35 Years Old, 2 Kiddies, 1 Belly - Spain, ES

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English is not my mother tongue, but I will try my...

English is not my mother tongue, but I will try my best.

Despite I achive to lose all my pregnancy weight, I always have this horrible belly that avoid me to use a bikini, this year I decide to stop wishing it, and just doing it.

After to searc in internet I decided to meet my doctor, the first experiences was weird because I was very nervous and I forgot to ask one million questions, but I came back a second time and I was feeling the same nerves but at least I had the answers.

My problem was the belly, flanks and back, I dont know why but my bra rolls looks better in that pictures, I guess is because I was taking the picture with my arms up. During my meeting with the doctor he told me that he avoids problems using ONLY general anestesic, I wasnt happy with that but after using google for a while I understood why.

The day of the intervetion.
The night before, my mother called me just for letting me know that I was in time for saying no to this thing, because how can I be so crazy of going through this surgery with two kiddies in the house, that I could die...thanks mummy I love you too (Did I mention that my mother is a doctor and she works with surgeons?) after this encourraging call I took an sleeping pill that the doctor gave for the night before, pity that I didnt have more because after this call I needed at least 2 or 3.

I arrived at 8:00 to the hospital, with no breaksfas, and I had to wait until 13:00, my mother of course though that I was dead during all this time and my whole family was nervous and taking pills, alcohol and sweets meanwhile I was just playing scrable with my telephone waiting my turn.

At 13:00 the nurse moved me to the recovery room, I met the anesthetist, she checked my historial, and everything ok, we went to the operating room, the other nurses gave me a shot that make me feel like in my craziest night, I wanted to sing the best songs of Beyonce or Riahanna, but I was wise enough for keeping my mouth close. After this, the second shot and bye bye.
I woke up at 15:00 more or less, I had some nauseas, but another shot and it just disapeared, little bit of time on the recovery room, I was just fighting with my desire of closing my eyes and have a nap.

When the nurses put me in another recovery room, I could go to the toilet for doing my first pipi, I could go walking with the help of the nurse (I can walk by mself but just in case, give me your hand, like a little girl) and the first thing that I did was to check my body with garment on it of course, no big changes just a big big inflamation just up on my botton (It looked pretty bad, like a second belly on my back, no nice no no) but I breathed and just let it go.

I had two painkillers in vein, the pain was manageable if I didnt move, and I didnt want to move.
At 18:00 more or less, the nurse gave a peach juice and 4 cookies with no fat, no sugar, no nothing, but it tasted like heaven to me.

At 21:00 a friend of mine came to the hospital (my hubby was working in USA, and I was in Spain, little bit further for him to pick up his fatty)

I arrived home, I kissed my girls, I kissed my aunt who was taking care of them (poor thing didnt have any pill for keeping the calm and she drank 2 beers, two much for her, she was little bit drunk)
And finally went to bed.

The night was bad, coul be worse, but also could be better. I awoke like 6 or 7 times because the pain and the need of going to the toiler.

I will continue, thanks for reading me and I am sorry for my English, trying to improve.

9 days

9 days and still inflamated, my back looks terrible without the garment and I am cover on bruises.

My nights are very pleasent, the garment is bothering me because in the middle of the night I feel pressure on my body because the swolling, the pain is more or less ok.

I have a little bump on my belly, I had it before, I hope that this will disappear with the time. My size is the same than before.
169cm and 57 kg

I look more or less ok with my clothes on, but the back is really awfull.

May be next days I will feel happier with the results, right now...I am not.

I will post pictures without my garment, right now I feel more comfortable with it on.

Thanks for reading me :)


My nights arent pleasent at all, i dont know how to edit it...ays

10 days after the surgery, not very happy

I dont see a big difference between the before and after, I tried to convince myself that after a tumescent lipo you need to wait little bit longet, but I see some reviews with fantastic results after one week.
May in 15 days :(

20 days

I need to be patient, may be I will see more changes but I arrived to the conclusion that I wont see drastic changes.

I dont feel any pain, sometimes I feel my back very inflamated. I am trying to control my diet, since the surgery I came back to my previous weight and now I lost one kg more, now I am in 56, my ideal weight is 54, who knows may be I would look better if I arrive to this point. I am following the paleodiet.

27 days later

Well here I am again, no news as I told before the changes are no very dramatic I can see an slightly difference when I look the firts pictures, but right now if somebody asks me if It worth it...to pay this amount of money, plus the massages, plus the garments...no really.

Tomorrow I am going to start one of this hyperproteic diets, these famous french diets, I hope to lose some fat.
I am 169cm and my weight is 57kg, I will tell you girls if my body improves with this, plus exercise.

Before and after

Some pictures for comparing, not the best.
G. C

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