand looking at or touching my body - but I am giving it time and waiting till I am more healed! :-)
The doctor removed 11500 cc of fat and put 1200 back in my butt..
Will probably be a couple of days or more before I update you dolls again. Bare with me - I am fighting the beast of pain!!

In Miami.

We flew to Miami when I was about ten days post op. The last hour on the flight was not comfortable - but okay. Now I'm 12 days post op and I feel 1000 times better than just a week ago. I still get aches, can't bend down to my feet and so on but nothing like it used to be.
The big board and foam is difficult to work with. First of all it's really hot to have it on. Second of it all I feel like it's a giant turtle shell and I am stiff and can't move or bend. So as for being tourists in Miami ...... I hope you see my point!? I don't look that smooth!!
My lower lymphatic system is extremely swollen and my boyfriend tries to massage me. But I can't get my self to tell him to press as hard as the therapist.. Those massages HURT!!! I literately started hysterically crying the last time because it hurt so bad!! As soon as the massage was over I spend the rest of the time dreading the next.. The pain is unbearable!!! Seriously.. Ladies... It HURTS!! Like what I imagine a labour would!
But otherwise I am doing good.. Lol..

Sexy mofo!

Me in my getup.. Feel like a Pokemon.. Like: "... This ain't even my final form!.."
Moving around in my shell in the Miami Heat..!!!

Short update

Hi dolls! So I've been back in Denmark since Friday. The jet lag has been horrible!!! Been feeling like I'm carsick since we landed! But I blame it on the fact that I couldn't sleep even though we took of 22:00.. Which meant I missed a nights sleep. And you guys should know - that a doll needs her sleep post op!! So tired! Definitely only running on 30-40%. So that threw me and my body of a bit. Otherwise I've been good. Feeling hungry all the time though. And I get those pains under my skin: burning and some little, like, electric pinches. Read that it was common as the nerves reattach. Got my hands on a Novafon to help with the massages. Wrote my massage therapist in Colombia about it and after reading about it she said "perfect". It's reasonably priced in comparison to the treatment prices here in Denmark - so trying that out and hoping for good results. Any of you other dolls have experience with the nova sonic device? :-)
Will try and take a few pics tomorrow and show how my body is looking as of now. :-)

Couldn't keep you guys waiting... <3

Unfortunately my lightning is hella weird and actually makes my stomach look bigger than irl. So just so you know - I am flatter than it appears in the big.. Included a before pic of my "ass" and gut in the bottom left picture.. :-)

4 weeks post

Was out on the town last night, with faja but without the board. Don't know why I am not able to take a picture that truly depicts the way my body looks as of now.. But my booty is quite big but not too big - I love it! There certainly is a great improvement!! :-)

Side by side

Did the "drop'n fluff" just happen?

Sorry I am not really updating. We actually signed on a house just as we got back to Denmark. And it's a really old house - OG since the 1970! So that has been taking all of our free time.. Haven't even been able to take a nice pic in daylight as the days here are seriously short rn!! Sun is Gone at 4 pm!! But I tried taking one with my front cam, bad above lighting etc. etc. Because. My ladies! The booty is there!! Round ass booty!! Like, for someone with that inverted ol' flat ass - that's some serious fluffing going on back there! Happy holidays girls! Hope to get some pics for you when the seasons start changing again.. Xo!
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